Do Political Parties Matter At The Local Level?

Please explain your answer.  Do political parties have a purpose at the local level?


12 responses to “Do Political Parties Matter At The Local Level?

  1. Paul Nakielny

    Taking the label of a national party is a form of identification for the candidate even at the local level. You have an idea on how that candidate will handle issues as they occur. In some local elections, such as Chicago, the label is very important. In most suburbs it might not be that important, in rural areas probably important. If you have support from a local party I think you better use it.

  2. Zeferino Martinez

    I think that political parties are important at the local level, because it helps a candidate gain support from a group of people in the area right away. Identifying with a party gives potential supporters an initial idea of what this candidate supports. However, I believe that candidates at the local level will be willing to stray away from their national party’s platform to fit the ideology of their local supporters and not worry about the repercussions that would occur if done at the national level.

  3. Shannon Feeney

    I think politics at the local level are said to be non-partisan and may seem that way, but really they aren’t. Party affiliation should be irrelevant at the local level. Instead the focus should be on community issues and voters should vote for candidates that have similar concerns. Whether or not that particular candidate is affiliated with the same party as a voter is irrelevant. I think the issues raised by local officials should identify them.

  4. April Medinger

    While the names of the party really don’t matter at the local level, the local politicians values and ideologies do matter. Obviously, decisions made in our village/city have a big impact on rules that will affect my daily life. This means that I want to support a candidate that has the same beliefs as I do. For example, if the politician believes in running a ‘lean’ government budget, that may have some impact on the services we receive in our town. This is obviously something that needs consideration when I am voting for officials such as my mayor, town trustees, etc. I believe that the only purpose parties really serve on the local level would be to allow for candidates to group like minded individuals together. Other than that, parties really don’t serve much use for me locally.

  5. Kyle Lieberman

    Political parties do matter at the local level, but not in the way that they should. I feel like more people at the local level aren’t as aware of what’s going on in local politics so if they do go to vote they just vote strictly based on their political affiliation. So if you’re a die hard Republican and you see all these local political offices being voted on you will most likely just vote Republican even though you may not have heard anything from either candidate. But they also matter at the local level because if its say for the town, or county that you live in you are going to be more adamant at putting in a good person in office that shares your beliefs since you live there you will be mostly affected.

  6. Martin Maggio

    I don’t believe political party names hold any ground anymore on a state level. Pretty much if a state is doing something they deem wrong or not right they find a way to change it back. Also, when one state does something out of the norm and the other states like the idea they all fall into place one way or another.

  7. Whether it be a Democrat or Republican, at the local level, it does have a meaning at the state and local levels of government. Beliefs run rampant whether it be locally elected officials running for office and even state level officials such as Senators. It’s surprisingly seems to be becoming a less crucial factor but to me, it still matters.

  8. I believe that political parties matter in the local level. But they only matter in regards to voting and people who vote along party lines. Most candidates at the local level need to pick a party as to have some brand, or to tell people where they stand on the issues according to party affiliation. Some candidates at the local level have created their own political parties and have gotten elected based on their name, but that is very few in number. The impact political parties have on the local level is a small one with some candidates political ideals totally different from the party they represent. So what I believe the purpose of political parties at the local level is name recognition.

  9. Matt O'Connor

    I believe having a political party at a local level is important because it gives the voters a better idea of who the candidate is and what he stands for. Now all the stances of said party may not be completely relevant at a local level, but there are some beliefs that apply everywhere. As a voter, i would feel more comfortable knowing which candidate belonged to which party, because then i have sort of an idea of what he/she wants to do and is less of a wild card where their stances could be sporadic.

  10. I believe that political parties are a benefit and a disadvantage at the local level. One important reason is that political parties help uninformed voters choose a candidate because the party affiliation gives voters some idea of a candidate’s beliefs. However, this is also a negative because it leads to voters (like myself) not properly researching the candidates that they are voting for.

  11. I believe that political parties do matter at the local level. Certain political groups have different view points on issues and depending on which party is in office you can generally assume what they are going to do on certain local issues. The issues might not be as large and have as significant of an impact as the national stage, but still depending on the party they may be swayed to a certain decision.

  12. Mary Hastings

    Political parties definitely have a major impact at the local level. The local level is the foundation for politics. In my opinion, I think political parties guide voters into specific direction. Even though, political parties are used as more as a “guide”, I think it’s the voters responsibility to be informed on candidates stance.

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