A Belated Happy Thanksgiving…

First, I want to thank everyone who has read and/posted comments on the “Politics Matters” blog.  I enjoy adding my two cents to any political discussion and I’m glad that you feel the same way.

In another note related to Thanksgiving, who would name as the “Turkey of the Year”?  Your choice can be a person, place, or thing related to American politics and government.  Be creative, but be respectful.  Defend your response.


13 responses to “A Belated Happy Thanksgiving…

  1. I have a lot of names to nominate ha ha Lets c mama June, Ray rice and his wife, bill Cosby, the nfl and tons of more. Mama June for allowing her family to be threaten by a child molester. Ray rice for doing that to his gf. His wife for marrying him after that happen then feel that people are pointing out all the bAd and embarrassing them. Bill Cosby for doing that and covering it up for so many years. Nfl for allowing Ray rice back to play and knowing about the incident before it got out.

  2. For me it would be Bon jovi, beucase he wanted to be a owenr but Bill fans rejected him. To get back at them he went into the studio and is making a new album. Also the bears defence, first time in 91 years to give up 50 points in back to back games.

  3. There are to many turkeys to chose from this year. I think the NFL is collectively the biggest turkeys. How they can allow so many of their players get away with their abusive actions, granted they do play an violent sport.. but they should keep the aggression on the field. I am not an active football watcher, but I think the bears need to shape up. I can respect a guy like Derrick Rose for not playing and not wanting to get injured, but Jay Cutler has no excuse for his performance.. just saying!

  4. I agree with the comments above. There have been lots of “turkeys” in this past year. To name some I would say Cosby, the NFL, Obama, derrick rose, and the Chicago bears offense. Bill Cosby because of all of the recently alleged charges. The NFL for all of the legal blunders that they have made this season. Obama well because I think that he is a dummy and has made many mistakes this year. Derrick Rose because he is playing like a princess, you sign a contract you play to the contract. If you cannot play to the contract, retire.

  5. Luleta Dardovski

    I would love to nominate Sarah Palin for turkey of the year. She quickly went from a strong woman in politics to a career in the reality show field and now spends her days criticizing the government and the Obama administration on Facebook. I think she has turned her opinion of politics from something worth listening to, into literally junk and believe she is only qualified to be a candidate for the turkey of the year race.

  6. Not particularly my opinion but I believe that Bill Cosby is turkey of the year because with everything coming out about him its not looking good. In my sincerest opinion, I truly believe the Court Process that ruled a homicide incorrectly which allowed an officer who abused their power and killed a person unjustly I believe the problems stuff like this is causing earns the Turkey of the Year.

  7. Turkey of the year award in my opinion would have to go to Kanya West, for boldly going where a lot of men have gone and married the most annoying celebrity human being on the face of the earth known as Kim Kardashion. WOW!

  8. I nominate Arne Duncan for “Turkey of the Year” Award. As Secretary of Education, he says that graduation rates have increased so high since he got into office because of his “great work” but he has no proof to back up his “fact”. According to people on Washington Post, he is Pinocchio. He lies about almost every educational issue because he doesn’t want to bring himself down. Many citizens put a picture of Pinocchio next to his picture, which explains it all.

  9. I would go for the bears defense and Derick rose getting injured in every play he makes. He game from a harsh injury and took the time necessary ,but still got paid by the bulls while not playing.

  10. I would love to nominate the Bears leadership for Turkey of the Year. First I am NOT a Bears fan at all i’m a Cowboys fan. But as a football lover i can see that this once great organization is crippled by a immature half-wit quarterback like Jay Cutler, and by “dumb and dumber” Marc Trestman and General Manager Phil Emery. Proper organizations dont stand by a quarterback that throw 13 interceptions in 15 games, AND pay him 127 million dollars to do so. And proper organizations dont allow such a failure as a coach like Trestman to keep his job after so many embarrassments. The old “Monsters of Midway” would be ashamed to see these band of idiots at the reigns.

  11. Al Shartpon is the turkey of the year. The man must be a huge fan of Charles Mason because he it appears that he supports a helter skelter, i;m surprised a Tate hasn’t died since the Ferguson decision. No radical should ever visit the white house 82 times.

  12. Let’s start with the entire Bears management and coaching staff since they are truly out of the running now. While we’re at it, include the quarterback. My husband is a die hard fan so needless to say he’s not a happy individual right now which means we have to deal with his gripes. On a more serious level, the grand jury in the Eric Garner case. How can you dispute video evidence?

  13. Tiffany McLaughlin

    Oh dear, where do I begin? It’s actually hard choosing one for this year. I REALLY want to say Rob Ford because he’s one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever seen. BUT he’s not American so he doesn’t count… completely! Probably Stephen Collins the guy from 7th Heaven, with his molestation charges. He’s home free from it, but he still gets the turkey title. Sicko. An honorable mention goes to Kanye West for his stunt at harassing and most likely humiliating a paralyzed fan in a wheelchair to stand up at one of his concerts. The guy still thinks he’s God apparently.

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