Should There Be Runoff Elections?

We typically use the phrase, “majority rules” when it comes to determining a winner in our elections.  However, many times, a winner can be decided by less than a majority vote.  Therefore, the proper phrase would be, “plurality rules”. In some states, getting a plurality is not enough.  As a result, a second election or a runoff election is used to determine a winner.  Eleven states have runoff elections, nine of them are in the South.  Proponents of a runoff election support the notion that a majority should be earned by a candidate who wishes to be a party’s nominee.  Opponents suggest that a runoff election is too costly to administer and that many who turned out to vote in the initial primary would not vote in a second election.  Thus, a candidate may receive a majority vote, but would do so from a smaller voting population.

Should more states institute provisions for runoff elections?  What are your thoughts on runoff elections?

8 responses to “Should There Be Runoff Elections?

  1. Katelyn Mategrano

    I think every state should have the same voting process. It would eliminate runoff elections and give a more accurate results in elections. it would eliminate the cost of running a second election. Most people do not vote in the runoff election causing candidates not to do well in the election.

  2. Yes I agree if we all voted the same it Will cause less confusion and we will know how the peoe really vote….we also spend a lot of money on voting it would help the state

  3. I agree if we all vote the same way it wont be such a hassle as it is now. It be easier to elect a candidate. Majority rules is a good way to pick a candidate if there is a tie between to people although.

  4. I do not agree with the notion of runoff elections. If the initial voting process was administered in an organized enough manner, then there would be no need for a runoff election. I believe that it would be difficult to educate the citizens on the idea of a second election, therefore the voting population diminishes significantly.

  5. I don’t agree with runoff elections. They are unfair to the candidates. For example if one candidate is trying to help the poor and there is a runoff election the poor can’t vote. I think the fact that every state has different voting methods and tallying cause problems. I believe that the election for president should become controlled by the national government. If it is at the state level, the majority can force the opposing viewpoint out if the race.

  6. In my opinion, I feel that runoff elections are not as effective as majority elections. The results vary too much because the people who voted in the first election don’t always vote in the second election. Also, I believe that every state should have the same voting process. It would cause less confusion and would show more equality across the United States. Whoever wins the majority vote, should win that particular election.

  7. I do not agree with runoff elections. In my opinion all states should have the same voting rules, this would make elections a lot more fair. The majority rule is more effective, the candidate that receives the most votes should win without having to do a runoff election.

  8. I think that no states should have runoff elections. Especially in states where multiple candidates can run, it would be very difficult for one candidate to receive a majority vote. Runoff elections are just a waste of time and money that could be spent doing more productive things than campaigning.

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