The Nation’s Most Pressing Issue

5 responses to “The Nation’s Most Pressing Issue

  1. Its rather odd to see such a poll with options that the nations are having obstacles with currently, yet none are being improved or solved at the moment. When people stop to think why aren’t these other problems being solved, other than the Terrorism that the current officials are dealing with, you can stop to think that these polls can be a possibility to why. I believe a way for the officials to see and hear and notice the situations that us as a nation are having problems with, other than by media or protests, is by polls.
    Internet can be a very powerful tool to express, state problems and what a majority of the people have a problem with. In conclusion, if there are others that see that some of these options in the poll aren’t being solved, its because a majority of us don’t see them as important (upsetting that education isn’t one of them or at least top three).

  2. You know I for one have always been a firm believer in education because it will never go away and it benefits every single individual in every way possible. In this country with economy being very fragile and can take a turn any way in a matter of seconds, education should be our main concern. I believe this because educating the younger generation will only improve our nation as whole. Why is it that most children in the city of Chicago would rather prosper in athletics than school? Why can’t most of them read or write at their own grade level? For this country to become more intelligent, less violent, and booming with prosperity again we need education to become the main objective.

  3. The most pressing issue facing the United States today is foreign policy. With so much going on in the world today, it is not very clear what the U.S. longterm foreign policy strategy is. What exactly are the short and long term goals? What are the potential benefits if any? There has been a whirlwind of pressing issues hitting news channels including war, disease, genocide, and terrorism. Though I believe the longterm issue facing the U.S. is the economy, you cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on around the globe. Nor could I say I would ever want to make those kind of decisions.

  4. To be honest, its really hard to pin point what our nation’s biggest problem is, because they are all problems. For starters our country is still in a major deficit, the housing market hasn’t improved, and a lot of people are out of jobs, and there is no sign of a major improvement. Our next problem is education, America ranks 36 in terms of education. My question is that why are we so far behind in the world, when we claim to be so advanced? Our educational system needs to improve, so that our kids and our country can strive. The last problem is foreign policy. I think that we should not turn our backs on the innocent people that are being killed, and that we should be focused on helping other people like the innocent women and children that were being killed and Gaza and every other place in the world that is facing injustice.

  5. I believe the most pressing issue facing the United States today is terrorism. I chose terrorism simply because depending on what we do as a country to get rid of terrorism it will affect our economy, education, and other areas of our country. The tax money used to handle terrorism will affect our economy greatly, and the actions we take will affect future education (history/government books and classes in the future.)

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