Evaluating the Ads — Political Endorsements

This week’s “Evaluating the Ads” post focuses on two ads from two different United States Senate races in two states.  The common theme in each ad is that each candidate running receives what they hope is an important endorsement that will put them over the top in their respective race.  The first ad is for former United States Senator Scott Brown (R).  He was a Senator from Massachusetts, but now is running in New Hampshire.  His endorsement is from former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  The second ad is for Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) who is running in the state of Kentucky.  Her endorsement comes from former President Bill Clinton

Here is the Brown ad.

Here is the Grimes ad.

Which ad do you believe is more effective?  Do you believe that endorsements make a difference?

12 responses to “Evaluating the Ads — Political Endorsements

  1. Katelyn Mategrano

    Alison’s ad was more effective because it shows her working with people while Scotts ad was just showing the crowd reacting to Mitt Romney speech. I feel like having someone who was president endorse your campaign makes the campaign even stronger then having some who only ran for presidency. when you have someone powerful endorsing your campaign it shows the voters you have the same ideals as the person endorsing you and if they stand for you why shouldn’t they vote for you.

  2. I think both ads work. If you dont agree with Obama then the Brown Ad is better because it talks about how Grimes always votes for Obama. Bill Clinton is also a good endorser because he actually did become President. Of course some people will still remember his affairs and use that against him but I believe he was still a good President.I believe both ads are good because both ads feature big names in politics and almost everybody recognizes.

  3. Luleta Dardovski

    I believe Grimes’ add was more effective because she had the backing of Bill Clinton and they used a very emotional issue like job creation. Because Bill was a former president I believe he still has a large political fallowing especially among men and I believe there are many female supporters for his wife, Hillary. It seems like a very democratic and working class ad and the veterans and american flag in the background seemed to set the stage that she is someone worth voting for. In my opinion it was very effective.

  4. I think the Grimes ad is the effective ad. To start out, she had Bill Clinton speak on her behalf. As a former President, many people trust him and believe he knows what is right for government. Also, she knows what to say in her ads to relate to the people. For instance, the ad talks about finding jobs. This applies to working class folks who might be the majority of those who will go out voting.

  5. Michael McNulty

    I think the Brown and the Grimes ad’s were both effective, but I will lean more towards the Grimes ad. They both had big names sponsoring. One is towards a younger generation who have a fresh Romney is their minds from the last election as well as opposition of President Obama. The other are supporters of former President Clinton as well as his wife Hillary. I lean towards Grimes because she involved herself more in her ad, and Clinton is the obvious bigger name with higher credentials, with having 8 years of experience as President and Commander in Chief over somebody who failed to win his election.

  6. I think the Grimes ad was more effective. She seemed more hands-on with the people, and she had a former president speak on her belhalf. The other ad was focused on Romney’s speech and didn’t really show the candidate being involved in the campaign. I personally lean towards Grimes because I think Bill Clinton was a great president (not the most faithful husband), but the country thrived with him. I think if Grimes has a mentor like him, her state can thrive.

  7. I think Grimes ad was more effective. She had a former president speak for her and describe her instead of Alison speaking about her self. The people already trust a former President BIll Clinton, who changed the country so if he believes in her then we shall too. I would vote of Grimes, i believe she is focused on the middle class and giving people jobs, making the unemployment rate lower and allowing the people to make money of their own, being independent.

  8. Allison’s ad was better it showed her sitting with the people and looking like she gets down to there level. The ad made her look like she cares and wants to help the people. Plus she had Clinton backing her up. Yes, having a ex president supporting you and telling people to vote for you helps. Scott’s ad was bad I mean yeah he talked about change. I don’t know it just seemed bad on a foot high stage.

  9. I believe the Brown ad is more effective. What made it a good ad is how Mitt Romney portrayed Jeanne Shaheen not having indecent views and choices by saying that she agrees with Obama 99 percent of the time. Also he gives Scott Brown a good image by saying that he will seek the interestes of New Hampshire and not Washington. Endorsements do make a difference especially if you have a know name like Bill Clinton and Mitt Romney. They are known figures and names and that’s what draw people’s attention.

  10. Nader Daifallah

    Allison’s ad had a better view because she looks like a serious person because she gets down to business and she is passionate about people. An ex president supporting sure helps when people want to decide who to vote for. The other candidates ad was bland didn’t really state specifics all he emphasized on is change.

  11. Allison’s ad I believe was more effective because of her endorsement. Using Bill Clinton as her endorsement set off a huge sign that she is worthy of being senator because Bill Clinton was a former President, and he definitely still holds an impact on a lot of Americans to this day. On the other hand you have Mitt Romney speaking on behalf of Brown. I believe Brown could have been more effective because Mitt Romney brought up the point of being independent, but MItt Romney never won the Presidential Election. We are a Capitalist nation; we look at winners not who came in second place.

  12. Tiffany McLaughlin

    Grimes’ ad seems more effective. Brown’s ad didn’t really focus on him specifically as to why he should get the vote. It focused more on the opposing candidate rather than himself. Grimes’ ad focused on her and gave reasons why the vote belongs to her.

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