Cable Television as a News Source


32 responses to “Cable Television as a News Source

  1. Back when I was involved in my school district’s television show as a news anchor I would watch Fox News and CNN almost every morning and evening. I watched MSNBC once in awhile but not nearly as often as the others. I feel like if you’re going to watch cable news you should treat it like any other source of information and get it from multiple sources to see how each station puts their own spin on things. There were plenty of times when a story on Fox would sound completely different than the story on CNN and vice versa.

    These days I don’t follow cable news all that much though and instead get it from the internet and a couple different newspapers.

  2. I use to watch cable news, but now I cannot stand the cable news. I think that cable news is ridiculous and 90% of the stories reported are absolutely ridiculous. A few weeks ago I saw a news story on ABC about a woman not allowed to use the bathroom at Starbucks because she didn’t buy anything. How is that news at all. The place to go for real news is the internet. Yes there are lots of satire sources, but there are also lots of very reliable sources.

  3. I am accustomed to CNN news being on the television at my house. After taking this class I have come to realize that CNN releases news in a liberal bias. I didnt notice it until I took this class, but after watching MSNBC or Fox News I feel like CNN gives the most detailed and up to date news.

  4. Katelyn Mategrano

    I mostly watch MSNBC most of the time. I find that cable news stories are not always factual and will only show you their stance on a situation and not the whole story. It has been said FOX news is very one sided and so is CNN. both being said to be very liberal

  5. I never watch cable news so none of them interest me. For some reason cable news really doesn’t catch my attention. I really find the news boring and its none of the topics that I am really interested in. I do find myself sometimes reading the news on the internet more than watching it on the television. If I had to choose which news cast do I read the most it would be CNN I am more into reading so I think that’s why I really don’t watch it on the television. I like reading it more on the internet because there is so many topics and there are usually more articles below relating to that subject.

  6. I don’t really watch the news, but when I do I watch fox. but I have learned that fox news is one sided. I think some news stories aren’t even news they should only report on things that people actually care about. stories are always different between each news channel and that’s why I have a hard time watching the news.

  7. I don’t really watch the news all that often but when I do it is ABC. It is hard for me to watch the news because everything that is being reported I feel like is not actual news. They are telling us stories that have happened recently but most of them potentially have no effect on our lives. Nothing helpful usually comes from me watching it and if there is something helpful they talk about there isn’t a great amount of details.

  8. I honestly don’t watch the news. Whenever I do, its only while flipping channels or if my parents have it on. I find the news very boring because I am not interested in it. When my parents do watch the news, they usually watch Fox network. I honestly have no idea why they choose that channel, but its their favorite. I think news channels don’t do a good job of catching peoples interest or tell the story well. They usually pick a side and only tell that side of the story.

  9. Typically, these days I find all of my information/news on social media and other applications on my phone. It is the easiest way to find out exactly what I am looking for as opposed to waiting for the news to talk about what I want to hear or digging through a newspaper to find a small section on what I am interested in. Years back, I used to get my news either from CNN or Fox. That changed once I’ve noticed that news networks tend to involve a lot of “opinion forcing” or they just simply omit what I consider rather important information. All I want is to gather facts and simply be informed and educated of the current events. I don’t want anybody to tell me what I should think about someone or their actions.

  10. I like to watch msnbc. I find it to be more informational then local news stations and talks more about the foreign countries. I like to know what is happening around the world and not just our country. It also seems that msnbc gives a different point of view then the other news station that are broadcast on t.v.

  11. I watch cnn but I do feel that it is all one sided and lies. That is because it is all about views of you watch the movie night crawler it sums up the news and is amazing and true

  12. Brandon Campbell

    I use to watch the cable news a lot and than I realized that nothing on there was really news worthy. I feel you get your main stories and then they don’t know what else to put on. For instance, they’ll inform you that its some monkey’s birthday at the zoo. Also, I feel the news gives very opinionated stories so for important news I go on the internet.

  13. I was really into watching cable news back when I was in high school but now I tend to avoid it. A lot of the time it seems like the news that’s being reported is biased and sometimes the things that they have to report just isn’t that interesting. Fox news seems to be the worst of all of the news stations in all honesty.

  14. Nicole Chrupczak

    I don’t watch cable often, I find it as a waste of time. I would rather read an interesting book that I can learn something from instead of watching bias cable shows. I usually get all of my news via internet ( instead of cable.

  15. I personally don’t watch cable news. I find that cable news is less reliable than news that you can find on the internet and it doesn’t get updated fast enough. Also internet news is easier because you can quickly look up news from many different websites whenever you want instead of having to wait for the news to come on at a certain time.

  16. To be honest when ever I do watch the news I would watch CNN and FOX news. I do this so I could get two sides of each story. People always say that there is two sides to every story, which is always true even in the political world.

  17. I usually don’t watch cable news, but whenever I do I tend to watch CNN or Fox news. I try to see the different perspective in certain topics. I usually get my news from the internet or read the paper.

  18. I usually watch CNN. I feel like they are the most reliable and relatively unbiased source of news to watch. During this past summer there was a lot of coverage on the war in Gaza on CNN. You could see that many of the correspondents were outraged on what was happening to some many young Palestinians, versus what was being said on Fox News. I personally think that Fox News is racist against Muslims and Arabs. I can recall a journalist saying that Arabs are savages and there is no way to reason with these “people”, she seemed to be ok with little kids getting killed for no reason which is something that I can not support.

  19. I usually tend to watch CNN as my news source whenever time allows. I used to watch Fox as well along with CNN but, as I got older I found Fox to have too much of a conservative bias for my taste. But, I am well aware that all news channels have some sort of political bias toward a certain political ideology. That is why I don’t just get my news only from cable television; I get my news from different sources of media such as the internet, the newspaper, or from the radio while I drive. I think it’s important to get the news from different mediums so that we can get a diverse perspective on the issues and see what is really occurring since sometimes some issues are exaggerated by the journalists and reporters.

  20. Soledad Cervantes

    I like watching CNN and I used to be a big fan of Fox news until the whole election when Barrack Obama and was running with John McCain. I personally am a democratic but I hated the fact that Fox news anchors were giving personal opinions and showed emotions and made fun of John McCain’s choice for vice president; Sarah Palin. I don’t think when it comes to news you should choose a side and in a way change and control peoples mind, leave that to the advertisement not the news which could easily brainwash everyone. I do believe in having multiple options like watching different news stations you get different angels of similar stories.

  21. I usually watch MSNBC. I feel MSNBC is more liberal then CNN and Fox News which is the reason I watch MSNBC more. My step father watches both CNN and Fox News. Both News Stations to me are extremely one sided, and only shows the conservative point of view. I also dislike Bill O ‘Riley, he thinks he’s always right and always tries to make the person who he is debating with look like an idiot.

  22. I usually only watch CNN and Fox and that is usually only with my parents every so often. I have learned to watch the news with a grain of salt because many news channels are biased in some direction. I find that some of the news stories that are shown are just odd and ludicrous. My Dad always likes to yell at the TV when he thinks the news channel is spouting ridiculous nonsense. I think news channels should just tell the truth in an unbiased form.

  23. Tiffany McLaughlin

    The couple times I’ve ever watched cable news whether it was cnn or msnbc, I couldn’t help but find it annoying and rather worse than regular network news. they don’t cover certain important topics they should. some of the stuff is over dramatized, while more important issues are barely touched on or shoved under the rug completely. Cable news just adds to the censor control/power of the media, selling us information that they think we should know and worry about rather than what we actually need to know.

  24. I do not watch cable news channels because I find them too biased. When I am watching the news I just want to hear all of the facts and be able to form my own opinion. I do not want other’s opinions being forced upon me. I see this with the conservative views of Fox and the liberal views of CNN being blatantly put forth onto the viewers.

  25. I used to watch the news all the time in the mornings but now I rarely watch it. Not sure if this is just me, but the news has really started to scare me. I hate hearing about how our world is having one disaster after another or that murders are going up and so is crime. Especially now in these days, I feel as though I hear more stories of people committing crimes in weird, gory ways and its really disturbing for me to listen to. On occasion I will turn on the news just to get an update, but most of the time I tend not to watch it. Also most things on the news now are false or the stories get switched around and so I never really know what to believe or not.

  26. I always watch the news specifically ABC. It gives an insight on what is going on in the city. Things might be exaggerated or taken out of context, but it is always helpful to see if any crimes or important events are going on in your city or neighborhood. weather is also helpful from news channels. I watch the news every other day just to have an insight even though I don’t know up to what extent I should believe the news when it deals with reports or political views.

  27. I dont really watch the news. I feel like it’s biased on almost every subject- especially politics. I would rather shape my own opinions and gain information on my own time with my own sources.

  28. Nader Daifallah

    To me personally I don’t really watch the news that much I only browse interesting articles on the website here and there but not on TV. I really feel like our news is biased towards certain things and choose not to listen to it.

  29. I used to watch CNN occasionally, however I don’t watch any news stations anymore. I had always believed CNN provided reliable news, but recently it seems they are more concerned with ratings than anything else. Now I choose to get information from the internet, and I can form my own opinions based on the facts.

  30. Patrick Szupernak

    I used to watch the news but often times I don’t anymore. When I would watch the news it would be CNN because I felt they more the most accurate station. Nowadays I feel like every news station has some sort of agenda so I just get my news of the internet.

  31. I watch Fox News the most. I watch CNN when they have a good story going. I only watch MSNBC for “what would you do?”

  32. The cable news I watch is either fox news to get the conservative viewpoint or liberal news. I am liberal so I mostly watch the liberal news.

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