Immigration Policy


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  1. Illegal immigrants should not be able to obtain a driver’s licenses in the U.S. I think the most important word in this question is “ILLEGAL” immigrants. Granted America is known as the “melting pot”, however there are certain laws and regulations to follow to become a legal immigrant. Those who do not or will not abide by these laws should not receive anything from the United States. That means no welfare, no health care and no driver’s licenses. It seems to me that by allowing all of these things to be given to illegal immigrants there is no longer any drive for them to become legal.

  2. In my opinion, I believe illegal immigrants should not be granted a license if they are here illegally. They are not abiding by our country’s laws by coming here illegally so why should our government give them licenses to drive? I think that will just make it even easier for them to stay here and not push them to get their citizenship because they won’t have any more of a reason to. They shouldn’t be given anything if they broke the laws by coming here in the first place.

  3. 100% I do not think that ILLEGAL immigrants should be able to obtain drivers licenses. In America we have rules and guidelines that must be learned in order to become a citizen. When a person is ruled an illegal immigrant they do not know those rules, therefor they do not follow them. I think that if we allow Illegal immigrants to get licenses it will put more uninsured drivers on the road. I cannot tell you how many times I have been to court for traffic violations, as well as observation for class and have seen the typical illegal immigrant that is in there for “No drivers license, no insurance” violation. Not only are they a danger to society, they take up tax payer money because they have to have translators in the court room for them because they cannot speak or understand English.

  4. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to obtain a drivers license. It would cause a burden on the American people. I just feel that if you are not going to try to become a citizen here then you should not be here. They steal from our country and don’t even think twice. They take jobs from honest people that are just looking for work. If you want to have rights in America then become a citizen the right way. It’s scary when you are in a car accident and the person has no license or insurance.

  5. I do think an illegal immigrants should be given the right and opportunity to obtain a driver license, however i do think there has to be some restrictions following with regulations .For example, if the person had charged with crimes in the past then i would not be in favor. If they go through the same process taking the test in secretary of state and have insurance then why not. It should not be a problem it will actually be safer that way people have a better understanding an idea on the road.

  6. I am indifferent on this topic because I believe that there shouldn’t be a thing called, illegal immigrants. Most of the people who are illegal immigrants are not people who snuck in to the U.S. They are people who obtained a legal visa and who have stayed past there visa. What is more important than obtaining a license? How about allowing people on a legal visa to go to college? I think that is the real issue. But, if illegal immigrants were to obtain a drivers license, the DMV would know they were illegal with all the information they make you give. My ex boyfriend was a guy from Mexico City here on a visa, he could not go to school? What is that? He had to take a job at a packaging plant, and as long as he remains on visa, he will never be able to obtain an education that we all take for granted every single day. That is why I believe in Immigration, how can we claim to be land of the free when we want to kick everyone or keep everyone out.

  7. I honestly believe that undocumented immigrants should be able to have an opportunity to obtain a driver’s license. Unlike most of the other people who have commented on this post, I see many benefits in allowing these undocumented immigrants to receive a driver’s license both economically and socially. States such as Washington and New Mexico do allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses and have been quite successful with it. If undocumented immigrants are allowed to get a driver’s license then states can heavily reduce the number of unlicensed drivers on the road, and also promote safety on the road. These immigrants by obtaining a license, will be able to have a better understanding of the road and the rules of driving. Most deportations here in the US are due to minor traffic violations, thus by allowing them to have licenses then these unnecessary deportations can be avoided which will save the government money, generate revenue for the government since all the law enforcement officer has to do is write a ticket, and the immigrant will be allowed to continue to live his or her life and a family will not have to be torn apart. Therefore, these people will not have to live in fear of deportation and of being separated from their family when they drive their children to school. In addition to that, I believe that by allowing these immigrants to get a driver’s license then law enforcement officials and immigrants will be able to develop a relationship based on cooperation rather than one based on fear. Also, it will give them more incentive to work harder in our country and to work hard for a path to citizenship. Also, states will be able to generate revenue from the licenses they give to them therefore helping out the state’s economy and insurance companies will thrive because of a large influx of people now getting insurance. But, most of all I think it is the humanitarian thing to do.

  8. I don’t think that illegal immigrants should be granted drivers licenses. Giving illegals a license really wouldn’t change anything in my opinion. A license doesn’t really mean all that much if you think about it Have it or not, it isn’t going to change anything. People drive on suspended or revoked licenses all the time, we don’t even have the resources to keep the legal citizens without licenses off the road. I almost think that adding more illegal immigrants would be bad. Just because you have a license doesn’t mean you will be automatically be able to get car insurance which in my opinion is more important. Bottom line, if you are here illegally, you shouldn’t receive any benefits of any kind. Go through the system legally and then feel free to take advantage of the programs provided to the citizens of this nation.

  9. In my opinion, undocumented immigrants should have the right to get a driver’s license. All emigrants have the opportunity to certain rights that all humans should be allowed to have. By not allowing them to not have a driver’s license that is the first step to taking their rights away. Regardless of the fact that they are considered “illegal” they still have rights. Yes some immigrants that are in the US Illegally are not good but that doesn’t mean all of them are like that. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and have rights. Being able to get a driver’s license is a right for all Americans and regardless of what some people think, if you love in the United States of America, then you are an American.

  10. Christopher Gaona

    Illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain drivers license but with some restrictions. With the illegal immigrant population coming mostly from the countries south of the border this population can be separated into two categories, the people here temporarily looking for work to make some quick cash and the people who come here with intentions of staying. There should be requirements for the people with intention of staying here to prove residency for a certain time to be allowed to obtain their drivers license. Illinois’s policy requires an immigrant to be here for at least a year. Although policies like this one encourages more people to enter the U.S. , the people that are coming here are trying to get away from crime ridden countries that for a majority of us have not experienced it even if we lived in the worst neighborhoods of Chicago. Until policies change here, borders are more secure, or illegal drug demand in the U.S becomes lower people are going to enter this country because people would rather live here in fear of the law and get paid below minimum wage rather than return. In the meantime for the people that have intentions of staying here they should be allowed to obtain a driver’s license so they can attempt to learn the rules of the road, get car insurance for their sake and other drivers and also not be in fear of the law when trying to get around.

  11. It is my strong believe that those who are in the United States illegally should be able to obtain driver’s license. They are here contributing to society and their communities and are a group of people that are misunderstood and constantly treated unfairly due to their lack of access to state’s protection and services. Providing these people with a proper form of identification would give them access to some of these services. It would permit them for example to gain access to insurance, making the streets a lot safer for all of us on the road as a result.

  12. As a person who personally knows many “illegal immigrants”, I do feel that they should be allowed to obtain a driver’s license. This could be regulated and they must be made to learn the rules of the road and learn to drive safely. They would have to legally obtain motor vehicle insurance in order to obtain the driver’s license. They are going to drive either way so at least give them the opportunity to do it legally. #PSC110Online

  13. Patrick Szupernak

    I do not believe that illegal immigrants should be able to obtain a valid drivers license in the states. They are illegal and a majority do not pay in to taxes and such that help keep our roads maintained and safe to drive on thus they should not be able to drive. Drive is a privilege and I believe that one must do his or her share and help other taxpayers if they want to be able to drive and in order to do this you need to have legal status.

  14. Tiffany McLaughlin

    It would make absolutely no sense for someone illegal to be granted a driver’s license. What information are they going to use for it? Their information from their home country? The right to test for a driver’s license at the allowed age of each state should come with your citizenship to the US. It would not be fair to just make them available to anyone who wanders into the country. Maybe we can make some sort of permit that only lasts for a certain amount of time for travelling purposes. But not full on licences that last for 3 years like we have.

  15. I don’t think they should be given out to illegals due to knowledge of our country’s basics like driving on the right side of the road and whatnot.

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