Can You Have It Both Ways?

Let’s try to make sense of this statement from David Magleby:

“People want more services but at the same time would like to see their taxes cut.”  Can you have it both ways?  What potential benefits or problem could occur if you have more services without paying as much for them as you already have?


16 responses to “Can You Have It Both Ways?

  1. Paul Nakielny

    People want more services that they can personally use and benefit from. They are already paying taxes so they don’t want to pay more. The difference will be made up by reducing programs that already exist where the people that benefit from them are not as strong a voting block. In some cases maybe a use tax would be fair, rather than general tax increases or cuts in other services to balance the budget.

  2. User fees do make sense. Pay if you use.

  3. A use tax would be the most reasonable idea, tollways as a prime example, but a use tax wouldn’t be able to pay for the construction of the product. The initial loans or grants needed to build a public product could put the government in the same deficit situation we have today. A Kickstarter-type government project would be an efficient way to collect the funds from the people who are expected to use the product the most.

  4. You can have more services and cut taxes, but it wouldn’t be a smart idea. If taxes were cut our government would loss funding, the problem is after the funding is lost they will continue to spend and in the end someone is going to need to pay off the deficit. Cutting taxes and having more services provided is possible but would not be in our best interest. Realistically some programs would need to be cut in order for taxes to be cut.

  5. Cheaper is not always better. The saying ‘what you pay is what you get’ has a lot of meaning when it comes to important things in life. Like roads and highways for example, without those, we would be stuck where we are now with little to no traveling at all. There would be less tax dollars to fund repairs and expansions in our vast highway systems, even though its like that right now. One cannot have it both ways that is for sure.

  6. I do not believe it is possible to get more services without raising taxes. You can’t expect the government to give you more and more for nothing. This would cause us even more inflation the more assistance we receive and it seems very illogical to assume we can get something for nothing. Especially with our state being in as much debt as it is, as well as the country.

  7. The American society has a critical flaw of always wanting more but not wanting to pay more for what they want. While it is possible to have more services without raising taxes, I do not believe this would be beneficial to society. Americans need to understand the severity of the current deficit and cannot expect the government to continue to provide more services without raising taxes.

  8. corruption will occur and paycuts will happen yes i understand people want their taxes but the goverment needs some of that money to provide for our public needs. the more taxes cut the more services they do for us will be cut.

  9. Matt O'Connor

    I believe it is possible to increase services while lowering taxes, but in doing that it would bring more harm than good. With more services being made, the already underfunded programs that we have would take an even bigger budget cut and would be so deprived of money that the it would be more of a joke than a service. I think instead of trying to do all these things that Americans want at once, we perfect, or at the least improve, these programs so that they can create a more positive and noticeable impact.

  10. April Medinger

    In my opinion it is impossible to have it both ways. More services equals more tax money to pay for the services. Ideally, if we could make government more efficient, it might be a possibility (to have more services for equal amount of taxes.) But there is an inherent nature of government to continue with sub-par services in order to keep those in need coming back for more. This means votes continue for the party that promises/delivers the most ‘free’ (in the recipients mind) services. If we have more services without paying as much, we end up in the problem we have now with an incredible debt that is owed (to ourselves in the national debt.)

  11. I don’t believe you can have it both ways. Some potential problems that could occur from this is not having enough money to go around to pay for all the new services offered. You have a deficit and can’t afford old programs so you start making cuts to pay for new programs and the cycle repeats worsening every service and program you want to provide. People become blinded by new services and politicians can say they did something when asked, just adding new services and programs without having any money to back it up just leads to failure.

  12. Kyle Lieberman

    Obviously most people would love to see their taxes stay the same or go lower and have more services provided but it’s not a smart decision. If start getting more services but don’t raise taxes then you are going to have to address budget issues in certain places but before any of that happens I think the biggest thing that needs to be addressed before dealing with whether or not to raise or lower taxes is stopping, or at least lowering the abuse on certain things like social security fraud and medicare fraud and other issues need to be addressed first. If the fraud problem was fixed and less people were taking advantage of the system then we would be able to offer more services to people without raising taxes.

  13. I think it is impossible for the people to have it both ways. Basically everything provided to us including streets and police are funded through the government by tax payer money. If the government were to lower the tax rates that would mean that they would have less money to run basic operations. I think it would be better if things like the lottery, alcohol and cigarettes were taxed even higher than they already are because they are not necessities but are enormous money grabs.

  14. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    It is impossible to have the best of two worlds: more services while paying less taxes. One is connected to the other. The potential hazard of getting more services without raising taxes is the quality of the service. Imagine cutting down on a water quality control. I believe that the biggest issue for people paying taxes is that the money is being misused, which happens more than we would like it to, but majority of the time tax money is used to keep the society running.

  15. The obvious result of cutting taxes on an existing service without decreasing the service itself is it will be less effective. People will be unhappy regardless of either situation.

  16. High tax rates are economically devastating unless spending was drastically reduced.

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