Where Do You Get Your News From?

The statistic below identifies the number of households that have CNN/Headline News, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC (as of August 2013).

CNN/HLN: 99.292 million households

FNC: 97.186 million households

MSNBC: 94.519 million households

More information about these stats that can be found at Zap2it’s TV By The Numbers.

The statistic is worth noting, but are you one of those people who gets his/her news from CNN/HLN, FNC, or MSNBC?  If so, which one do you watch and why?  If not, where do you get your news from?


One response to “Where Do You Get Your News From?

  1. I get my news from CNN and Fox. However lately CNN has covered stories that in my opinion is too much coverage. For example the missing Malaysian airplane was “over covered” in CNN and while I thought this story deserved the media attention CNN failed to equally cover other stories. I do believe CNN does a fair analysis of the news and that is the main reason I watch CNN. Reporters like Cooper and Wolf are one of my favorites. I sometimes watch Fox new and that is only to see another perspective. I see they are more conservative in their news analysis and I particularly like O’Riley and Hannity. MSNBC I do not watch because I already know what they stand for and I agree with them already so I enjoy watching news from a slightly different perspective. Also not to demised Comedy Central but shows like the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart are as informing and accurate as CNN and FOX.

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