How Have The Parties Been Doing?

Courtesy of the Center for Responsive Politics, this chart demonstrates how much money has been raised and spent by the Democratic and Republican Parties in the 2013-2014 election season (as of October 16, 2014).  Is there anything that stands out to you in this chart? Fundraising Data

16 responses to “How Have The Parties Been Doing?

  1. There are definitely a couple of things in this chart that stand out to me. The election hasn’t even happened yet, and both the Democratic and Republican parties are in debt a lot of money. Also another thing that stands out to me is in all of the categories, except for the Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic party is in debt. Even where the Republican party has zero debt the Democratic party is over a million dollars in debt. It is very interesting to look at these hard numbers and see how much each party is in debt for this election alone.

  2. there are many things that stand out to me on this chart. like how much money the democratic and republican party have and also how much debt they are in. Also how much money gets raised for each party, you can see that the main two parties have the most money while the others don’t have as much. this chart shows you all the debt and money raised.

  3. Yes that the main party’s Republican Party and Democratic Party have so much debts. When the four parts with no debt they get a lot of money and manage to stay out of debt. I wonder if the republican and democratic party will ever have to pay back what they owe. May be they should investigate the money they owe.

  4. The one thing that stood out to me was the debt. Democrats according to this chart have more debt. Plus, how can you have more cash in hand then you had started with causing you to be in debt? I have a feeling that taxes are definitely going up no matter what.

  5. One of the many things that caught my attention was the amount of debt the Democratic and Republican Party have compared to everyone else. The amount of charity events that these parties have a year should cover all ,if not most, of the money that they owe, but they still have debt. Why is that? It seems that the money used to run the campaign is not being used correctly.

  6. One thing that stands out to me the most is the amount of debt the bigger parties have, like the democratic and republican party. But they also have more cash on hand then the rest of the parties. The smaller parties have less cash on hand, but no debt. The more money, the more they can get their candidate out there.

  7. Patrick Szupernak

    Looking at this chart a few things stand out to me. Foremost is the amount of debt that the democratic party has compared to the republican party. Also it seems that the democratic party is not as big a spender of raised funs as opposed to the republicans who on average according to the chart seem to spend more of the money raised for campaigning.

  8. What stands out to me is the amount of debts the Democratic Party has. Almost double the amount of debt Rebulicans have. They also spend more money, which makes sense. They’re spending money they don’t have and using taxes to make up for it.

  9. One thing that stood out to me was the amount of debt both major parties are in, especially before the election. Also, the fact that the Democratic Party has a greater amount of debt than the Republican Party caught my attention. It amazes me that the debt is in such large numbers. As a result, I feel that this will raise taxes greatly. Even though a large amount of money is raised for each party, they are still in major debt that will end up hurting our country.

  10. There are a couple of things that stand out to me on this chart. The democratic party seems to have more cash on hand than the republican party, but has accumulated much more total debt than the Republican Party. Another thing that stands out is that the democratic senatorial campaign has debt of $5 million while the republican senatorial campaign has $0 in debt.

  11. The main thing that stands out to me while looking at the chart, is the difference in the amount of debt accumulated by the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats in most aspects have raised more money than the Republicans yet they are also in more debt. The parties are spending money they do not have and it is apparent that the Democratic Party has been guiltier at this than the Republican Party.

  12. Many things stand out in the chart. The main one is that for almost every category the Democratic party is in debt. Another is that they also spend more and raise more than the Republican party. Another thing that is noticeable is that both parties spend about 80% of the money that they raise.

  13. A lot of things are shocking about this chart. For one, the total money is astronomical and it makes you think of what you need so much money for. Another thing is why have debts with that much money. This chart really shows the dominance and power the parties have.

  14. Rachel Vaselenko

    Yes, the main thing that stands out In this chart are debts in my opinion. If they win they might use someone else’s money to help pay off their debts like most politicians. Also, if they have no problem with these debts maybe they wont mind making more for their state.

  15. The amount of money tallied is enough to stand out alone. It is amazing to see how much money is needed per party. I feel that if you were not part of a specific party you would have absolutely no chance at winning unless you had that kind of cash flow. The debts also stand out to me, how could you have that much cash on hand yet continue to not pay debts. There must be more to that number than what is on this chart. I would like to know who is owed what and more specific tracking of where the funds come in and out.

  16. I am happy that the Democrats have more money. It seems like in every setting they have the most money. It is concerning that everyone has so much debt. I am sure that all that debt gets racked up into the National Debt. According to U.S. National debt clock, it goes up and up every second. We owe China money. One day the debt is going to be so high that it will be what Americas value is and China will say I know how you will pay us and they will take America as payment.

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