Is the Media Biased?


25 responses to “Is the Media Biased?

  1. I feel that there is a bias both ways in media. If you get your news solely from Fox, your going to hear things from a conservative viewpoint. Likewise, if you get your news from NBC or The New York Times, you’ll hear a liberal bias.

  2. The media bias completely depends on where you get the news of information from. Most stations tend to lean one way or the other most of the time. A prime example of this is that Fox News generally speaking will hold a more conservative bias, whereas CNN typically has been attributed to a more liberal bias.

  3. Almost all media has at least some bias, and most of it is liberal I find that for the most part, the media in America and Canada have a bias in the way they cover stories and if they cover them at all. When I watch the news on TV I find I’m getting messages about gay rights, violence against women and racism. I understand how the media feels the need to make the world good, but if I turn on the TV I don’t want people to tell me how to feel I just want to relax and be informed about the world I live in. To provide a few examples, MSNBC is the most liberal, who are constantly attacking corporations (even though they are a very large corporation themselves). CNN, while normally decent, can get pretty biased when it comes to things such as gun control. In Canada, we have CBS news, which is funded by the government, has always been very biased. If I can use another example, a few people at NBC actually edited the 911 call George Zimmerman made to make him sound racist, and after the trial the media was using it as an excuse to try and get rid of stand your ground laws.

  4. I think there absolutely is a bias in American media. I think the bias goes towards both sides depending on what type of media you are looking at. For example, if you are watching CNN you will get the more liberal bias whereas FOX News will have the conservative side. I think that depending on what you are meaning a liberal or conservative you will generally veer towards those media news channels.

  5. the bias in the media comes from both ways. it matters what channel you are watching because each news channel goes either way conservative or liberal. fox news is consider conservative, while CNN falls under liberal. the media in america is usually bias and you will see yourself watching one news channel more than another.

  6. The media is bias. Fox News is very conservative while CNN, NBC and the New York Times tend to be liberal. I generally don’t think it’s a bad thing. Neither news team is projecting false politics. I like watching NBC and CNN because I know they will share the same opinion as I do.

  7. Brandon Campbell

    I feel that the media is very biased now a days. As said in previous comments that Fox News is conservative while CNN and NBC are more liberal. I don’t really like this because I sometimes feel these news stations try to push their beliefs on the people. After awhile of watching the news you will see yourself swaying towards the news station that fits your political beliefs.

  8. I think the media is biased on what you watch. If you watch fox news, you are going to hear a very conservative and can come of sometimes racist. NBC and CNN however are very liberals, and people like Bill Maher will give you a very liberal point of view. I think watching the news sometimes can be very misleading, but I should be up to the person watching if they want to believe the propaganda.

  9. I do think that the media is biased especially now. Fox news tends to be on the conservative side of issues. I have definitely seen some sexist and racist stuff, not that all conservatives are like that, coming from that news station which is why I never watch the news from them. CNN and NBC are more liberal. In my opinion, I don’t think news should ever be biased. I think that the news should just be about the facts not opinions of the people telling us the news. It seems like the information would be more reliable that way.

  10. I believe that the media is biased, but depending on what channel you’re watching the bias may be conservative or it may be liberal. The main example would be Fox news which is a conservative news station. On the other hand there in CNN which is a more liberal news source. I think it’s okay if people are aware of the bias the stations hold and can choose which station they would rather tune into. However, not all people who randomly flip on the news are aware that they are tuning into something that’s one sided.

  11. In my perspective American media is bias. I feel depending on were you get your information from one certain media tends to lean a certain way. For example, Fox news will have the conservative side and CNN the liberal side.

  12. Our media is definitely biased. It just depends on what news channel you are watching, what subject the media is talking about, and how strongly the issue is viewed throughout the country. The media’s main goal is to get good ratings and by showing the public the news through a biased point of view, many will continue to watch that channel. The media is biased toward what they think the public feels more strongly about. The American media is, in my opinion, very biased toward what they think will earn them higher ratings which will earn them more money.

  13. The media is without a doubt bias they have the power to say what they please and make their opinion public. The perspective of the media has a huge outcome on what the person thinks of a situation, they can make or break you.

  14. Yes, I believe that the American media is biased. However, the media isn’t biased in one direction so that it is either liberal or conservative. Some media outlets, such as Fox News, are conservative and some media outlets, such as The New York Times, are more liberal,

  15. I believe the media is biased. Although it depends on what source your news is coming from. The media doesn’t get enough time span to cover all sides of a story so it often grabs the information that will attract the most media attention so they can get higher ratings.

  16. I believe the media is biased. The media most likely favors one side of a story just to make that eye catching headline. I don’t think it matters to them if they are being biased or not as long as they get what they want.

  17. I do believe that the media is biased. I think its biased on both ends however with being conservative and liberal. There are so many different types of media that cater to each, but have different opinions on the same topic. If your a conservative tuning into media that is meant to be conservative- obviously it’s going to be biased towards liberals and vise versa.

  18. I do believe that the media is partially biased because it depends on what the situation is, if someone gives an opinion about something going on about that current event then that is biased. So I do feel that the media is sometimes biased but rarely ever.

  19. Yes I think that the media is biased. Personally I believe to can change to different stations and they will all be biased one direction or the other. It comes down to many different factors, The CEO’s, the producers, the writers, and even the anchors themselves. Everyone will have a biased opinion one way or another, and the story changes as it comes down the levels.

  20. Patrick Szupernak

    Yes I believe that the media is biased. Certain networks are owned and sponsored by individuals who have their own beliefs values. It seems that most of the time the owner might have a certain influence or bias and they only cover certain issues that they want to. In all I feel that media all over the world is biased especially the news because they only report on certain issues.

  21. I would say that the media definitely is more biased leaning toward a liberal ideology. For example, Jason Collins, probably one of the worst NBA players in the league last year, got more publicity than the best players. He got the attention of the media (including the President himself) only because he was an openly gay athlete. However, it is the liberally biased stories that catch people’s attention so it makes sense for media to focus on the controversial social issues

  22. I believe that the medias is bias depends on who owns them. If you watch MSNBC you are sure to find a strong liberal bias. On the other hand if you watch Fox news, you will surely find a strong conservative bias.

  23. Nicole Chrupczak

    We all have different beliefs and opinions on everything going on around us. When it comes to picking a news channel we tend to always pick one that represents our beliefs. Fox News generally holds a conservative bias, while CNN attributed to a liberal bias. Of course, all social media networks work around their own specific bias. After all, who wouldn’t want their news channel to have skyrocketing viewer ranks?

  24. Is it possible for the media not to be bias? It is my belief that many media outlets represent the true vision of their company with the content that they display. Even if you are bias or not, the content that gets displayed will always be judged differently by different people. In which I would say that it would be impossible to not be bias.

  25. Without a doubt there is a bias in American media. However as mentioned by some of the fellow classmates whether the bias is conservative or liberal depends on where you get your information from. Either way it’s hard to get straight, solid facts without this big time selectiveness from all the networks when reporting stories that do or don’t support their political narratives.

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