The Federal Government and George Zimmerman

23 responses to “The Federal Government and George Zimmerman

  1. He was found NOT guilty and I think organizations are trying to keep this issue alive rather than send it to bed because if they didn’t create turmoil then they (their organization) would cease to exist.

  2. Thaddeus Johnson

    I don’t think that they should because Zimmerman was found not guilty. It was determined that he acted in self defense and some of the procecuters evidence showed that he acted in self defense. I don’t think that it would be right if there were to file a civil law suit.

  3. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” I believe Martin Treyvon fundamental civil rights were violated: Pursuit of LIFE. Just because he was found “not guilty” in the state trial does not mean the federal government should not file a civil suit against him. Our civil rights are protected under federal law and the government should file a civil rights suit against anyone that violates these rights.

  4. yes I don’t t think Zimmerman had any business shooting that young man. Zimmerman did it on purpose and should pay the price it is not far that young man had lost his life to a no body neighborhood watch man

  5. I know of the trial and I have seen bits and pieces on TV, but I have not followed this trail enough to be able to make a yes or no comment. I did not hear all of the evidence in order to form my own opinion. Although, I think it’s a shame that our young society has come to the demise that we hear about on a daily basis. I hope for a better tomorrow.

  6. Zimmerman not guilty result sparked a ton of outrage in a ton of communities. Why file a civil suit? So the federal governments verdict against Zimmerman can be a loss too? I’m sure the people involved in this trial spent months getting all the evidence necessary for the case and they still found him not guilty. Leave it at that.

  7. He was justified in what he done by the ruling of the jury, so why should there be a civil lawsuit? Many are claiming he racially profiled Martin, but what the majority of the public believes is a racist, was just crafted by the media. This is what the conversation was: Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about. Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic? Zimmerman: He looks black.
    Zimmerman answered a question relating to the situation; in no way a racist comment. By this basis, there is no case.

  8. Kyle Lieberman

    I would be appalled if the Feds filed a case against Zimmerman because they have absolutely no merit for a case. They want to base their case off the fact they thought the murder was racially motivated, but it was clear to me that it wasn’t racially motivated at all. NBC helped skew the opinion of some people when they aired the edited version of the 911 call which made it out to seem like Zimmerman stated that their is “a guy who looks like he’s up to no good and he’s black”. They completely edited out the part where the dispatcher asked the specific question on their race. So overall, I think their is no way that they should file a case against Zimmerman, and even if they do they will lose the case because they have no grounds for one.

  9. Yousef Dahleh

    No, I do not believe the federal government should file a civil suit against George Zimmerman. A non-bias jury found Zimmerman to be justified in his actions and I trust their judgement. I do not believe Zimmerman’s actions were motivated by the race of Martin. I believe his actions were motivated by fear for his own well being. Therefore I do not believe Zimmerman deserves to have a civil suit filed against him.

  10. Martin Maggio

    Zimmerman was found not guilty and it should stay that way. He went before a jury of his peers, had a fair trial, and won. Its ridiculous that everything has to be blamed on race and that he won cause he killed an African american.

  11. April Medinger

    In my opinion the federal government should not file a lawsuit against George Zimmerman. The case was decided in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred, and the system is setup to have a fair and complete trial in that location. The simple fact that a sizable number of people in the country (who probably don’t have all the facts about the case, apart from what the biased media has told them) claim to be outraged by the verdict does not provide grounds for the federal government to become involved. Facts and the truth are critical in order for our justice system to function properly, but emotion and speculation appear to be what is causing this public outcry to file federal charges against Zimmerman. Therefore it seems wrong to me that a second trial would even be considered by the feds.

  12. Rob DiDomenico

    NO because the jury found him not guilty. The FBI did an investigation prior to trial and found there was no racial discrimination. Why doesn’t the government just end the case. Also, why doesn’t Zimmerman file a civil suit against Martins parents?

  13. I do not believe that the federal government should file civil charges against Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found not guilty as there was not enough evidence to find him guilty. There was surely reasonable doubt.

  14. I believe that the federal government should file a civil lawsuit against George Zimmerman. The testimony about his actions are suspect, with him being told to go home and stop following him by 911 operators. But he persisted because of some misguided notion of a threat from a single 17 year old boy. In the course of confronting this supposed threat to his neighborhood a gun was fired and a boy was killed. His actions in this situation were misguided and him being found not guilty leads me to believe a mistake was made in the way this case was handled and the media attention surrounding did it no favors.

  15. I believe the government should not file a suit against him because the trial has come to an end and there has already been a verdict. Had there been evidence of a mistrial then that would be a different story. But the case has been closed and people should stop talking about it.

  16. I do not think that the federal government should file a civil suit against Zimmerman. While Zimmerman’s case did seem to have some flaws, the justice department does not make their decision on what the public believes should be the verdict, but rather on the facts they are given during the trial. In the parts of the trial I did watch it seemed the prosecution (Martin) had not built a strong enough case to put Zimmerman behind bars. I will say that I think Zimmerman over stepped his boundaries in following Martin and eventually fatally shooting him, I believe the way the media spoke on this case greatly altered the public opinion to not what the actual facts were but to almost coming off as a hate crime. Look over the facts of this trial again before saying that Zimmerman should be tried in civil court.

  17. Absolutely not. Zimmerman was found not guilty due to physical evidence and that is the most trustworthy type of evidence there is. The media is portraying this way too heavily and making a national scandal. Sadly a life was taken, but the case shouldnt be taken that far.

  18. I don’t think the federal government should step in. Zimmerman was found not guilt. People that disagree with the trial outcome are the ones that are trying to keep this alive.

  19. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    Federal government should not file a civil suit against Zimmerman. He was found not guilty by the jury of his peers. Did anyone ask government to file a civil suite against O J Simpson?

  20. Zimmerman was found not guilty. He had a fair trial, and a jury of his peers found him not guilty. The prosecution had the burden of proof, and according to the jurors they did not prove his guilt. That was the verdict, and the federal government should leave it at that.

  21. The opportunity to find Zimmerman guilty has come and gone. One result would be more unrest between the supporters of either side of the case. Facts were presented, a verdict was made, and Zimmerman was found not guilty.

  22. Shannon Feeney

    He was found not guilty. Whether the American people agree with that or not, the court has spoken. Both sides did their best to prove their case. What more can be done. What’s done is done.

  23. George Zimmerman was found not guilty because he was an innocent man doing his job. This matter to me seems ridiculous, if you can trust the justice system to find a man guilty you can not want things to change because you have a different opinion on one case. The government set up the judicial system and should trust the results. People are murdered every day in my city but this case became blown out of hand simply because of race.

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