The GOP’s Chances in 2014

According to political expert, Nate Silver, the Republican Party has a chance.  Read here.  What do you think?  Remember, a lot can change between now and November 2014, so this is just a guess that you are making.


21 responses to “The GOP’s Chances in 2014

  1. I think it will be tough, because the republicans have made some enemies also, like with the labor unions that I’m SURE will pour money into defeating them.

  2. I believe that they could win the senate just because anything could happen but i find it unlikely. With the extreme views of the tea party dividing the republican party in half I think it’ll be difficult for them to gain the advantage in the senate. Congress’s approval rating is in the low teens so a switch in control may not be too unlikely.

  3. Paul Nakielny

    I think every election is decided by the economic conditions leading up to that election. If the general mood of the country is good, the democratic party always seems to benefit from that. The candidates do play a role in winning the election, but it is hard to defeat an incumbent.

  4. Thaddeus Johnson

    I think that they will because two years ago they had a good chance at winning over the senate. What made it harder for them was that Obama won the election and i think that the republicans have a good shot in the next election. They will have to overcome the lose of two senate seats but I think that they can do it.

  5. Zeferino Martinez

    Before reading the article, I would had said that the republicans would not win the Senate in 2014. However, after reading the article, the idea of the republicans winning is not to far fetch. For instance, the article discusses how some democrats are retiring and not providing strong candidates in those states. Plus, Obama’s approval ratings are not that great either. Overall, I think it depends on which party is able to avoid amounting headlines that could paint them in a negative manner from now until the election.

  6. its hard to say because the economy plays a big role in this and the democrats will most likely take that but it also matters who is running people change once they see character actions speak louder then words we will just have to wait and see

  7. I agree with Paul that the economic condition of our country will have an impact on whether republicans win the senate majority in 2014. While it is a lot more difficult to beat an incumbent, the article mentioned there will be vacancies that may give opportunities to republican candidates. Overall I believe the GOP needs to make some strategic changes to their platform if they want to win the 2014 senate majority.

  8. The way this nations economy and job market is headed, a republican win wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I agree with Maria, if the GOP doesn’t make changes to their strategies in 2014, they might as well hand over the Senate majority. If the economy keeps going in the direction its going currently, the Republican party will have a strong chance in 2014 without a doubt.

  9. I would think that the common public voter would see that something is wrong with Congress and since we are under a Democratic administration, they might want change to a Republican. Other than that, I don’t think you will be able to predict anything in a close race like this. Things like these are just a toss up and a 50/50 option.

  10. Kyle Lieberman

    I don’t think they will will the Senate unfortunately, but their still is a chance of it happening. The Republican party had a close run at it the last time so I think their could be a 50% shot of them taking the Senate in the next election. Plus, with our current economic condition that a Democratic president has lead us through, I feel as though maybe more people will swing towards the Republican side even for just the chance of a change.

  11. Yousef Dahleh

    I do believe the republican party has a chance at winning the 2014 elections. I believe the republican party may win because democrats are being represented by the current president, Obama. Many people believe based upon his performance in the white house, that he is not doing this country justice and believe that a democrat in the senate would further harm this country. I believe this will lead to people voting for the republican party in 2014.

  12. Martin Maggio

    I do believe the republican party will win the senate in the next election. Based on the high disapproval of the democratic party it seems like it is inevitable that republicans would lose. It will take a lot of work for the democrats to hold the majority

  13. Rob DiDomenico

    Yes, people are upset about Obamacare. I believe that a lot of people are upset about the IRS scandals and the independent voters will vote for the republicans. The independent voters are tired of getting lied to by the government.

  14. Matt O'Connor

    I believe what determines which political party wins the seat is the current economic state of the country during that time and the approval rating of the current president. The better the state of the economy and the approval of the president, the more likely the chance of that party taking the senate. But because of the awful condition of the economy and the terrible approval ratings, i believe there is a decent chance for the republicans.

  15. I would have to agree with Alex in saying that it is possible because anything can happen, but in my opinion it is highly unlikely. The Republican party has made some very strong stands on very touchy issues during Obama’s terms, and those stances may cost them the majority in the Senate. While it does come down to the representatives in these upcoming elections, I do not think they will win the Senate in 2014.

  16. I think that it will be tough for the Republican party to win the senate, because it depends on how the country feels economically. in my opinion the republican party lost a lot because they were in control at the start of the recession. if they do win its because the American people need a change.

  17. Yes and no for Republicans winning. The Democrats and Obama have not been popular the past few years. But the Republicans have also not been too liked the last few years. It is hard to say.

  18. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    At this point in time any of the two parties can win the senate. It does not take much to shift a lead from one party to another. If the economy keeps improving, the affordable care acts succeeds and we manage to lower our deficit than the democratic party will keep the control of the sebate.

  19. The democratic party has been losing popularity recently which is why I believe the republicans will win. Once people see something they don’t like they want to try something knew. The new being the republican party who has been gaining support as people feel worse about the democrats.

  20. The Democrats have more to lose in the 2014 elections. Of the 33 seats up for grabs in 2014, 19 of them are Democrat, 14 Republican. A couple of big wins and Republicans can gain control of the Senate.

  21. Shannon Feeney

    I don’t think the Republicans will win in the 2014 election. I think voters are going to vote according to which side will be better suited for stimulating the economy. When the recession hit back in 2007, the Republican part was primarily “in charge”. I think the American people are growing tired of waiting for the economy to bounce back and will demonstrate that at the polls.

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