Evaluating the Ads — Hickenlooper vs. Beauprez

In this week’s installment of Evaluating the Ads, we’ll look at a race for Governor.  The state?  Colorado.  Governor John Hickenlooper (D) is finishing up his first term.  His opponent is former Congressman Bob Beauprez (R).  This race is a close one.

Here is Hickenlooper’s first ad from a few weeks ago.

Hickenlooper mentions that he will not run any negative ads.  Do you believe that this is a good strategy?

Here is an ad from Beauprez’s campaign:

Images matter in political ads.  What images are used in this ad and why are they used?

14 responses to “Evaluating the Ads — Hickenlooper vs. Beauprez

  1. I think the first ad was focusing on helping on everyone and creating more jobs for people. It was a very positive ad and he made it known why it was a positive add and that he should serve another term. The second ad was more focused on education and the younger era of voters and how he cares about them the most. He uses young individuals so they will vote for him.

  2. I think the first ad was most effective on me. Both ads are positive. The second ad in my opinion just focuses on one subject and I learned nothing about the candidate. However the first ad tells you that the candidate was layed off and that he worked hard. He also promises to not use negative ads, in my opinion that is a good strategy because the candidate focuses in himself and how he can help his state rather then just ranting about someone else.

  3. The first ad seemed to be focused on helping others, he mentioned how created many new jobs. He also mentions that he was only proud of that accomplishment for 5 minutes because “you are only as good as the next meal you serve”. I like his drive and devotion to not stop, and to not make any enemies, by not running any negative ads.
    The images Beauprez uses are children in school. He talks about making schools better and starting reading at a younger age. His images are effective because many adults/parents will gravitate to a candidate that can offer a better life to their child.

  4. Michael McNulty

    I think Governor Hickenlooper’s strategy of not putting any negative ads is a good one. Although there are plenty of people swayed by these negative adds by believing everything they see and read, there are also many that look past those kind of things. I think its also giving him an image of being one to not steep to others lows, which many people will appreciate. Beauprez’s ad is showing his focus on children and education. The images of him being involved with the children in their classrooms as well as walking with them smiling give him the image of being very involved in that aspect and will be going for the everyday family’s votes.

  5. Nicholas Sumoski

    I think Hickenlooper is making a good decision to not post negative ads. Though it wouldn’t have mattered much if he hadn’t said it in his campaign ad. People look at him in a better light if he’s saying he’s running a clean race. He’s doing it to get appeal from the voters rather than acting on principle. IN the second add, Beauprez is in a library and a school. He’s with children, reading those books and talking to them. People like children and putting him in that setting will get people’s attention. The way he is actually talking and interacting with the people makes him look more like a real person rather than a figurehead.

  6. I feel that Hickenlooper’s strategy of not using negative ads is a fantastic idea. He simply states why he feels that he should be the voters choice to be re-elected without stooping to typical negative ads. He sticks to why he should receive your votes which is a nice change of pace. I normally find that negative ads take away from the candidate using them because to me it seems like they don’t have any good enough ideas of their own so they simply attack their opponents and hope it’s enough.
    Congressman Beauprez also has a very strong ad. The imagery of schools, libraries, and students really helps him draw on his idea of making education the primary focus of his campaign. Education is probably one of the most important things that anyone in politics should work towards. Children are our future, and not taking care that they have a quality education would be detrimental to our society.

  7. I think Governor Hickenlooper is taking a big risk by not using any negative ads. Negative ads can be a deciding factor in a campaign and I don’t believe he’s gaining many voters just because he’s against them. Beauprez’s ad uses many different images of him with kids and young students. These images will help Beauprez appeal to the voters with young children in school.

  8. In the first add for governor Hickenlooper, commercial grabbed my attention right away it seemed like he can relate to a lot of people and wants to focus on jobs and budgeting money. I also like the fact that Hickenlooper is focusing on himself and not even mentioning the other guys name. Beauprez, is promising better education and seems like he wants to spend money for kids to focus on learning, I feel most people who run for governor try and promise better education, and giving better opportunity for students. I think he’s full of it. Bob, seems like he’s targeting younger people to vote. In my opinion, younger people usually seem to forget when election day is

  9. Governor Hickenlooper Strategy for not using negative ads I believe is bad. The most attention grabbing ads are negative ads. Also,negative ads do both, they opposition look bad and the person who is running the ad look good. Governor Beauprez ad used children education as his attention grabber. All the ad showed was children in school and it also showed high school students. Beauprez focus his ad on the young people of Colorado to grab there parents votes.

  10. Governor Hickenlooper focus is on making more jobs and preferred not to do any negative ads. I do believe It’s a good strategy simply because he does not get involved into false statements from him or the opposing governor. Beauprez is aiming towards the younger students which can lead for more voting for him. The images show that he can the Education will be better.

  11. Hickenlooper does not use negative ads. This makes me feel like he is a respectable man. It might hurt him if his opponent ever used negative ads against him. Beauprez’s ad was used to show how he cares about the future of this country. He is in schools, talking with kids and teachers ensuring them that he will do his best for them.

  12. Hickenlooper doesn’t put others down to make him self look better, he knows he is better then that and he doesn’t need to shine himself thought making others look bad. I believe it is a good strategy. This shows he isn’t a negative person and very respectful gentleman. The second ad with Beauprez will grab the voters attention because he is making an effort to help the children and a brighter future with education. He wants a brighter country in the future.

  13. Hickenlooper ‘s refusal to use negative ads shows that he is a more respectable politician than others. It shows that he is someone you can trust and is more focused on telling you what he is going to do instead of what his opponent is doing wrong. Beauprez’s ad uses children to get the attention of parents and younger voters. The ad also shows that he cares about the countries future.

  14. I think Hickenlooper’s decision is a bad decision because negative ads can help him win the election. I think by him making this option it could cause him to lose the election because most every ad from politicians are negative. I feel like he needs to attack his opponents with some negative ads so the public can see it. In Beauprez’s ad he is using school as his image. I think he’s using school as his image because he wants to show to the public that’s his main goal is to help schools,teachers,and students. I believe that’s the wisest decision he made because everyone’s goal is to fix schools.

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