What Title Do You Look For In A Presidential Candidate?

6 responses to “What Title Do You Look For In A Presidential Candidate?

  1. I think someone who had previously served as Vice President would grab my attention as a candidate simply because they had been around the President and gotten an up close and personal look at what presidency really entails. I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for a candidate who hadn’t previously been a Vice President, but I think that experience would make me pay a bit more attention to them and really see what they want for the nation.

  2. I feel a Senator or Congressman are well suited for the position if they’ve been a strong contributor to laws that impacted the U.S. in a positive way. They more often times have served under several Presidents and have seen policies that work and don’t work which would in my opinion, help them serve better terms. He or she has campaigned in their respective states so they should have clear understandings of what communities as well as the nation needs.

  3. I think a Secretary of State would grab my attention as a candidate. It seems lately that other countries are dependent on America’s help or aide, and I think a Secretary of State could run the country well. Their job is to be responsible for foreign affairs which makes them qualified in dealing with other countries. Over all I would think any person that has been involved in politics and would know how to run the country successfully.

  4. I believe being a vice president would grab my attention because they have similar experience to what they would be dealing with if they were to become president. They have also seen how There commander and chief dealt with things and they can learn first hand from them, weather it be there mistakes or there progress. Working so closely with the president would be an advantage because they are used to that way of life already.

  5. In my own opinion I think a businessman would jump out at me the most. I think this because then the person has a logic and more understanding of how life is for regular people. They would also understand the hardships and what we go through and what we think and want to change. If a person has experienced it, then i think they have a better understanding on how to fix the problem. Another thing that would jump out at me is Vice President. I think this because they have sone knowledge of what to expect as a president. Also since they work close and personal with the president, they can see what they did wrong and fix it when they become president.

  6. Naser Daifallah

    I believe someone with past experiences as a Vice President would catch my eye because he certainly has some sort of equality to the President. They also understand how to do certain tasks that the President is capable of doing. They also work side by side with the President and know the tasks he does and they become President if anything happens to the current President.

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