Media News Cycle

At the end of June 2013, the United States Supreme Court handed down key rulings concerning the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996.  Respective supporters and detractors in both rulings voiced their opinions and had their moments in the media spotlight.  One month later, the media has now focused its attention on the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial and the birth of the future King of England.  Why the sudden shift in the media’s focus?  Why not spend more time on the impact related to Supreme Court decisions?


22 responses to “Media News Cycle

  1. Paul Nakielny

    People follow the news because it does change and move on. Those that feel the decisions on the Voting Rights Act and the Defense of Marriage Act are important will seek out further news about those decisions. The general public might not be as concerned and just wants to know what is new and current. The news on the Zimmerman trial and the royal birth will soon be replaced by something else.

  2. When you turn on the news you never know what you’re going to get, the world is full of events and therefore ever changing. I have been interested in certain news topics, and I would watch the news trying to stay tuned, but then I wouldn’t hear about it anymore. I would then ask family and friends, or turn to the internet to find out what became of the topic. Many people are also interested in pop culture and the news media knows this, which is why they report on “celebrity” current affairs.

  3. I would have to tend to believe that people want fresh news or fresh topics. The Supreme Court issues are pretty cut and dry as far as the outcome, there’s not a whole lot more to discuss, whether we agree with the out come or not. People want fresher news in my opinion, they want something else they can really “sink their teeth into.” Zimmerman was an on going thing, it seems like there was always something new happening with that case and we wanted to see what the outcome was. The Birth of George was a gimme…

  4. The reason the media is constantly shifting from one news story to another is because things get real old real quick. News stations would lose viewers, or listeners, if they latched on to one story for to long. I remember actually watching Al Sharpton’s show and losing interest because he continued talking about the Treyvon Martin shooting even after other shows moved on. It isn’t just the news that gets old it’s anything that society latches on to. At a time the animal bracelets were all the rage, or pokemon cards, when the world cup is around soccer is all the rage. We as a people just consistently become disinterested in things and look for something new to grab our attention.

  5. Zeferino Martinez

    I believe media stations, such as MSNBC or FOX, shift their focus, because they are trying to compete with other news stations, like CNN, for viewers. As a result, if these news stations are to gain more viewers than their rivals, it requires them looking for fresh new stories. However, since the news stations are always looking for the next big news story, this prevents them from giving an in-depth analysis to events, such as the ruling on the defense of marriage act of 1996. Overall, the media cares more about finding big news stories rather than discussing the long term implications of the stories themselves.

  6. The one main reason for the shift in focus is ratings. Supreme Court decisions don’t bring in as much viewers as a minuscule thing as a baby being born. News media focuses on the current events that are happening and wait for the next big story to break. News media today is becoming more pop culture focused and see politics and governing as an afterthought.

  7. Shannon Feeney

    I think that the media shifts their focus constantly because of the demand by the viewers. World and local news is constantly changing. I think what the media focuses on has a strategic purpose. Recent news like the birth of the future king and the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial, have captured the minds of many viewers. The media is responsible for reporting on topics that interest the public. Apparently, Supreme Court decisions has lost the interest of the people and has been replaced by more mainstream/superficial topics.

  8. I believe the reason the media did not spend more time on the impact related to Supreme Court decisions is because the public is not fully aware of the complications behind these decisions. For example, the voting rights act was really complicated and people never took the time to fully understand it so they do not really know what it did, how much it changed, the impact it had on each state. As far as Zimmerman’s trial, this was another one of those Casey Anthony trials. It’s a trial that received a lot of media publicity and became very engaging to the general population. What I think is interesting is that approximately over 300 African American kids have been shot in Chicago since that shooting in Florida happened, so what makes any of them less important. The media’s obsession with the royal family is “happy” news and that is something that people do not often see. It is attractive to the average consumer. But in general, the public does not decide what stories are news worthy or the length of time the media spends covering each story. The corporations that own the news media ultimately have the final say if a story is worth airing, keeping on the air for an extended period of time, or if it is broken down & simplified enough for people to fully digest it.

  9. Kyle Lieberman

    The media panders to the public, and more people would rather listen to more information about the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial than on supreme court rulings. Someone that is that interested in hearing more about the supreme court rulings wouldn’t be watching any mainstream media channels and would further seek out that specific information on their own. So basically since the majority of people care more about the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial than on supreme court rulings, you aren’t likely to see it on the daily news that most people watch.

  10. April Medinger

    Two things come to mind when I think about why the media suddenly shifts to any other story. The first is sensationalism and pop culture sells, and the second fact is more selling (of advertising space) means more profits. The news media is only concerned about reporting things that keep viewers watching, so that they can reap more advertising dollars from the increased viewing audience. The American public is very fickle, and has a short attention span, and so the constant shifting of stories works well for their ratings. If the media can constantly come up with stories to ‘stir the pot’ (and get viewers interested or worked up emotionally,) even though most are not ‘real news,’ they can keep advertising revenues high. After all, that is any media/broadcasting companies primary purpose, to make money.

  11. The media prefers to show celebrity and gossip news as opposed to political updates. The gay marriage debate has taken up a lot of media time over the last 5-10 years so a decision by the Supreme Court is simply another update to the story. The Zimmerman trial only took to national attention because celebrities voiced they opinions on the murder case. Now that a verdict has been made, Zimmerman is mostly out of our media news cycle. New baby George is an important event since he will become the future King of England.

  12. The news works in mysterious ways to me. The Zimmerman trial is a hot topic because it deals with a social, society-related issue that many African American and British people relate to. Its safe to say that in todays world, supreme court rulings are less interesting than a story about a young boy being killed who happened to be African American and a boy being born who happens to be a future ruler; not even in this country.

  13. Martin Maggio

    I believe that there is the sudden shift because it is popular news. Sadly people don’t take as much interest in supreme court decisions as much as they should. The Zimmerman case and new prince don’t directly effect us but the supreme court does.

  14. Like we learned in class, people like entertainment more than real news. Yes, it’s great that there’s a royal baby born, but how is the birth of a child considered breaking news that the whole world needs to know about? The Zimmerman case was made as big as it was due to the racial views in the situation that occurred. People are more interested in entertainment than real life scenarios that can effect us as a whole.

  15. The media is driven by what people want. People tend to grow tired and bored when the same thing is talked about constantly. the media tries its best to keep us as people entertained. If this means talking about babies rather than political outcomes that’s what they will do.

  16. Yousef Dahleh

    I believe the media is only concerned about the amount of people reading their magazines or watching their shows in order for them to make more money. Currently people are more fixated on entertaining themselves, rather than informing themselves on what is going to effect their day to day lives. The media is aware that people are only concerned with entertaining themselves therefore they only put the freshest, most appealing and most controversial news.

  17. Rob DiDomenico

    The news is not about reporting the news anymore. They are more about entertainment the news is about ratings and not the actual news and they think the birth and Zimmerman will draw more attention. Fox News is the only one to report actual news and it also reports both sides of the story.

  18. the news is a business they only air what makes money. the zimmerman is somthing has been around now for a long time and everyone so heated up about it attracts alot of peoples attention and will bring the news views. its all about money not about what we need to hear anymore.

  19. I think the reason the media shifts focus to new stories instead if giving more attention to Supreme Court decisions is because news outlets focus on what the public wants to see. Once society sees coverage on the Supreme Court decisions, it feels it is time to move on to new stories. Even though these Supreme Court decisions are historic, the public doesn’t like to harp on issues and would rather learn details of new stories.

  20. Jennifer Habner

    I think the reason for why the media shifts focus from one story such as the Supreme Court rulings one moment and then the next moment all they can talk about is Will & Kate’s baby boy is because the media is always looking for a new story to tell. They want to keep the viewers entertained with new information and variety. Most of the public loves to hear about what’s going on in other people’s lives and highly publicized trials like George Zimmerman’s. However, there are more political news channels like CNN that focus on things like the supreme court rulings and politics in general and will talk about the same thing for days about what’s happening around the world and at home.

  21. Our world is ever changing and of course there are going to be media shifts. It’s the medias job to keep us informed and entertained. People want a sense of reality. Not all people are interested in politics and supreme court rulings. Lastly, networks need to make money so they’ll cover what sells.

  22. This is a prime example showing what Americans value and understand to be important. As it says above, the Supreme Court made key rulings in regards to Acts that have substantial significance maybe not in mine or your life, but to thousands upon thousands of U.S. citizens. Following one particular case on the news that supposedly involved racial profiling/self defense, which will have almost no effect on our lives whatsoever, is quite silly.

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