The New York City Primary


21 responses to “The New York City Primary

  1. Kyle Lieberman

    I can’t imagine that he has any chance at winning the Democratic Primary for Mayor. It’s one thing to make mistakes and then apologize for those mistakes and to try to make yourself a better person, which he publicly stated once. But then to say those things and then do it again, shows that he hasn’t changed and won’t change, I would be amazed if he had any chance at winning the primary.

  2. i think its crazy whats going on with this guy. he made a huge mistake by cheating and it came to the public. people dont want him from now they cant take his seriosuly. if this man cant keep his home whole how is he expecting to run new york then again it might be more important to him then his marriage. bottom line people cant trust him and dont take him seriously now way will he win. he hasnt changed and doesnt seem to care.

  3. I do not believe Anthony Weiner will win the Democratic Primary for Mayor in September. According to the Huff Post a Quinnipiac poll released Monday, places Weiner in fourth place in the Democratic primary for New York City’s mayoral race. Similar polls from NBC New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll puts Quinn ahead by 9 percentage points. I believe with the new revelation of Weiner’s texting lewd messages after he left Congress has disenchanted many New York voters and he has now lost his chance to be the democratic primary candidate.

  4. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    I do not hink he stand a chance to win a Democratic Primary. Even if he had any good idead people do not trust him and think he is a joke. He should clean up his personal life before coming back to politics.

  5. No, not in a million years do I think he will win the primary. His campaign manager and other staff is leaving and his poll numbers a dropping faster than a rock in the water. He has a lot of skeletons in his closet and stands no chance unless he cleans up his act. Its been way too soon since he left congress because of his “sexting” scandal and I believe the majority of the people don’t believe he’s changed enough, if any, to be an electable candidate.

  6. I don’t believe Anthony Weiner will win the Democratic Primary for Mayor. He is slowly fading in the polls on a day to day basis. Whether the man has good bad political ideologies, nothing has more power and influence than the media. Until now it has not painted a very good picture of him.

  7. I do not believe he will win. My reasoning is simple, he has too much baggage. One with that much baggage bringing into the world of politics wouldn’t survive long. Plus, his last name would get him made fun of (if it already hasn’t).

  8. Unfortunately, I do not think Anthony Weiner will in the Democratic Primary for Mayor. There has been to much negative media about him. In addition, I don’t think he is cut for the job. New York City needs a Mayor that is going to get the job done. I feel like Anthony Weiner is more cut out to be a reality star than a Mayor.

  9. I don’t believe he will win. They say any publicity is good publicity, but in his case it is not a good thing. He shows bad judgement in going back to bad habits and the public will view him all the worse for it. His staying in the race only stands to splinter the vote and he is doing a disservice to the public by staying in the race.

  10. In all reality, it has no effect on us in Illinois and I don’t think he will win the primary and I don’t think he would win if he ran against a Republican in the heavily Democratic New York. I think the state of New York is a political joke with him and Elliot Spitzer also running for office, Comptroller, when he had to face his own scandal years back too. Both of these guys though generate ratings for news and political agendas alike, it is all publicity and money.

  11. April Medinger

    No, I do not. Anthony Weiner is a narcissistic man that does not really seem to have a grasp on reality. He continues to hang on to and harp about his idea that ‘he never quits’ even in the face of this latest sexting scandal. To me that borders on a mental disorder if someone keeps insisting they must go on. Due to his lack of character that is evident based on the situations that have occurred with him personally, I don’t see any way possible that he could come close to winning the Democratic seat for Mayor in September.

  12. I believe this guy has too much baggage with him. Even if he has the ability to make the city better it would be near impossible to vote for him. he will always have controversy around him and as the mayor of New York that would be too much negative publicity for a mayor.

  13. No i do not believe that he will win. After his scandal it will be very difficult for people to vote for him or trust him. However i do believe that he may be the runner up.

  14. I don’t think he will win. People think that he is a dirtbag now because sadly his private life was exposed to the world. People in this nation take things like what he did seriously.

  15. Rob DiDomenico

    I do not think that he will win. He blew it when he lied to the people. How can people trust a politician that have lied before. That is why I feel he will not win.

  16. Maggie Somerville

    No, I don’t think he has any realistic chances of winning. But we’ve elected crazy people before… so who knows, really. I just hope he doesn’t win. It falls under the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  17. I definetly think Mr. Weiner will still win the primary regardless of his recent troubles.


      Ally Hoppe, you are so stupid!!! He will never be able to pull ahead because of his problem with E.D!!!!

  18. Carlos Danger

  19. Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid

  20. Although I do not agree that much of a politician’s personal life should be taken into consideration if it does not affect how he or she performs their job, I do think that after all the publication Anthony’s scandal received he will not have as many voters favoring him.

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