Executive Orders — Part One

12 responses to “Executive Orders — Part One

  1. Obama had an unbridled democrat majority for two years. Did nothing on immigration. Then gave a series of speeches outlining in no uncertain terms why he couldn’t do what he just did.
    This action by President Obama is bad for America any way you look at it. He exceeded his authority in trying to make law rather than executing the law faithfully. If it goes unchallenged it will serve as precedence for future abuse of power. And it was completely unnecessary. There was no “crisis” that required this action. It was likely done this way only because Obama wanted to have his name attached with action rather than a Republican Congress.
    Mr. Obama says he does not have the authority to stop deportations. That is absolutely true. But he has the power to prioritize who will be deported first. And that is all that he has done. The deportation of roughly 400,000, the number the Congress funds, will continue.

  2. I think that this order will help the economy in a way. But I do not support executive orders, this somewhat makes me angry, because he went outside of how it was supposed to be. This will help with the illegal immigration issue because now they will be required to pay taxes and have insurance. Also it will require background checks and that will get rid of a lot of illegal immigrant criminals.

  3. I feel that the way he did it was wrong the way he went around congress to pass this. It will cause problems with people getting welfare checks link and any other government assistant. Plus how are they going to prove how long they have been in this country and how much they should pay.

  4. Since he has been in office he has not been able to pass much because the other side always seems to turn it down even if it is something they agree with. In my opinion they have been very juvenile and do not want to say he succeeded in any way so they will do anything even if what he wants is good for the country. Then people say he hasn’t done anything which is exactly what the republicans want people to think. The one time he does stand up for what he did people say he did it the wrong way. If the illegal immigrants have not caused any trouble and have just worked and bought things in the U.S. I do not see why it is a problem.People may say “they are taking our jobs” but in reality not many people from the U.S. want those jobs and do not seek those jobs, so if anything they are helping.

  5. I personally support Obama’s use of an executive order because in a way I see it as a small stepping stone towards a future, a bit more efficient and longer lasting immigration reform. Although, I do not agree with certain provisions of it because I feel that it does have some major flaws. But nonetheless, I think that this executive order can help push Congress to act on immigration therefore making me support it. I don’t really seem to disagree with it because executive orders have been part of this nation’s fabric and Obama has been more discrete about them than our former president Bush who had more executive orders in his presidency.

  6. I’m in the middle on this one. I can completely understand why the an executive order was used. I highly doubt that something like this would have been brought into action otherwise, this would have become another issue people say Obama has made no effort in working on if not for this order due to that. I can also understand why people are against this, as the whole idea of executive orders tends to scare people I feel. Personally, I’m pretty neutral to the idea of them in general. I think they absolutely have a time and place where they’re needed, but I can’t say for 100% certain that I think now was one such time.

  7. I am fine with Obama’s use of an executive order regarding immigration reform. He has not taken this type of action too often, and obviously felt like it was needed to be done to wake everybody else up. He must have gone through a long frustrated time on getting anything done in the last 6 years. I don’t have too strong opinion on if this was the right type of reform on immigration, but it does look to be headed in the right direction.

  8. I feel this can be a double edged sword. It is good that people are coming for better lives, but I feel this can hurt the United States as well. When the US let in theses immigrants whats going to happen to the jobs; is the united states going to create more jobs or let immigrants take them all. Its going to be even harder to find jobs in the united states.

  9. Nicole Chrupczak

    I think that Obamas recent choice on executive order of immigration is both, good and bad. Legalizing immigrants gave them the same rights as we citizens have, they are now able to succeed in school and get the career of there dreams in a safe environment.

  10. You cant make a choice without knowing the effects of it and the boundaries you need to set to keep it balanced. I think his choice is a good one. Everything cant stay the way it is. A stepping stone to make a better future and a change can make our country better. I think there are a few loop holes and edges he needs to smooth out and boundaries and requirements he needs to set. other than that, I agree and support his executive order.

  11. We are all immigrants if you are not Native American. The trail of tears is a prime example. We kicked out all the people who were here first and now that we have claimed a land that is not ours, we want to tell others they cant come in? What the heck is that? It would be unfair not to let people in, if it weren’t for immigration, over half of us wouldn’t be here.

  12. I disagree with Obama. I believe this should be a free country for anyone who desire to live here.

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