The Call for a Constitutional Convention

State Constitutional Conventions do not happen too often.  When they do, changes in a variety of sorts can be made to alter the Constitution.  What do you believe to be an upside or downside to a Constitutional Convention?


8 responses to “The Call for a Constitutional Convention

  1. Paul Nakielny

    In the case of the state of Illinois, the last constitutional convention was in 1970. Many things have changed since then. I think the state constitution should be looked at every 10 years just like congressional districts are looked at with the census. I actually think the provision in the Illinois constitution that guarantees that state pensions cannot be reduced is unconstitutional. I think it extends rights and privileges to a select group of people that it does not extend to the general public. I think it was politically motivated when it was included in the Illinois constitution.

  2. Shannon Feeney

    I think if a state called for a Constitutional convention, this action would be widely supported. Recently, controversy over the United States Constitution being out-dated has been argued. This is a fundamental document in the United States creation, but the way in which it was written, back in 1787, has raised many concerns. There is no doubt that the world is changing every day. Documents, including state constitutions, should have the ability to evolve as the world is continuing to change. For example some concerns 226 years ago may not still be problems today. States constitutions should be looked at annually and altered accordingly.

  3. Theresa Gergits

    If we completely changed our state or nation’s Constitution, I feel that there could be more problems than what we face today. Yes, the world is changing and we has a nation have changed and evolved over many decades and centuries, but we have still followed the same Constitution and have been able to make great strides in many ways such as, equality for women and minorities, and gay rights. If there were many changes made, I worry that life could become more complicated, I look back on my childhood and young adulthood and it was so simple then. I think little steps are fine, but I don’t feel I could vote for a total reconstruction.

  4. The last few political years have had quite an air for change and a Constitutional Convention would be a great way for people of Illinois to get the change they are looking for. Far too many legislators in Springfield have made it their profession to remain downstate and have lost the connection they originally had with the people they represent. An Illinois Constitutional Convention would put into effect or eliminate the discussion on abortion, pensions, gun control and gay marriage a lot quicker than a year-long debate followed by a failure to vote on the subjects like we had this session. It would also allow for the thoughts/beliefs of the citizens of Illinois to be heard on the subject as opposed to the thoughts/beliefs of the representatives of the citizens of Illinois. The representative who also happens to be influenced by lobbyists.

  5. Zeferino Martinez

    I think that if state constitutional conventions were to occur more often this would bring positive changes to Illinois’ politics. First off, these conventions would illustrate that citizens do care if their voices are being heard and want to see these changes occur. Moreover, the conventions would be a good way to update any outdated or remove bad amendments from a state’s constitution. However, one downside would be extremist groups using these conventions to pass harmful legislation that would otherwise fail through the traditional method.

  6. I believe that if a constitutional convention occurred it would only have upside. Some could argue that it would change the way our national fathers wanted to be run. But due to the changes in our country some laws may be outdated and need change. the convention could make major changes on large political issues like immigration and abortion. Even though a convention could be used by some in the wrong way it could greatly benefit pour country.

  7. Matt O'Connor

    I believe a constitutional convention has the potential to do great things for our country, but it also worries me that when it does happen, the constitution might change so much that we lose our beliefs and laws that our founding fathers structured the government with. Just like technology, the constitution must keep up with the times as we deal with new problems and situations. To survive in this world we must be willing to adapt and to adapt we need to be able to have the ability to change the constitution if necessary, so long as we have the same goals as our founding fathers had.

  8. I believe holding constitutional conventions could be a very beneficial thing for states. It allows us to keep our constitution up to date with a constantly growing economy, changing nation, and technological advances. Something written in the early 1900’s may have been an important piece of legislation for that time, but may be more hazardous in 2013. It is important for us to continue growing and adapting to change.

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