Methods of Voting Madness

Below is a video explaining how New Yorker voters use the mechanical lever voting machines on Election Day.  New York was the last state to use these machines.  The city of New York, however, is going back to the mechanical lever voting machine for their upcoming Mayoral elections.

Even though mechanical lever voting machines are no longer in use, you will see from this study, however, that not all state voting systems are the same.  Those systems include Electronic Voting Machines (DRE), hand-counted paper ballots, paper ballots with optical scan, and punch cards.

Do you believe that all states should have one method to follow?  Should the selection of voting method be made by the states or by the federal government?Which voting system do you prefer?

18 responses to “Methods of Voting Madness

  1. I think that all states should have the same voting method for the sake of consistency. If voting methods were consistent across states, I believe that this would make the process more efficient and possibly reduce the potential for error. To determine which system to use, the fairest way would be a vote among all of the states. I prefer Electronic Voting Machines as they are simpler and leave the least room for human error.

  2. Shannon Feeney

    I think that all states should have the same voting system. This allows consistency within the system and leave little room for error when collecting the results. I think by having an efficient system will even draw more voters out on voting day. I prefer the electronic voting machines.

  3. Zeferino Martinez

    I believe that the federal government should establish a law requiring all states to use the same voting method, because it would be consistent, which has been a problem in past elections. In addition, I think that the electronic voting machines would be the best voting method, because it allows more people to vote in a short amount of time. However, I believe the government has to crack down on any hacks or failures that accompany these machines, so voters can feel comfortable using them.

  4. I believe the selection of voting method should be made by each state. The states have a better idea of their constituent’s demographics. What may work well in New York may not work the same in Florida. No, I do not believe all states should have one method to follow. They should have at least two methods to give the people options, such as electronic ballots (to keep up with technology) and a punch out ballot (for those who are not comfortable with updated technology). I prefer the electronic ballot because I find it is a lot easier to follow along and quicker.

  5. I originally thought that the federal government should mandate a uniform system of voting, but I like Maria’s idea of having two ways to vote: electronic and paper. If someone is not able to use a computer-based system they still have the option to use the older paper-method. A receipt or some kind of document should also be given to the voter once their ballot is cast showing who they voted for. This would ensure that the correct individuals received the correct vote. I have never voted for any election before, but I would guess I’d prefer an electronic-based system.

  6. It would seem that if all the states had the same voting method, all votes would be tabulated under one rule and hopefully no errors in counting would occur. That being said, the government would have to select the voting method. However, I do like having the option to choose which method I would like to use, when voting I prefer the Paper Ballot with Optical Scan. I have also voted by way of the punch card but I have never used the mechanical lever machine. I found this study to be quite interesting.

  7. I think that the voting methods should be regulated by the states. The states have different elections than that of the others: the representatives, senators, governors, judges, etc. are all different, therefore, the state should have their own voting method. I do think that it should be the same statewide, but that would be difficult to implement as they offer the electronic and paper ballots where I vote. Growing up in the technology age, why would I choose paper, but others like my mother will never shy away from paper and my dad switched over because he is more technology savvy. It would just be hard to force everyone to vote the same way across the board.

  8. April Medinger

    I think that states should hold a vote for the people of their state to decide whatever method they want to use for casting votes. I do not think it is important for states to all use the same method of voting. What is important is that all states have a method that is easy, failsafe, and reliable for all to vote. I prefer using electronic (computer touch screen voting), as we are now in 2013 and all people should be educated enough to simply touch a screen to cast a vote. The archaic machines shown in the video are much more complicated than the touch screen electronic systems shown in the video.

  9. I think the federal government should implement a universal voting system. This should eliminate some of the human error that can occur. If every method is the same consistency will become will over take the current systems flaws.

  10. If I am correct isn’t it up to the State to choose the method of the election? Why would we want to give the Federal Government one more thing to control? I think some of the voting adjuncts are out dated and some are better than others, but maybe we can whittle it down to maybe three different type of voting instead of having all kinds out there. I like the paper ballot where you connect the lined to make an arrow for your candidate. It does make you be more attentive for the correct candidate because once you screw up I don’t think you can correct it, but all you really have to do is pay attention to what you are doing.

    I have to admit, I have never seen the lever system in action but I know its out dated and looks archaic. however, it appears to be more reliable in the counting of the candidates you choose; but what or can I vote more than once while you am standing in the booth is there any device that prevents someone from voting more than once?

  11. I do believe that all states should have the same voting method because if one person was to move from one state to another it would be more convenient because they would be familiar with the voting process. However I do believe that it is the state’s right to determine which voting method they would prefer to use. I personally prefer the electronic voting machine because there is less chance of a human error occurring than if people were to count the ballots by hand.

  12. All states need to have the same voting techniques. One way may count differently from state to state. This causes no error in counting votes during all elections. I believe that punchcards are the best way and that people that voted should get a receipt of their vote to keep.

  13. Rob DiDomenico

    I believe that all the states should have the same voting method. I prefer the the Electronic Voting Machines. Just because it would be a faster method to do, but also you can’t mess up doing it like counting it manually. If you counted it manually you could mess it up easily.

  14. I believe that all the states should have the same voting system because they should have the most up to date, efficient, and accurate voting system available. So in this case i believe the electronic voting machines is the best because it is fast easy and lacks human error.

  15. I am a registered voter (just registered this past year) and am yet to vote. I believe all states should have the same method of voting because it can limit fraud and miscounts on election day. It should be up to the federal government to find a sure-fire way to count ballots and a definitive fool-proof method of voting so that everyone is happy on election day.

  16. I think all states should have the same voting system. It would be highly beneficial to keep things universal. Currently, I think there are too many different ways to vote, which leads to having recount the ballets. Therefore, I think it is also important to keep up on technology, and to make sure that machines and equipment are up to date. With that being said, keeping the voting system the same would lead to less errors.

  17. I believe that every state should use the same type of voting method for elections. I believe that it should be up to the federal government to find an efficient and accurate voting method. If i had to chose I would say the electronic voting machine, since we are so consumed with technology in today’s fast-paced world. However, I find it hard to trust it completely, since their are hackers and other technical things that could go wrong that might compromise the vote count.

  18. The federal government should require every state to use the same system, regardless of which system it would be. I do not have a personal preference as I believe they can all be rigged easily. If i had to chose one though it would be hand counted paper ballots.

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