Explain the Difference: From An Ideological Perspective

For this post, let’s try to understand what the difference is between anarchism and libertarianism.

Start with the premise that anarchism or anarchy is the disorder caused by a fundamental indifference to authority.  You could also say that it is a society without an authority.

Look at this description of libertarianism:

Libertarianism, or classical liberalism as it was called during the American Revolution, supports a federal government that has very limited powers. The definition of limited powers would be derived from the United States Constitution. Simply put, if there was a question on the size and scope of the federal government, then the Constitution would be final arbiter in settling a governmental dispute between the federal government and the states. Only that which is written specifically for the federal government in the Constitution can belong to the federal government. That which is not a federal government power would then belong to the states.

For this post, I want you to consider that possibility that some individuals equate anarchy with libertarianism.  Do you agree that the two are the same?  (You can also find similar posts regarding political ideologies on the Politics Matters blog from previous years.)

15 responses to “Explain the Difference: From An Ideological Perspective

  1. No I don’t think the two are equal. Anarchy is disregard for any authority. Liberalism is an authority separate from state and federal government. I don’t think that having a liberal government would mean anarchy.

  2. The two could be called are similar, however I wouldn’t call them the same. Anarchy has a complete and total absence of authority; liberalism still has some form of authority although it is much more limited than the more traditional style of government. No, I don’t believe they are the same because liberalism wouldn’t inherently mean a disorder and absolute indifference to all authority.

  3. The two are not the same. Anarchism is when a state has no federal government or recognized central authority. A Libertarian government would be one where the Constitution is the first and final source of information regarding the power the government has.

  4. no anarchy is completely against authority and order. Anarchy is about the destruction of all things that have to do with authority. Just think as anarchy as the joker from batman they want to see order into chaos. They do not follow laws you tell them they have to do something they say screw that I will do what I want to destroy everything that you think keeps you life safe. A Libertarian follows what the Constitution says with regards to the government.

  5. Soledad Cervantes

    Anarchism and libertarianism are not the same in my opinion because anarchy is basically a society without law and libertarianism and there is no structure to anarchy. Libertarianism is basically giving us free will but with structures; an idea for us to follow. I guess it is somewhat easy to see how they can be compared and connected with being free and having very little to follow. With Anarchy it can be easy for everything to crash and crumble because there is no guidance and with Libertarianism you still have some guidance and structure to follow. You still have that free will of owning things on your own except the part of paying taxes because of you own stuff.

  6. I can understand why some might think they are the same, but I however think they are completely different. Anarchy is a society with out order. Anarchists seem to go against anything and everything the government stands for. Libertarianism on the other hand, just regulates what the government can and cant do.

  7. continuously i used to read smaller articles or reviews that as well clear their motive, and that is also happening with this article which
    I am reading here.

  8. I do not believe that the two are the same. I believe that anarchy could never coexist with libertarianism because anarchism is a way without government which would stop government all together.

  9. No, I do not believe that anarchism is the same as libertarianism. Both are political ideologies but anarchism is the most extreme, radical, and a danger to public safety. Libertarianism calls for a limited scope of government while anarchy calls for no government. Therefore, even though Libertarians want limited government, they still do believe in a government and a need for some rules and laws. On the other hand, anarchy rejects all form of government and authority. Also, libertarianism is not a danger to the safety of the people. Anarchy promotes ideas that are against and hostile towards government and wants all rules and laws abolished therefore endangering public safety. Anarchy is more chaotic in nature while Libertarianism is in a sense more organized.

  10. Nader Daifallah

    No I don’t believe that Anarchism and Libertarianism are the same because they both have different views. Anarchism holds the state to an undesirable, unnecessary and is very harmful. Libertarianism on the other hand states anyone can live their lives as the way they want as long as he respects every other person.

  11. No, I do not believe that Anarchism and Libertarianism are the same because of difference with government control. By this I mean, Anarchism is no control of the public and could lead to harmful and undesirable consequences to innocent people. I would compare this to leaving young kids at home alone with matches because of the lack of authority and safety. However, Libertarianism is about the Constitution being the final law of the land without questions asked. The government has some control over what people can and cannot do.

  12. Although they are similar in definition, liberalism and anarchy are completely two different things. Anarchy is when a person is completely free and doesn’t follow any government rule which in turn causes problems and danger for the rest of the people. Anarchists don’t follow any rules. Liberals just wan’t everything to be fair for everyone and don’t cause harm to others by causing issues.

  13. Anarchy and Libertarianism are not the same philosophy. Anarchy was stated as an indifference to authority so therefore they would have no concern about how a federal government validates it power. The issue of using a constitution as a blueprint for federal government wouldn’t even be relevant in anarchy because there is no concept of a constitution in their ideology, let a lone a blue print, that’s the point of anarchy. Libertarians are involved in government they have a political philosophy that caters to state powers, in anarchy there is no power.

  14. Felicia M Guajardo

    No I do not think that anarchy and libertarianism are exactly the same concept. Anarchy is a total disregard for authority, they do not follow the rules or laws, no government. Libertarianism believes that the state and federal are separate and that they are governed solely on the constitution. #PSC110Online #schreckphd

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