Executive Orders — Part Two


Chart: FiveThirtyEightBlog

If executive orders are on the decline, then why are there so many disagreements with the usage of an executive order by a President?

4 responses to “Executive Orders — Part Two

  1. Luleta Dardovski

    I think there are so many disagreements with executive orders because people seem to believe that it is the president acting alone and overstepping his boundaries acting somewhat like a dictator, and that comes with a huge negative connotation. I think it really comes from the people on the other side of the political table, republicans, judging Obama for his executive decisions on things they don’t agree with. Like the immigration stance.

  2. Executive orders are certainly decreasing as we progress into the future but it really comes from the backbone of Barack Obama. People are switching sides here and there and It really effects politics and stuff politicians dont agree on.

  3. Nicole Chrupczak

    There is many disagreements with the executive order because many citizens do not agree with Obamas decision on Immigration. It seems as if the president is acting alone on many executive decisions and the public is very unhappy about that.

  4. There are disagreements because barely anyone has faith in the president they voted for. They disagree with what he believes in and that is wrong. He is trying to make things better but what people don’t realize is that the president doesn’t have a magic wand, he can’t fix everything in his time but he can make things better.

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