Did Somebody Say, “Party”?

A political party, loosely defined, is an organization that works to get candidates on a ballot with the hope of getting those candidates elected.  The end result for a political party is to transform its platform or agenda into public policy.  In the United States, we have a two-party system.  In a two-party system, the candidates from one of two political parties usually win in an election.  Those two parties are the Democrats and the Republicans.  Within each political party, party members represent a variety of ideologies, geographic regions, or interests.

Let’s assume for a moment, though, that a political party is like a party that is thrown at someone’s house.  You have been invited to one of the two political “parties”.  One house is a Democratic house.  The other is a Republican house.  Choose one of the two “house parties” and then explain what you might see at the party if you attended it.  For instance, if I attended a Democratic house party, then I might see a Union boss open the door for me.  At the party itself, the attendees might be more female than male or more minority than white.  I might I make this assumption because the Democratic Party gets its support from unions, women, and minorities.

This is a pretty exercise to do.  Think of the geographic areas or the ideologies that also might fall in line with the two parties.  For assistance on ideologies, you might want to search Politics Matters for posts that I have made about political ideologies in the United States.


6 responses to “Did Somebody Say, “Party”?

  1. Upon my arrival to cover this political party, I was greeted by an overly enthusiastic young man in a big yellow feathery costume. Big bird welcomed me inside while holding up a sign that read “Please help save my home PBS”! Once inside, I saw many who’s who of the celebrity, corporate and sports world. Among the celebrities and athletes were George Clooney, will.i.am, Eva Longoria, Cynthia Nixon, Neil Patrick Harris,George Takei , Jason Collins, Gary Marshall, Tyler Perry, Ron Howard, Suze Orman, and Ellen DeGeneres. The party was kept alive with the live performance of Melissa Etheridge. In the corporate & political world well known faces included Jeffrey Brotman and James Sinegal Founders of Costco, Colin Powell, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Berry Gordi of Motown, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (before his mental breakdown) Rep. Danny Davis of IL , Pat Quinn, and Dick Durbin. Young University of Chicago students as well as community college students also attended. Several community organizations with minority members were also present. A major representation in the Native American, Jewish, Arab and Muslin, Asian Americans, and Latinos was also present. The presence of the Democratic Party supporters were all found at this political fundraiser for President Obama.

  2. Judging on my future plans and what I’d like to accomplish, I would choose the Republican Party house. I want to get into the corporate world and rise up, potentially open up a business or firm, and who better to get advice from than the people that know how to make money, run business, and know the private and public companies than the Republican Party. Not saying that Democrats aren’t business savvy or rich, but they are built on the hard working, blue-collar people, and that is not me. My present education has tooled me into a white collar worker, and that is who I’d like to gain advice from.

  3. If I were to walk into a “house party” to cover something I would walk into a house that reflects that of corporate wealthy business men and some women. There would be more or less those people that are pro life, conservative, smaller government liking and more or less a little on the older side. There would be predominately white people of religious background. I’m sure I would see a few members of the NRA greeting me as I walk around. I would see people like Marco Rubio, George Bush, Mark Kirk and other conservatives.

  4. I am walking into a Republican Party in Utah. The majority of people are white and many are dressed in business attire and are known business owners with many women hung to their sides.There are guns hanging on the wall for decoration. I had general conversations about pro life, the bad effects of marijuana, and the protection and keeping up with our military and protecting our nation.

  5. If I were to join a house party most likely it would be the republican house party. I would be walking into a room mainly dominated by white males who support a smaller government. I would also be greeted by many great presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and many successful corporate business men.

  6. Rob DiDomenico

    The republican would have the conservative people that are business owners, bankers, and white collar workers. The party would have the conservatives and libertarians. The republicans are more conservative , not looking for everything for free from the government. They are willing to work for a living and they don’t expect everything to be handed to them or bailed out when in financial trouble.

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