American National Government

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  1. Zeferino Martinez

    I believe that American national government should be a mandatory course for liberal art students. First off, I believe that most young adults do not understand how the government works at the national level. Therefore, by making this course mandatory, young adults will have a better understanding of what politicians are saying, how congress works, the consequences of bills and laws being passed, etc… Furthermore, by taking this course, it can encourage students to have a more active role in politics too.

  2. Paul Nakielny

    Students are required to pass a basic civics test in order to graduate from grammar school. In high school American history is usually a core course. I think that is enough to give a person a basic understanding of their government. I am not sure anyone really has a clear understanding of what politicians are saying. Understanding government and understanding politics are two different things.

  3. Absolutely. A well rounded student makes for a better citizen of the world. I believe you cannot consider yourself to be an educated member of society or well-rounded student/citizen if you do not know about and are educated about the country you live in and will contribute to. The little bit of history we receive during our previous school years before we begin our college education is not sufficient to make you fully aware of the importance of knowing how our government works. Also, as one gets older, one gets more mature and having this mandatory class in college will take on a different meaning & perspective.

  4. I definitely think American National Government should be a required course for all students, regardless of one’s major. Today, there are far too many people who have no idea what is going on in the political world and that is a pure shame. All citizens need to be informed of what the government is doing and be able to understand the effects and potential consequences of different political proposals.

  5. I think it should be a requirement, because people don’t get involved in politics as much as they should be. I think part of the reason is that they don’t expose themselves to it. I’m not saying everyone should be exposed at the same level, but I do think everyone should be exposed to it at some type of level. Too many people have no concept to what is going on in our State or Country and that’s sad, so yes, I do believe it should be a part of the arts degree.

  6. Taking a class about the American National Government shouldn’t be necessary in order to get more people involved in politics, it should be necessary so people do not get taken advantage of by the government or politicians. It seems that many representatives from impoverished areas continue to be re-elected because they have brainwashed their district that they care about them. All that representative really wants is a tax-free paycheck and to fly in a private jet. I wouldn’t want just liberal arts schools to mandate an American National Government class, I would require all schools to teach government every year. That way, there will not be an ever-growing divide politically between the college-educated and the not college-educated. Everyone deserves to right to learn about how this country works and how to take the right steps in fixing it.

  7. I believe that is should be a core course. People, especially young people can’t tell you who your state senator is, or know how important it is to be knowledgeable about politics and how it affects you. As people above have said other classes were required when we were younger and still we have a problem with getting involved in politics. Having an American National Government class as a requirement would not be such a bad thing, having an educated segment of the population who knows how governing works.

  8. I believe that it should be mandatory so that young adults know more about the government. A lot of young people don’t know enough about their government or even their state, so having this mandatory would extremely help. Everyone should know who their governing powers are in this world.

  9. I think that American National Government should be mandatory for any type of student. I have learned so much about basic government that I think every person in our country should know, this way they can make an educated argument about the politics of our nation. A recommendation also went out to my cousin to take this course too.

  10. It absolutely is mandatory for students to take this class because it is basically explaining to them how our government works and how to get involved with it. I believe it is a lot more important than other courses students are required to take like college algebra, when am i going to use functions in the real world? Yet every college finds it necessary for me to be able to know about it. Also it will make the student more well rounded and more informed on the way the government affects us and have more of a background knowledge on current events that involve politics.

  11. I believe American national government should be a mandatory course for liberal art students. I believe understanding how our national government works should be mandatory for everyone to known.

  12. Yes. This class was beneficial and I learned a LOT that I didn’t know. Now I have a brighter idea of what’s going on during elections and government issues. I am one of those adults that didn’t know exactly how the government worked I will admit. Everyone needs to know how this country basically works.

  13. Rob DiDomenico

    I go to a liberal arts college and I do believe that it should be a mandatory class. This class was very beneficial for me and I enjoyed this class. There are so many classes that I have taken freshman or sophomore year that I will never need to know anything from it like a music class.

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