No Congress For Young Men (or Women)

The average age of members from the 113th Congress (2013-2014) were as follows:

House:  57.0 years
Senate:  62.0 years

In order to be elected to the House of Representatives, you must be 25 years of age when the newly inducted Congress is seated.  For the United States Senate, you must be 30 years old.  With voter turnout so low amongst younger voters, do you believe that it has something to do with the age of the candidates?

Source:  Calculations based on CQ Roll Call Member Profiles

29 responses to “No Congress For Young Men (or Women)

  1. I defiantly believe that the small turnout of young voters has to do with the average age of congress. The older voters want their opinions heard and believe someone their own age will represent them best. If the young want to be represented in congress, they should vote in the congressional elections.

  2. I believe the age of the candidates only effects the turnout of young voters a little. I think the young voters just aren’t interested in politics in general. It is possible that a younger candidate would catch attention but if it was a normal thing the turnout would be relatively the same. If they were to change the age necessary to be a candidate there would be too many problems to be worth it. There is an age requirement for a reason. Younger people often don’t have the same level of maturity as 25 year olds and older.

  3. Katelyn Mategrano

    I don’t think the candidates age has to do with low voter turn out in younger voters. Voting and elections is something its young people don’t care about . It is just something most young adults think is unimportant and will pass election day without a second thought.

  4. I just feel that the they don’t care. I believe America is screwed and it will only get worse. Young people don’t care because they are talking about things young people don’t care about. They need to relate to young people if they want their votes but they don’t care about the young people. As long as the older people vote it doesn’t really mattet

  5. I don’t think the younger vote turnout has anything to do with the age of the person trying to get elected. Young people dont necessarily care about elections and if they do they arent paying attention to the congress elections. Most don’t even know there is an election going on or have done any research on the candidates running.

  6. I don’t believe the voter turnout involving the younger population will have much affect on electing a younger candidate. Only because experience always shadows the young and inexperienced. People in every field always prefer the person with more experience because they feel that they know how to do things without having their hand held. We see it everyday in the job field and it’s just getting harder and harder to get a job and also college.

  7. I don’t think the turnout for voting has to do with the age of congress. You would rather prefer people with more experience and bigger age then someone smaller for congress. Many people in the younger age group don’t even vote. If you do vote I don’t think you look at age.

  8. To be honest I think 25 years of age is to young to be a part of something this big. I mean this the world of politics. I would want to trust a 25 year old who is still a young adult to make important decisions. Now for the senate I think 30 is a good age to be elected. They have more knowledge and they are adults.

  9. I don’t think the turnout for voting has to do with the age of the people in congress. Being that age you are viewed as having more knowledge and experienced, which I completely understand. However I think it would be nice to see younger people in congress. Being out of college, you can use the material you learned in college, and make your own fresh ideas. I think that 25 is too young, but if you are knowledgeable and hardworking, then why not.

  10. I do not believe that the age of members of congress effects voter turnout in young people. The age restrictions are in place for a reason and are a good thing. Young people don’t vote because of one thing apathy. They either say my vote doesn’t matter or they don’t care about it. Or whats even sadder is they don’t even know there is an election, I saw that first hand with the recent election, some of the people i work with didn’t even know of the election.

  11. i do not believe that the age of congress members effects the turnout on young people. Many young voters do not care about voting because they simply dont read or follow up to elections. I think the age is right if they have enough acknowledgement.

  12. I feel like with any career, experience is required. People who are older and have more experience in politics will definitely be voted in more. I do feel that older people will tend to vote for older candidates, though,

  13. Political parties choose to back the candidate that will most likely win an election, obviously. Voter demographics is a factor that is taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate candidate. If voter turnout was higher among millennials, I believe we would see younger candidates running for office more often. It’s a race, after all, and everyone is playing to win.

  14. A candidate’s age does have some factor in whether or not they are elected because the more experience you have, the better your odds will be. Age can be compared to experience and normally when you are older, you have more experience. Though, a candidate’s age does not have anything to do with a low younger age voter turnout. Yes, younger age votes have an impact but once a candidate is picked, people vote for who they think will do a better job if they are elected. Voter ages do not have an influence in a candidate’s age.

  15. The age to be eligible to get on to the congress seems like a reasonable age because your more mature and you have more time to get involved with politics. However, I don’t think someone who turn 25 would really be that interested in running for senate. Politics seems like the more money you have and the more people you no your more likely to win the position your going for. And, younger people don’t seem to have much money or associate with many people that have the in.

  16. I personally feel like you need the experience to be eligible to run for congress. If someone is 25 and running for the senate he would probably run under a lot of stress and not have the capabilities of doing his job properly.

  17. I believe a that a younger candidate will be heard first by a younger voter, however which ever candidate has the most to offer will more than likely be the one elected. I don’t feel that age is major factor and I don’t believe that if the candidates or politicians were younger that more young people would be compelled to vote.

  18. I do not think that the voter turnout amongst young voters has anything to with the average age of candidates elected for the house of representatives and senate. I think that although a younger candidate might be able to relate more to the younger crowd, I believe the older crowd tends to follow what canidate most meets his beliefs. I do not thing age correlates to low young voter turnout because I think most voters do not look at age anyways.

  19. I don’t think the age of the candidates has anything to do with young voter turnouts. I think that it’s because they may not care about elections as much as the other age groups or that they don’t see the importance. It may also be because they are discouraged by the older generations since a lot of the time if a young person has a political opinion older people don’t take them seriously.

  20. I do not think the age of the candidates impacts the number of younger voters. The younger generation today does not have a great deal of interest in politics, resulting in lower numbers of voters for that age group. I feel that it’s not the candidates that are running, but rather the interest of the people when it comes to the elections. When picking a representative for Senate or House, I believe that the people will look at who is the most experienced and trustworthy, rather than their age.

  21. I don’t believe the age of the candidate has much of an impact on the number of young voters. I think the low amount of young voters is because most young people don’t have an income, property, or a family to think about. It seems like there is much more of an incentive to vote when you are older.

  22. Personally I don’t think it has anything to do with the age of the candidates. These young people are simply not as interested in voting as the older crowd is. It is not only a matter of them thinking games of politics are boring or that they are not informed enough about the men running for the position. This new generation across the U.S. doesn’t trust the government alone to improve their lives. Hence, the disinterest occurs.

  23. The young voter turnout of voting has nothing to do with age of the candidate. A lot of young people don’t really pay attention to elections. Many young voter don’t really read enough about election. I believe the age is fine the way it is know.

  24. I don’t think that the age of the candidates affects who votes for them. I believe that younger voters aren’t too educated about politics tend to follow what their parents do. I wouldn’t vote for someone because they were closer to my age, I would vote for whoever believed the same things I do.

  25. Patrick Szupernak

    I don’t believe that the age requirement for candidates affects the voter turnout for young voters. I think that a lot of young people simply do not care what is going in the world and the environment around them. Young voters need to pay more attention to what is going on and become interested because after all they are the ones who will be spending the rest of their life following the laws that are passed now and they may suffer because of certain outcomes all because they thought it wouldn’t affect them. In all young adults need to get more educated and pay attention to what is going on in our government,

  26. I am two sided here. I sort of feel like the age does not matter because I feel like the younger crowd are not really concerned with politics and what is going on. However, I also feel like the age does matter. I feel like the younger person may listen more and pay attention more to someone whom is closer in age rather than someone older. #PSC110Online

  27. Rachel Vaselenko

    i think this does have to do with age because why would anyone young want to vote for an older man with older views. Also, i feel that many younger people are not involved in politics because they don’t really target us in a way for us to pay attention. If a younger man/women were to run for one of these, myself would be very interested.

  28. I don’t believe that anything with voting has to do with age. When people vote and their person doesn’t win, it is disheartening, people think that their vote doesn’t matter. That is how I felt after the recent election.

  29. I don’t think the candidates age has to do with low voter turn out in younger voters. Voting and elections is something its young people don’t care about . It is just something most young adults think is unimportant and will pass election day without a second thought.

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