Presidential Approval Ratings

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F rom the Real Clear Politics website, here are the latest polling results in relation to President Obama’s job approval.  Under the “Sample” heading, ‘LV’ means ‘Likely Voters’, ‘RV’ means ‘Registered Voters’, and ‘A’ means ‘Adults’.  Do you foresee his numbers going up any time soon?  For more polling data, please visit the RCP site.  You can also click on the chart for a larger view of the data.


27 responses to “Presidential Approval Ratings

  1. As of right now I really can’t say I see Obama’s approval ratings increasing. A fair amount of Americans are unhappy with how things are across the board, and I think that how the Affordable Healthcare Act had a rather bumpy start, when some Americans didn’t want it in the first place, sort of solidified the current approval rating from what I can see. The various negative opinions on drone strikes certainly didn’t help this either.

    To go along with this, I think it may be even harder now to get hefty changes with legislation through the House because of this disapproval rating. Some people may not want to take another chance. However, that’s just all personal speculation after reading a couple articles.

  2. I work in sales, and this to me is a typical sales trend. Going off the poll data, if Obama were my product I would be out of a job because everyone across the board seems to be changing their minds on how they feel about our current president. In conclusion with the spread sheet, I can say for 100% that president Obama’s approval rating will not go up. I agree with Eric on how Americans are unhappy with how things in the states are going, however, Obama has one tough job and I couldn’t see any one person making a huge difference or doing any better. It’s easy to point the finger at one person, and that one person happens to be our Nations leader.

  3. I think Obama’s supporters either going up or going down is all going to depend on his actions with ISIS. Some people want US troops to go in and take care of that, but some people (myself included) have loved ones in the armed services and fear them being sent across seas again to fight. His actions with this matter will determine his fate amongst citizens that haven’t already chosen a side during his presidency (either support him or hate him).

  4. I approve of Obama about 95% of the time. I think he’s probably the best president we’ve had. Don’t really remember too much about Truman or Eisenhower. Given what he inherited and the never-ending attempts by the opposition to scuttle every single thing he does, I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job under those circumstances. Maybe it’s just the contrast with his predecessor that makes him look good to me. What boggles my mind is that anyone could remember Bush as anyone but the guy who after 8 years left the country in economic disaster, burdened with 2 needless wars, and the leader of an administration whose only apparent skill was that they were great at lies, deception, and ineptitude.

  5. I feel that Obama has failed the American people he just talks now and I feel that he down plays a lot of what is going on. We are not being told everything they are censoring our television and distracting us from the real issues. The whole Obama care thing was a good idea but why would you tax people that did not sign up for it. Then again I feel that the presidents lie to get in the house they have only there people in mind. They do not care about us unless an election is coming and it is sad.

  6. I see Obama’s approval ratings going up. A couple of reasons for that would be if we are successful in Syria and fighting against the terrorist group Isis. I think that the fact that it is near the end of his carer as a president adds to high disapproval ratings. Politicians who plan on running are constantly naming things that Obama has gotten wrong and I think expectations for the presidents term can be somewhat delusional. People expect a lot of change with a president but they forget that there is a ton of people who make the final decisions. Changes in government are a very difficult and long process we need to remember that. and frankly, I think his “Obama care” is the reason for all of this disapproval.

  7. A downward trend is expected since there haven’t been too many world events Obama has personally spoken out on. Just going over his presidency in my head, the last major success he had was Obamacare, and that is extremely controversial. I feel that recent events in the Middle East and how the President decides to deal with them will make or break his approval rating.

  8. On this chart all I see is red negative numbers, seeing things like that is never good and I do not see any of these numbers going up. The affordable Obama care is a stepping stone for everyone to be covers but making it a MUST to have is a little extreme. By the look of this chart, America is very up happy with his decisions.

  9. I think looking at this chart, these numbers probably won’t be going up any time soon. Every time Obama’s name is mentioned, it usually isn’t good things that I hear so it seems these ratings really prove people are unhappy with what he is doing. I think he is doing the best he can with what he has been given but the people of America still aren’t in favor of it. I don’t think there will be any sort of drastic change any time soon, or possibly indefinitely.

  10. Based on the charts it seems like the majority does not approve of him and I am not too sure if his ratings will go up. There is a lot to think about when wondering why not many people approve of him. In my opinion it is hard for a president to be successful when the majority of the time the other party is doing everything in there power to make sure what you want does not happen. This has been happening since he became president and I do not think many people realize it. He wants to get many things done that would benefit the American people but the other party just rejects it even if it would benefit the majority.

  11. As of now, I don’t see his approval ratings going up. There is a lot of issues in our country that he is not fixing. I personally think that he hasn’t really showed any progress in being president. Although I feel bad, because he is an overall good president, but there isn’t much he can fix when President Bush broke it all.

  12. I do not believe that the numbers will go up for him. Once you get yourself into a hole its always hard to get out of it. Also the difference in the numbers are about ten points each. If it was about 2 or three maybe he could change them. But in this case I don’t think he can.

  13. I do not think Obamas approval taring will not go up. What i have noticed is that most presidents who are in office for more then one term will get a more negative approval rating. I believe people just plan get tired of the same person running things.I personally think Obama was a good president ,but this past two years is were i believe his approval ratting rely took a granitic hit. I also believe that Obama should stop doing talk shows and stay in office, and work on the United States real problems.

  14. In my opinion, I do not see Obama’s numbers going up anytime soon. I think a lot of people are unhappy with what he has been doing . I also think that what actions he takes now and how he handles the problems in the Middle East will either make or break it for him.

  15. There’s no way Obama’s approval rating will improve. Many Americans blame the Affordable Health Care Act (aptly nicknamed Obamacare) for economic woes and fluctuations in insurance rates across the nation. Also, with Syrian conflict brewing, it seems Obama might fail to do the one thing he promised the American people; to end American involvement in the wars of the Middle East. Americans are exhausted with war and recession. Plus, the president has always been the perfect scapegoat for Americans to cast blame on.

  16. I personally believe Obama’s rating won’t improve just because of his healthcare act and how people dislike it. Obama clearly stated in his presidential election that he wanted to end our involvements with the middle east and that is yet to come because ISIS and the bombings of Syria.

  17. I do not believe that his approval ratings will increase any time soon because of both domestic and international issues. Many politicians and civilians seem to disagree with the way the Isis crisis should be handled. Domestic issues such as Obama care, same sex marriage, the Furgeson, MO shooting, and the V.A. scandals have many citizens disapproving of his leadership ability.

    This is a crucial time in the Obama administration, and I believe that the way he solves these issues will be how his presidency will be remembered.

  18. I honestly don’t see his numbers going up. One reason is he promised to stop all involvements in the middle east. i think because of what is going on in Palestine and Gaza, we should have more involvement in that. They deserve to be free after 66 years and i think the only way is if America stops being partners with Israel. Also because of what is going on in Syria. If he is able to solve these problems then MAYBE his numbers would be going out. One thing i do agree with is that everyone should have health care because you never know if you will need to use it one day. Most Americans don’t agree with that so his Obamacare wont help his numbers.

  19. According to the chart many people do not approve Obama. People expect a lot of change but people sometimes forgets that there is a lot of people who make the decisions. There are a lot of things that Obama would have done to benefit us but majority would reject it.

  20. Obama, seemed more like a celebrity in his first, four term then a presidents. Therefore, everyone wanted what Obama was promising. And, that was change within the U.S.A. it seemed like everyone was on bored with him up until he got re-elected. In my opinion, Obama and his popularity went out of the window when Obama care took effect. Obamas popularity will not Improve, but decline during the rest of his time in office.

  21. Patrick Szupernak

    I do not foresee that Obama’s ratings will go up anytime soon. As the chart shows a lot of people currently do not approve of him and I think this will only go up due to the many recent problems that have sprung up all around the globe. People want a president who delivers on what he promises and puts a plan into action and I fell that Obama is just not giving the people what they want or are asking for. Also, Obama is scrutinized about every little thing he does and I feel that certain media outlets are trying really trying to push this news out to everyone and that is not helping him at all.

  22. After viewing the results, I do believe that there is a chance the Obama’a approval ratings can definitely go up. At the moment, Obama is making necessary decisions in order to fix things that previously left us in one of the worst recessions of all time. Therefore, he has to make some people angry because he had so many problems to fix. When it is all said and done, I believe that people will see the improvements that he had brought about.

  23. I dont think his numbers will go up. One big reason is that people dont like Obabacare. people are upset about it and I cant see it getiing better soon.

  24. I do not think Obama’s rating will go up. With the war of Isis, and all the political matters going on it will be tough to please anyone. Many famous presidents have had negative approval ratings and still are remembered for doing great things. All though I can’t say Obama is going to remembered for doing great things for our country, I can say that it is almost impossible to please over 50% of country because of how many people have swayed opinions and always deal with the negative outcomes and let them overweight the positivity in the world.

  25. I do not think that Obama’s approval ratings are going to rise even though the economy is probably doing better than it has since the whole time he has been in office. I think that the majority of American people do not want for us to be fighting a war right now even though I believe that we should be fighting ISIS. I believe that Americans still have a bad taste in their mouth from sending our troops over to Iraq and the middle-east.

  26. I don’t see Obama’s approval ratings numbers go up. When you take a closer look at the chart you see that the disapproving votes have been going up since last July and it might be tough for him to get these people back on his side. Seems like more and more people are simply unhappy and disturbed with the president’s performance. However this is no news , because from what I have observed whenever people choose a new president everything starts out high and then rapidly falls into a reality gap and people start to turn against the president.

  27. I dont see much of an increase of the approval ratings for Obama. I think they will go up. Changing certain situations and things that we want takes patience and some was done to better our situations but not a whole lot. I believe his approval ratings will go up because many are already in favor and he has won their hearts. The Faithful voters that he has will start voting and an increase will show. They still have hope.

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