Voting in the Midterm

42 responses to “Voting in the Midterm

  1. This will be the first time I’m old enough to vote so I want to exercise that right. However, I haven’t yet done much research on the candidates and I don’t want to just cast a random vote just to say I did. After I properly research the candidates and the election itself, I probably will be voting.

  2. I will not be voting, I do not pay enough attention to the candidates to make a well informed decision. To add to what Allison said, one should only vote if you are well aware of the position and stance of the candidate you are going to vote for. In all honesty I don’t care who is elected. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what difference one person can really make? Is this election going to affect me, my neighbors, and my community? I pay taxes like everyone else and i will always have some kind of a helplessness feeling when it comes to politics.

  3. I will defiantly be out voting in the midterm election. I believe that even if one vote cannot make the difference, if everybody does their part and puts their one vote in, it eventually will make a difference. Even if it is not the major Presidential Election that draws a large crowd, I will be at the polling place after school letting my voice be heard.

  4. I will not be voting in the midterm even though I am old enough to do so. I don’t pay attention to anything more than the presidential election. If Ron Paul were to go into the 2016 election he will be my vote, if not Hillary Clinton.

  5. i will not be voting i feel that most of the votes do not matter it is all about the fat cats and what they want. Plus where all the money comes from. Then again i feel that most people do not learn about the partys and just vote on what everyone is voting.

  6. i also feel that the media is a big problem for this cause they tell you what they want to hear.

  7. Since I am finally old enough to vote, I will be taking part during the Midterm election. I still have to do more research on the candidates in order to vote for what I believe in. Every vote can make a difference.

  8. I am finally old enough to vote as of last year but I no longer follow the campaigns. I tried to register last year but all it got me was a ton of spam in my email. If I followed the campaigns I would have been able to make an educated opinion on who would be the best candidate to win the election but I don’t have the time to educate myself about those things what with work, school, and after school clubs. The election has taken a back seat in my brain at the moment because I have more important things that pull my attention. Maybe next year I’ll try again to vote but I’ll just have to see how bury I am next year.

  9. I will vote this midterm elections because i feel like everyone should have a vote there and see if there voice matters. I feel like you have to follow who is running to see what side you are on if you are not following the candidates then how will you know who to vote for? i still have to look into the candidates to see who i want to vote for this midterm election.

  10. Soledad Cervantes

    This year, being legal and all I don’t think I’m going to vote. Mainly because I don’t know anything about the candidates and I really don’t buy into the “supposed promises” given. I think this all went down hill when I saw McCain not win presidency, I was hoping for him and Sarah Palin because of what they stood not because McCain had picked a girl for Vice President.

  11. Tasneem Abdelmajid

    This is the first time I’m old enough to vote, and I plan on exercising the right at the midterm election. I haven’t been keeping up with the candidates or the election recently, but I do plan on researching it before I vote. I feel like everyone should vote because every vote can make a difference.

  12. This is the first year I am registered to vote even though I have been over 18 for two years now. I think people should only vote in elections if they have an understanding of what is going on, rather then just going into the voting poll with a blank mind on what these candidates are running on. I think too often people use other’s opinions on who should win the election and never do their own research or formulate their own opinion. With that being said, I don’t think I have done enough research to vote in the midterm election but I will possibly be participating in the future presidential elections.

  13. I will not be voting for the midterm election. I do not pay much attention to this election or the people running. I believe if I were more educated on this election and why it is important to vote during the midterm I would. I would also like to know what the people we would be voting for would do during there time in office. What do they do that will impact my life?

  14. This election will be the first one I will be able to participate at in my life. Although I am eligible to make a vote I don’t think I will cast one this midterm due to the fact that I am very under educated about the candidates. I feel I should start to make a process of looking up my candidates and seeing which ones help my needs.

  15. I will not be voting for the midterm election. Although I am old enough I will not be participating. I don’t have enough knowledge on the candidates to make an informative decision. To add what Gino said I need to know why it is important to vote during the midterm. I think as soon as I learn more about the candidates, I will be able to make the right vote.

  16. As of right now I will not be voting in the midterm election. I do believe that voting is extremely important but unfortunately I do not feel informed enough on the election. I do not want to vote just to say I voted. I need to be better educated on the candidates before placing my vote.

  17. I was not planning on voting because I did not really know there was a election. If I had known then I would of. Before I vote I would of liked to hear what both of there views was and I would make my chose by who ever I thought would be better. Next time I will pay more attention and vote.

  18. Ever since I was able to vote I’ve voted during the presidential election only, and haven’t paid much attention to the midterm elections. Now that I’m learning more about political participation and the impact it entails I have a mixed feeling about about voting in the midterm elections. Most importantly, after viewing all the commercials coming out on t.v. and doing my own research on the candidates; I feel that I might vote to make a difference in my community.

  19. I will absolutely be voting in the midterms. This is a very important election taking place that could affect the livelihoods of many, if not most, Illinois workers. It would be in everyone’s best interest to pay attention to the issues and learn their candidates stance to help make yourselves an educated decision and get out there and vote on November 4th.

  20. I will most definitely be voting in this year’s midterm election because I find it that the outcome of this election will directly affect me. This will be the first time I will be voting and I want to exercise and take full advantage of this right. I have been researching carefully each one of these candidates so that I can make an informed decision and vote for the candidate that represents me and my views. In addition to that, I have taken the initiative to serve as an Election Day Student Judge.
    This election is extremely critical to Illinois since the results can affect Illinois residents on important issues such as education, healthcare, the unemployment rate, minimum wage, taxes, and so on. It is for the best interests for people to vote this midterm election since their vote counts because the results can be extremely close.

  21. Even though I am now old enough to vote in an election, I am going to pass on the voting. I feel that I do not know enough about the candidates running for office and I have not been following their campaigns to have sufficient knowledge to vote. If I was educated more in the political campaigns, I think it would be cool to finally use my ability to vote. However, this election I know very little about, so I will not be voting for candidates whom I am unaware what their future goals and intentions are.

  22. I will not be voting in the Midterm elections. Like some people said, I haven’t researched the candidates well enough to make an educated vote. I don’t want to cast a vote just because I can, I want to hear each candidate views before I make my vote. In the future, I will pay closer attention to the upcoming elections.

  23. As people have stated above me you need to know who the candidates are and what their beliefs are and I just don’t research nor care about the midterm election that will happen just because I need to research and have time to cast my vote on who I want elected. As we come closer to the presidential election I will research both candidates and make my vote.

  24. I won’t be voting in this midterm election just because I have no knowledge on both candidates. If i was to vote on something I would atleast want to know about both sides and what they currently represent is strong just so we don’t elect something that we didn’t want in office. I don’t have a personal interest in voting but when it comes to the main president election then I will get in my hands involved and actually research both sides and cast my vote.

  25. I will not be voting in this years election or in any of the elections. Even though i am old enough to vote, i am only one person. I feel like my vote or opinion wont matter. Also i don’t pay attention to anything that is going on in the political world so i wont know what to vote for or who im voting for. Even if i don’t or do vote, someone will still be elected and promise to change everything, but in the end everything will still be the same.

  26. Unfortunately, I will not be voting in this years election. I have not been following up with the news nor any of the candidates and I would have to make an uneducated vote. I do plan to vote for the following elections, i will make sure to pay more attention to whats going on so that I can make an educated vote and make my opinions count. I believe that voting is very important, it influences your life on a daily basis and i believe evyone should have a say,

  27. I will not be voting for the midterm election. In order for me to vote I would have to know more about the Candidates. I would have to do my research on everything related to the election.

  28. Although this is the first time I am old enough, I don’t believe that I will be voting in the midterm election. I don’t feel that i know enough about the candidates to make the right decision. I plan to vote in future elections once i have a better understanding of how the outcome affects me.

  29. Usually when I vote I like to jump on the ban wagon or write in my own name. sometimes I even try and sell my vote. I’m not one to belief my vote counts, therefore I will most likely not vote.

  30. I won’t be voting in the midterm elections even though I am old enough to do so. I haven’t been paying attention to anyone’s campaign so I don’t feel comfortable making a decision on something I know absolutely nothing about. I also feel like my vote wouldn’t matter much anyway.

  31. Although I am old enough to vote, I will not be choosing to vote in this upcoming election. When I vote in elections, I really like to really have a sufficient amount of information on the candidates and their stances. I have not paid close enough attention in this midterm to what the candidates can deliver and therefore would feel wrong simply voting based on a political party I favor.

  32. Tiffany McLaughlin

    Even though I’m finally old enough to vote, I will not be voting in this election. I didn’t find the candidates vote worthy when I did my research. I feel as if whoever wins will not have any new significant benefit(s). I would rather not vote at all than to vote for people I don’t want to choose in the first place just to vote for somebody. Voting is important. but I just don’t see it necessary for me this time.

  33. This is the first time I am able to vote and I will be voting. I think voting in this election is important even though I am not a fan of either candidate, I will be voting for Governor Quinn. I think both elections have been run slightly immature due to the fact that they are spending millions and millions of dollars on campaign commercial ads about what the other has done wrong and not about what they want to do right.

  34. I’m really not sure if ill be voting, i am more in favor of Governor Pat Quinn just because he might push to raise minimum wage. I agree with Thomas spending plenty money on ads that aren’t always true is just making me unsure about the whole process of it.

  35. This will be my first time voting in the midterm election. However, to be completely honesty- I’m really not sure who I’m in favor of. I want to and I will vote once I start paying more attention in what each candidate can do for me now or in the future.

  36. This election is the first election that I will be old enough to vote. Although I’d love to be able to play my part and vote, I don’t think I will be casting a ballot this time around. Because I don’t know enough about the candidates and because I don’t care enough to do my research, I feel it’d be best if I didn’t partake.

  37. I most likely will not be voting because I dont know to much about the candidates, I dont even know who Quinn is running against. Although I dont like Quinn I have no idea who the other guy is,I still have never voted for any government official. I

  38. I will not be voting in the mid term elections because I do not really pay attention to politics so I don’t have any back ground knowledge of the candidates. I would have to do extensive research to gain more knowledge of what is going on and to understand why I am casting my vote. I would not feel comfortable voting for someone who may make non beneficial decisions for others, and myself.

  39. I will not be voting in the mid term. The reasoning is I really don’t follow too much on politics which I know I should but I really don’t. In all honesty I don’t even know who running or any information about any of the candidates. The only way I would vote if my parents told me too and if they give me advice on the decision on the voting.

  40. Although I am old enough to vote, I will not be participating in this midterm election, or any elections in that matter. My interest in government and public affairs has always been minimal. Therefore, I would not choose to vote for someone that I know nor care to know nothing of. The times where I would actually take note of what was going on in the political world I would never hear them take much interest on the issues that matter to me. I just don’t see why should I spend time voting if it won’t change anything.

  41. I am going to vote. Taking American National Government class really made me understand the topic a little more about politics, their so called goals they want to accomplish and change for the better even though not much or at all change is done. I figured minus well vote, for the hell of it. I just need to research a bit more about the candidates.

  42. I do not plan on voting. Taking American National Government class is teaching me a lot about politics but not enough to encourage me to vote. However I might just change my mind later on.

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