The Character of Washington DC

Henry Clay once said, “Of all the properties which belong to honorable men, not one is so highly prized as that of character.”  We hear much about partisanship in today’s political climate that we perhaps fail to recognize the character of elected officials.  Do we still have honorable men and women serving in the nation’s capital?  Do you agree that character is the most important property one can have in order to be honorable?

8 responses to “The Character of Washington DC

  1. I agree with Henry Clay, character is of utmost importance. We hear that word a lot when we think of the greatest presidents like George Washington or Ronald Reagan. However, today’s political climate is so focused on political experience, issues, and looks. Everywhere from representatives to presidents have been involved in scandals. If people voted based on character I believe that our country would be in a better place

  2. Yes I believe a persons character is the most important property. I feel that the way a person handless situation and how they act. It should not be a question of how this person will react. When you know and trust someone you know how they will act they will stay loyal to there character. I feel that years ago we had honor and bravery. Now a days it’s all about ratings and money. Today’s politics have no loyalty to anyone which I feel is sad. We would look up to presidents and believed in what they are standing for and back. Just seeing them now makes me sad that is why I don’t get to into politics anymore. We need to create honest loyal and brave citizens that support the country.

  3. Charter is important but its not the only thing that matters. what else matters is if he is going to do what he says and not just saying it to make people like him. Also if he is concern about what the people need and not jus what he thinks is right and do things that will help him or her self out.

  4. Unlike the others who have already commented i DO NOT believe that character is the most important thing, because the honorable man in America has been dead and gone for decades. Partisanship in politics is the only way someone can maintain power in our political system. I think in judgement of any politician or person of power we should judge their end goals and how they want to accomplish. I DO believe that honor still exists in other nations around the world, just not here anymore.

  5. Nicholas Sumoski

    I agree with Henry Clay. Character is an extremely important thing in a candidate. I think we have far fewer politicians with good character than we used. Good character is caring about the people and wanting what’s best for them, not yourself. A candidate with character does their best to do what’s right. Today politics is run by men and woman whose first goal is to get themselves into office and stay there. They prioritize it above helping the people they govern. If we had more politicians with character out country would move much more smoothly. Unfortunately corruption and greed fuel huge amounts of politicians.

  6. I agree that character is the most important property one can have in order to be honorable. By a person having good character, it leads to trustworthiness. I believe it is important that the people can trust that the people serving our nation’s capital have these qualities that make them reliable. Good character resembles that the nation’s leader will make decisions that will be in favor of the citizens. I also feel if we had more leaders with this good character, our nation would be a better place.

  7. I think we still have honorable people in this world, but there is so much that can change that. And its pretty easy to. Good character is something that can be hard to come by because people are busy either trying to out do each other, and will do anything to get acceptance, not only in politics, but every where.

  8. I believe that it is important. What makes you honorable is how you present yourself and the things you do. You can’t be honorable without a good character.

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