Evaluating Campaign Ads — Roberts vs. Taylor vs. Orman

There is a three person race in Kansas involving US Senator Pat Roberts (R), Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor (D), and businessman Greg Orman (I).  Roberts has been United States Senator since 1997.

The above ad was run in the Republican primary, and not in the upcoming general election.  What is the purpose for such an ad?

The above ad is the first commercial for Taylor.  What is your impression of his opening ad?

Orman, as a third party candidate, is trying to demonstrate that he is different from both party candidates.  Do you believe that his ad makes the case?


15 responses to “Evaluating Campaign Ads — Roberts vs. Taylor vs. Orman

  1. Senator Pat Robert’s video showcases that he is compassionate with the citizens of his state and the issues they find themselves in, showing that even if he is the Senator he hasn’t completely lost sight of all the “little people” that some people feel like politicians have.

    District Attorney Chad Taylor’s video takes a similar approach with a different situation behind it. As opposed to dealing with an overseas hostage situation, he simply directly tells the viewers he just wants the best for Kansas. Again, he’s attempting to appeal to the everyday men and women who may feel left out by politicians.

    As an Independent, Greg Orman uses a fairly common metaphor to show that he recognizes that as long as Republicans and Democrats have a power struggle and watch out primarily for their party interests, as opposed to what is really best for the country/the citizens, no progress will be made. While I think the ad is a bit obvious, I think it’s effective enough at getting his point across.

  2. Pat Robert’s ad showed that he still in touch with the people of Kansas, and will help any Kansas resident no matter what situation. The main purpose of this ad was to make each Kansan feel that he did not forget about the little guy.

    Chad Taylor’s ad was mainly about what was the best for the Kansas. Taylor said in his ad that he is a Kansan and wants to retire there so he knows whats best for Kansas, and its residents.

    Greg Orman tries to distinguish him self from both parties by saying that it is not just about wining the the race but whats good for Kansas, and wont get lost in the politics in Washington.

  3. Pat Robert’s ad showed that he takes care of his people and he is compassionate, and that he will help in any situation real or fake that the citizens of Kansas are in.
    Taylor’s ad shows that he is a regular guy and that he isn’t a politician like Roberts or the other people running. This makes people believe that he is just like them and is trustworthy.
    Orman’s ad on the other hand was completely different, he shows democrats and republicans in a tug of war. His ad shows that Washington isn’t accomplishing anything when they are struggling for power.

  4. The first campaign ad is total BS. The senator wouldn’t care about one person our of the bunch of people in Kansas. An example of this is all the American Journalists in the Middle East who are being slaughtered. Those people were reading from a script. Those actors probably don’t even live in Kansas.
    As for the ad with Orman, he was okay, but I don’t think he proved that he is different. He didn’t say anything but that the other candidates care about winning.
    Taylors ad appealed to me most. It seemed a little more geniuine, he didn’t have fake actors like the first man. I believe he is trying to appeal to farmers because in his ad he is farming.

  5. The Pat Roberts ad showed that he cares about the people in Kansas and that he would go out of his way to protect them all and get them home safely.
    The Chad taylor ad is trying to show the people that he is like them. he is an ordinary man trying to make a change and knows what he has to change because he calls it home.
    The Greg Orman ad is showing that the parties democrat and republic are struggling and are in a tug of war. he is also trying to say he is different and isn’t just about winning but trying to make a change.

  6. The first ad involving Pat Roberts had motivation in convincing the Kansas people that he cares and will always be there for the Kansas people. I couldn’t get over how scripted and unauthentic the interview looked.
    The second ad with Chad Taylor is trying to show the people of Kansas that he is a born and raised Kansan and is just like anybody else. The videos of him on a farm as well as him talking with a field behind him are pieces of imagery to give him that look.
    The final ad involving Greg Orman did have a different twist then the other two. His point is that while the Democrats (Taylor) are battling the Republicans (Roberts), no work is instead getting done. That’s where he shines the light on himself as that potential person.

  7. The purpose of the first ad was to show that Pat Roberts still cares about his people. He is willing to do anything to make sure the Kansas people are protected no matter where they are. I think that the ad was acted out a little much and would have been more convincing if it was more casual.

    The second ad made me feel like Chad is a family man and outside the office he genuinely cares for farmers. He also makes it seem like he truly loves Kansas because he still wants to live there after he retires. Also because he has been living there and has a farm he can have more knowledge about what the Kansas community is lacking.

    The third ad shows how the two major parties only care about winning and they will do anything to have that power. The only difference i seen was that he actually showed thats all they care about, but im pretty sure Greg cares about winning too. He also showed maybe some change wouldn’t be to bad for the community.

  8. After watching the campaign ads of Pat Roberts, Chad Taylor, and Greg Orman I can determine what angles each of these people are going for in their commercials. In the cheesiest video of all time, Roberts was praised by a woman who was taken from an Ethiopian village with a group of Americans. Allegedly Roberts was relentless with the rescue of the group of Americans and the commercial concluded with everyone hugging and smiling. Roberts was trying to show the voters that he’s a compassionate man who will go above and beyond for anyone of his citizens. Taylor presented himself as the good ole’ boy who was born in Kansas and will die in Kansas. He’s trying to make the voters feel safe because he’s just a simple, hometown boy. In the last commercial, Orman was attempting to educate the average viewer by laying out the current political landscape in a simplistic way.

  9. The main point in Pat Roberts video is to show how he takes lead and controls a situation in foreign and and his state.

    Chad Taylor a hard working man who is running for senate and seems that he cares for farmers.

    Greg Orman claims he is a independent because he feels that its not going anywhere he basically says that government needs to stop telling them how to live their life.

  10. The Pat Roberts video is to show people how he can get things done and protect the people.

    Chad Taylor was about how he is just a regular guy like the voters and he will get things done like he has with his previous jobs.

    Greg Orman says he is an independent and uses tug of war as an example of how the government is now and that we are at a stand still. He wants people to believe he is different and will create change because he wont do what everyone else is doing.

  11. The ad by Pat Roberts barely even seems believable to me. I don’t believe what anyone in the video says, and without even offering a newspaper clipping or a link to verify validity, how do we even know this happened? They were trying to show off that Roberts cares about the average Kansas citizen, but I don’t think they hit that at all. It comes off to me like he heard of a situation and did his best to rectify it so that he could use it as a publicity stunt.

    The Chad Taylor ad was the most effective ad in my opinion. He genuinely comes off as a regular guy who seems to want to help out the people in his constituency. They offer some evidence that he has actually done things to help people while he was the D.A. and use that to help you think he will be the right candidate for Congress.

    The ad for Greg Orman absolutely shows that he his different from the other candidates. He doesn’t really have any sort plan of action other than the fact that the two party system hasn’t been helping so why not go with him instead? It was still a semi-effective ad for the fact that it gets you thinking about the problems in government and that the average voter does have a chance to make a difference by voting.

  12. The ad for Pat Roberts was made to show that he is a compassionate person and cares about the people of Kansas.
    Chad Taylor uses his ad to portray himself as a regular man born and raised in Kansas who truly cares about what is best for the people.
    As a third party candidate, Greg Orman is saying that the Democratic and Republican parties care more about winning than they care about the people of Kansas.

  13. Pat Robert’s ad is meant to give a Kansas resident the sense of being an important individual. When the “mom” in this video says, Who are we? We are just Kansans. That showed me that the purpose of this ad is to highlight that Pat Robert cares for every Kansas resident.

    My impression of Chad Taylor’s ad is to show Chad Taylor has the interest of the older people and the farmers. I believe his ad is effective for his region, He connects with what demographically speaking is majority in Kansas, older people and farmers.

    This ad failed to make his case. Greg Orman chooses to highlight the other parties that all they care is about winning and they don’t care about the country. I believe Greg Orman does exactly what all other typical people running for office or seat in the Senate do. Which is state what the competition is not doing enough of and also state how much they care about the country. So the outcome is Greg Orman is not showing that he is different than any other candidate in this ad.

  14. After watching Pat Robert’s ad I got the feeling that he was a man who would try his hardest to make everyone at home feel safe. Chad Taylor gave me the impression that he was a hard working Kansas citizen that truly wanted the best for his home state. The final ad by Greg Orman failed to influence my decision. He didn’t really talk about what he stood for.

  15. Pat Robert’s ad didn’t seem realistic to me. It looked to me like two generic actors with a sob story to get votes. It wasn’t personal at all. If that was my daughter that was held hostage in a different country I would have a little more compassion. However, his point he was trying to get across that he cares about the people of Kansas.

    I feel like Chad Taylor tried to relate to the people of Kansas as he is shown farming and claims he plans on retiring there. He hits home saying he’s a lifelong Kansan, and not a politician which makes him sound more relatable to the average person. He says he will be an advocate but doesn’t express much of what he would do in office.

    Greg Orman gets his point across, showing that both the parties care more about winning than the actual people of the state, but once again doesn’t really provide me with anything special that would make me personally go out and vote for him if I lived in Kansas.

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