…Without Political Experience

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  1. Political experience alone does not necessarily make a candidate a better or worse at their job. While the experience is helpful for the tradition and policy involved in government, it is not required. If someone has good ideas and knows how to lead the country, they deserve equal opportunity as President. When America was founded, it was meant that any man who wanted a say in government could become president regardless of family title or experience. There are times that the experience is not as important as a good mindset and some drive toward helping America succeed.

  2. Katelyn Mategrano

    I would not because being the President is a huge responsibility especially for someone who has no experience in politics. It could cause a lot of problems when someone with so much power has no idea what to do with it. I would rather have a candidate with a little more experience in politics than none at all.

  3. I certainly would think political experience would help someone to become president, but I do not think it is necessary. Someone could have a lot of very influential ideas and run a campaign based on what he believes. This candidate would have to something that would catch the eye of voters that would separate himself from other candidates. Although I think that the candidates he is running against will use the lack of experience against him or her.

  4. I would not support a presidential candidate If they didn’t have political experience. someone having political experience can help them through there presidency. being president has so many responsibilities and if you didn’t have any experience for being mayor or senator then how would you know if you can do these jobs. I would rather have someone with experience then someone who doesn’t.

  5. It would really depend on the candidate. If they stand for all the right things and it’s clear they at least have an understanding of the political world I would probably give a thought about voting for them. You can have a bunch of political experience and still be a terrible elected official, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t at least pay attention to a new comer who may have something new to bring to the table. Again though, it would really just depend on who the other candidates are and what they stand for more than anything.

  6. Nicole Chrupczak

    Although, political experience is a very helpful tool in the presidency, I do not find it necessary. Being president is a big promise and a big responsibility, I would rather vote for a candidate whom has great ideas and a fantastic mind set rather than a candidate with great experience and no mindset.

  7. I think political experience would definitely help a person become president but it’s not really necessary. Anyone can be a candidate for president if their ideas are efficient. Anyone with efficient ideas should have the opportunity to become president.

  8. I believe political experience gives a candidate an advantage, but not an absolute win. I feel it’s more important to have a strong economic and social issue background because that’s what our government is always fighting. I feel with the knowledge of politics is a waste of time because at the end of the day the candidate hires a whole team to know politics for him.

  9. I think political experience is an important part in being a presidential candidate. They would have to know what it is that they are doing and having that experience would help them do their job more efficiently. It wouldn’t be absolutely necessary but I’d feel more comfortable if they did.

  10. Soledad Cervantes

    I chose no because I feel like we are better off with one that knows our background and knows what he’s doing. Being President is a hug big thing that billions of people of our own country and the others are counting on for a better life. Like a classmate mentioned before, yes this country was founded with some men having little to no experience to some that did. Well exactly not every law we have to abide by were the best, you need to know what your dealing with and you need to have I guess a plan. I would much better and safer knowing the person running this country just won’t go a-wall when something is bad.

  11. I would not support a candidate if they didn’t have any candidate experience. The reason I say so is because I would want my President know what he is doing or knows at least background information. I felt like if the person had no experience they would not know any information on how to run office. Experience is a huge thing especially in office and a person with experience talks a lot about the person.

  12. I feel political experience is a big part of wining; however, depending on the person running for a presidential election, they could sneak in some votes and support. But, ultimately would not win an election. due to lack of support.

  13. I do believe that a candidate should have some experience because this is a big responsible for someone to take over and control. We also have can look it as, someone has to start somewhere. They will learn more having hands on experience as they start their career.

  14. I think experience is a large part in what makes someone good at their job and lack thereof would only hurt the candidate’s chances of winning. Running a country is too great of a responsibility to hand to someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the profession.

  15. i would not support someone who doesnt have political experience. if they are in office then that means they have power. if someone has that much power then they should know what to do with it. it is a big responsibilty. little experience is better than none. having experience is a big deal and they need to know how to run the office correctly and how to fit the needs of the people.

  16. I would not want someone in office who has no idea how to run it. Having experience in politics, if anything, prepares the candidate with the knowledge and understanding in order for them to be successful in their term. A president with no experience, to me, means that this is something they just recently started preparing for and they are underqualified.

  17. Personally, I do not think I would support a candidate who does not have any political experience. I agree with many of the other comments, a person with no experience may indeed have many good ideas, but someone has so much power and doesnt know how to handle it, things may not turn out well. This person could maybe help someone in politics, but as for being in charge, probably not the best idea in my opinion.

  18. I don’t think that I would support a candidate who had no experience with politics for presidency. It goes without saying that presidency is huge! To be president, I think that one should have adequate experience and background before taking on such a large responsibility. So, all in all, I think that I’d feel safer with someone who has had experience in the political realm leading our country.

  19. I would not support a candidate who has no political experience. I feel that a candidate should at least have some form of experience in the field of politics. I don’t want someone who does not know what they are doing messing with my future.

  20. I would not judge someone without political experience but having it could cause some swings in terms of voting, I feel that they should have at least some background with politics if they are becoming our president or governor.

  21. I don’t think I would support presidential candidate without any political experience. The presidents job is just too important to take such a big risk. I would feel better knowing what a candidate was capable of before voting for them.

  22. I would support a candidate without any political experience. You never know who may have great ideas. They just may not get enough credit because of not having any experience.

  23. I would support a candidate without any experience. Who am I to say that just because they don’t have any experience that they wouldn’t be good for the job. If I like their ideas andI think they would be good in office, I would vote for them. The world would fall apart if we didn’t ever hire anyone with out any previous experience, and the President is no different. Though they may not understand everything that happens, they will learn along the way. So I don’t think no prior political experience is a deal breaker for me when I’m voting for president

  24. I would not support such a candidate. I don’t think you can be in any form of politics without experience. You wouldn’t hire someone as a doctor if they didn’t go to medical school or hire a person to drive a cab if they didn’t learn how to drive. The politics thing is just the same.

  25. Although, political experience is a very helpful tool in the presidency, I do not find it necessary. Being president is a big promise and a big responsibility, I would rather vote for a candidate whom has great ideas and an fantastic mind set rather than a candidate with great experience and no mindset.

  26. I would not support a candidate if he or she never had any political experience. They are usually owners of huge companies that try to pull this stunt because of their wealth.

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