Do You Use Social Media?

What social media outlets do you use?  Why do use those sites?  If you don’t use a social media site, explain why you don’t use one.

22 responses to “Do You Use Social Media?

  1. I VERY rarely use social media. I don’t like that fact that people know your every move. Its just not right. Some social media networks attach GPS and locations services (if your on a phone) and I don’t need everyone knowing where I am at and what I am doing. Nor, do I care what anyone of my friends are doing. I may use texting but that’s limited to what I want to say and the direction of the conversation. If I don’t want to talk anymore I just tell the other person and I then stop responding.

  2. i dont use social media because it can take to much time. everyone i know and need to know has my phone number. i dont think social media can be safe at times. people posting there every move and who they are with. there are alot of weird people who can stalk you out there. i dont think i need to meet strangers off the internet. some people live off facebook and i think its all for attention and showing off. there is no need for any of that people just need to keep their minds busy. im not saying all social media is bad but just dont get to crazy over it.

  3. I use Facebook as a means to communicate and stay in touch with close friends and family that do not live close-by. I have family in Mexico & it is nice to be able to see how one’s family is doing. I also use FB to get involved in both of my daughter’s campus schools: Loyola University Chicago & University of IL at Urbana. I believe FB will serve as a back-up history time line of my family’s personal journey in life. As my daughter gets ready to study abroad in Rome for the next 10 months, I can go back & relive her HS graduation with the click of a mouse. Although I do not post a lot of tweets, I use Twitter to get breaking news. I mostly follow news media like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, Bill O’Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Chicago Tribue, Huff Post, and the WSJ. Finally I also use Pinterest to get inspirational ideas. From college dorm, to care packages, teacher gifts, organizational tips, how to flirt with your husband, to different water exercises. Inevitable social media is popular with younger generations & if one does not want to be left behind, we need to learn to use it wisely. Raising two teenage girls, it was important for me to get familiar with different social Medias so that I can be a part of their lives.They both post pictures on Instagram. In order for them to share these pics with me, I too will start using instagram. Social media has allowed me to be a better parent because I can relate to them & keep a close eye on them as well. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big believer in intimate personal communications and I always look forward to their visit because let’s face it, something’s are only worth sharing in person!

  4. Zeferino Martinez

    I do use social media sites, specifically Facebook. The reason I use Facebook is so I can stay connected with my friends. After I graduated high school, a lot of my friends went away to college, so Facebook is a easy way to stay in touch with those friends. However, I understand that people are worried about others stalking them, but they need to remember that you are able to say no to friend request. Personally, if somebody sends me a friend request, I always make sure I am good friends with this person before accepting it. Plus, if you have somebody on your friend list you are not friends with anymore, then you can delete or block them from your profile.

  5. Belief it or not, I use no social media sites whatsoever. I find the entire premise of sites like Facebook disturbing as I don’t need to tell random people what I’m doing everyday nor do I care to know what someone else is doing every minute through constant status updates. The only site I have ever considered becoming a part of is twitter. I would have no desire to tweet myself but I am aware that it is one of the fastest means by which to learn breaking news.

  6. I am a Facebook user. I feel that social media is a quick way to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s also a way to follow news, sports, celebrities and enter contests. Social media is a choice, an individual is in charge of how much information to put out there and also decide what they want to view.

  7. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    I use Facebook and Linkedin. I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family that lives far away from me. I use Linkedin to build business related relationships and read articicles posted by the brightest minds of the business world.

  8. Facebook is the only social media I am currently registered for. It is a good way to keep in touch with the people I don’t see as often as I would like to. Depending on what pages I “like” I get certain info daily, whether it is sports news, current events, or even music.

  9. Facebook is the social network site of choice. It never fails to disappoint. I cannot seem to get hooked on twitter, vine, snap chat, or any other type of website. Plus, all of my friends are still on Facebook so until that changes, there is no need to switch over to something new.

  10. I am a sporadic Facebook user for updates on college and high school friends or to see some funny pictures once in awhile. I also have a Twitter account, but it is a dummy. My avatar is still an egg and it does not feature a bio. I use Twitter for my sports statistician job in order to stay up to date on the latest trades, suspensions, releases, or signings. A tweet is a great way for sports reporters to break a story without having to jump through all of the legal hoops of posting something official on ESPN or Yahoo. I’ve heard good things about SnapChat and Vine, and I plan to join those in the near future.

  11. I feel like social media is taking over! In today’s society everybody uses it. I am a Facebook user for sure, and just recently I just started using twitter. I use it to stay connected to the world, and to keep in touch with friends/family.

  12. Jennifer Habner

    Social media is a huge deal in today’s technology/communication based world. I use Facebook, YouTube & Instagram often. I enjoy YouTube for the purpose of video sharing and watching a variety of different videos from music videos to humor, and even family videos. I’m not always on Facebook everyday but I think it’s an awesome social media tool to keep in touch with friends and family since I live out of state. Instagram is cool too I follow my friends and family and check out their photography and chat.

  13. I use Facebook, but more as a means to stay in touch with family in other states and friends I don’t see much. I think that it is great for that and especially its easy to use and understand for people. You can see pictures of family, and stay in touch as much as you want to.

  14. My social media is very limited and mostly Facebook, but there might be some gray area, because social media can count as anything nowadays. If you get the news online, some may argue that this is considered social media. Other than that, I don’t really have any use for social media, the friends I made at school are the ones I hang around with, no need to stay in touch when I already do. Social media sites just seem pointless to me.

  15. The only form of social media I use is Facebook, and even that I use very rarely. Social media is just another form of a drama outlet. People cause fights over ridiculous fb posts and post personal information that I find should be kept personal not public. Social media is destroying privacy, lives, and the world in my opinion.

  16. April Medinger

    Yes. I use Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube. I find that I can usually figure out what is going on in the world (i.e. news) without having all of the negative spin and sensationalism the media typically presents in the nightly news. I used to be obsessed with watching the news in the past, but I have not watched it for over 2 years because it has become so negative. I find that social media does an adequate job at keeping me informed well enough when things happen.

  17. I do use a social media source. I use Facebook. I use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends from high school and also to see how acquaintances from highschool are doing. It is interesting to see where people I have known for most of my life are at now. I also use it to stay on top of i guess you could say drama. I like to know who’s with who and whats going on. Also I learn things from Facebook do to pages I have liked.

  18. I use facebook and twitter basically to stay in touch and to keep up with current events of all of my friends. I know not every post they make is really relevant or worthy of being made, but its nice just to keep in touch with old friends after so long. Its also great for networking and meeting new friends. I cant count how many people i have met on social media now and the bonds we have made i have truly cherished.

  19. I do not use social media sites. I do not use social media sites because I prefer for my personal and daily information to only be known by myself and people close to me. Also I do not use social media because i do not have enough time to constantly update my social media’s page.

  20. I am on twitter and Facebook currently. I like Facebook for communicating with people that I cannot see often, and my family in Poland. I only however let people I’m close with or know pretty well to be my “friends”. Twitter I use mostly for entertainment purposes. However, these sites are a little addicting at times.

  21. Rob DiDomenico

    I hardly use facebook but I use twitter a lot. I liked to use facebook just to see what people have been up to and to stay close to people that were my friends in high school. I use twitter more for seeing what celebrities are doing and my friends.

  22. I use social media every day: it is part of the future of journalism. I use facebook, twitter and pinterest on a daily basis, but I refuse to use a smart phone to make updates or to check statuses. I also am the social media person for a non-profit and use tweetdeck to pre-schedule tweets. I like to keep in touch with friends from all the parts of my life through social media, but recently I realized that I’m cutting myself off from the “real” world and relying too heavily on social media. I’m busy repairing relationships and building my friendships outside of the daily newsfeeds.

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