Negativity in Elections

Do any negative ads stand out from previous elections in your mind?  You can also visit The Living Room Candidate for some historical ads from past Presidential campaigns.

21 responses to “Negativity in Elections

  1. yes negativity plays a huge role that’s what the runners use against each other and if it is serious you will lose many votes due to this it gives people one less reason to like and trust you.

  2. I don’t think that negative political ads will make somebody change their vote. If you like the ad, you were probably going to vote for the other candidate already. I can’t think of any negative ads in the past. I usually tune them out immediately. I also can’t think of any negative ads that turned out to be true.

  3. Zeferino Martinez

    I think the negative ads barely effect my choice when it comes to election day. To clarify, when I see a negative ad during the election season, I tend not to look twice at them, because those ads tend to be mostly exaggerated. However, sometimes I may go on the internet to determine the validity of certain negative ads, because I believe that these ads might have some small truth to them. Overall, I think these ads are meant for undecided or independent voters to pick a party.

  4. Kyle Lieberman

    For me personally, negativity in ads doesn’t have much of an effect when it comes to voting because I understand the game and how it’s played. I believe most people do take into consideration the negativity in ads when it comes to voting day, but every campaign does the same thing, to lower the credibility of the other candidate to increase the chance that they will be elected. Overall, while negativity in ads doesn’t effect my decision on voting day that much, I think in general most people are swayed slightly by the negativity in ads.

  5. Rob DiDomenico

    In my personal opinion I do not pay attention to negative ads. I like to make my own choices about who to vote for and not pay attention on what the candidates have to say bad about each other. Usually, when the candidates are talking bad about one another they aren’t telling the truth most of the time.

  6. Personally negative ads have very little impact on my voting during elections. I usually tend to dismiss them. A couple of negative ads stand out during the 2008 & 2012 presidential campaign. The 1st ad was from McCain and it portrayed Obama as a “Big Celebrity”. The ad paraded Brittany Spears & Paris Hilton. Was it a coincidence they are both blonde? Were these celebrities purposely chosen? They are known for their partying ways. The ad was questioning Obama’s ability to lead. The 2nd ad was from President Obama. Joe Soptic talks about the consequences of Mitt Romney & Bain Capitol closing down his plant. After losing his job & health insurance, his wife died after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Indirectly or some may say he directly blames Mitt Romney for the death of his wife.

  7. Negative ads do have an impact on my voting. I pay attention to them and I take mental and written notes and then I do my research. Some ads have enlightened me to facts about a candidate that I wasn’t aware of I know not everything you hear and read are true, but I try to gain knowledge from reliable sources and then I analyze the information and compare them to my my own beliefs to make my voting decisions. Unfortunately, I cannot recall an ad that stands out in my mind and “The Living Room Candidate” page was unavailable when I tried to view it.

  8. Being an accounting major, I understand some of the relative matters of business, and when Obama’s camp ran an ad against Mitt Romney saying that he fired all these people and enjoyed it also, cost these people their livelihood and put their lives at risk. From a business standpoint, he was hired to bring the company back to efficiency. I believe the phrase goes, “If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.” This is what he was hired to do, and some of the companies came back, others didn’t, but to portray him as a villain is cruel and ruined these peoples’ lives is very incorrect. And Mitt Romney has run some negatives ads against Obama also; birth certificate, no track record; so it is not just one-sided, but I don’t think these ads affect me as much as they humor me with their delivery and message.

  9. I do believe that negativity ads have an impact on me, but not in the way they are trying to. When i see a negative ad about a candidate that i may potentially vote for, I’ll look into what the ad said. The ads are based of some truth but after the over exaggerating and twisting of the facts I find that the ad is pretty ridiculous and learn the truth making me more liekly to vote for the candidate.

  10. April Medinger

    No negative ads in particular stand out from past elections, probably because I tend to immediately block them out when they come on. I do not endorse negativity as a method for candidates to try and persuade people to vote for them. I feel like it degrades the entire political process, and there is no place for it in politics.

  11. I do not feel that negative adds play a role in changing peoples minds about who they vote for. When Obama was running against Romney there was all the talk about how he had millions in offshore bank accounts. That didn’t stop me from voting for him let alone all the talk about he was a supposed womanizer.

  12. I understand that negative ads have there place in every campaign, but as a voter I like to think that I am not swayed by these ads. When the opponent is relentless in his attacks this is when I don’t like it. I want to hear what the person can do rather than what their opponent cannot do.

  13. pawel mikolajczyk

    Negative ads play an important part in elections. They let people learn about the candidates bad side but one can not go overboard with negative ads and one has to make sure the information in them are true. Negative ad’s with incorrect information will sway me away from the candidate which released the ad.

  14. I think negative ads played a major role when I think about voting. I would pay way more attention to the ads when they had interesting information that was negative. Then I would think about this information and second guess if I really want to vote for somebody that may be corrupt. An example would be if I saw an ad on how a certain candidate took tax payers money for their own benefit.

  15. I don’t believe negative ads have much of an effect. Most people already know who they are going to vote for well in advance, and usually vote for the same party in every election. I can’t really think of any negative ads that stood out to me, further proving their ineffectiveness.

  16. Negativity has a huge impact on my votes. If I am already leaning against an opponent and hear or read something bad about them, it will make me completely lose my interest for their vote. Sadly but true, our society thrives on gossip and negative aspects on a person when it comes to things such as politics.

  17. Matt O'Connor

    I feel that negative ads can play a major role in changing ones mind, and i absolutely despise it. I want an ad that convinces me who to vote for based on their values and morals, not based on the lesser of the two evils. And once a person hears about something about a candidate they cant hear what they may or may not have done in the past. Even if the dirty ad is exaggerated, there is always some sort of truth to it.

  18. Negative ads will have a significant impact on how I will vote. Although negative ads are usually lies, they usually have a hint of truth. Negative ads will only have an impact on my voting process because they will cause me to be more cautious and personally look into the candidates history before considering to vote for that candidate.

  19. Negativity is a root of all evil in the world of politics, well the world rather. Its safe to say we look to find the bad things about something that seems to be going good. Politics is one thing and we all try to find that ONE thing that can shove a possible candidates dreams out of the door.

  20. Negative political ads are critical for every party running for election. They have the power to persuade voters to change their minds. I personally find negative ads for the most part amusing. They have never deterred me from voting for the candidate of my choice. I prefer to do my own research. A negative ad from the Obama campaign in the 2012 election that i found interesting was the 47% commercial with Mitt Romney holding a meeting with his campaign donors and the comments that he made about 47% of Americans will most likely vote for Obama no matter what, because those people feel they are victims and they expect handouts and want the government to take care of them. He then says that its not his job to worry about those people, he will never convince them.

  21. It all depends on who is watching the ad. Individuals who study and understand politics, whether federal, state, or local, are capable of seeing right through such ads. Uneducated individuals on the other hand may be swayed very easily as a result of a negative ad.

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