Local News and You


17 responses to “Local News and You

  1. Paul Nakielny

    I use the internet for news because the news is current. If something happens it’s on the internet right away. News that has already happened is updated as more information is available. I grew up with the internet so it is most convenient for me. I only use the newspaper for sports news.

  2. Kyle Lieberman

    Primarily I use the Internet to get most of my local news because it is often updated immediately and is the most current. But besides Internet I use a combination of TV and Newspapers to get my local news, because I enjoy watching TV and reading the Newspaper because they are often more accurate when it comes to local news than random online articles whose sources might not be credible. While the newspaper may be the slowest it does have extremely credible (although sometimes biased) sources to give you accurate local news,

  3. The internet is my first source for all news, whether local, national, or global. While I prefer to use sites such as yahoo and cnn as my go-to’s for news, if I want to read local news specifically I will use the Chicago Tribune’s website. I do not read the actual paper copy of the Trib as it is not as practical or quick as being able to search online. Using the Trib’s website is also more effective than watching the local news on TV as it allows me to skim headlines and read more about stories that interest me, as opposed to watching all of the local news program just to hear more about the stories that matter.

  4. When it comes to news, I read the Southtown Star and on the go it’s Google Currents. It’s safe to say the Star is the most interesting and up to date local news I can read online daily or get in the mail weekly. But when I am on the go, I have app on my phone called Google Currents which has 5 different news sites (The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, ABC News, IBNLive, and NDTV) covering global and domestic news along with a ‘breaking stories’ section for the more interesting and in depth stories which I find to be the best way to get the news other than the Southtown. It is safe to say I like to keep up with the recent stories around the world and in my own backyard.

  5. Zeferino Martinez

    When I want to learn about the local news, I for the most part go to the local news channels, such as FOX 32, NBC 5, or CLTV. I believe the local news is a good source for learning about what is going on in the state or the area you live in, but it also informs its viewers of national headlines as well. In addition, I use the previously mentioned news channels websites as well, which provides up to date news when the news program is not on.

  6. I am more of a television guy, I don’t watch a lot of it but when I do Im usually watching political talk channels. In my car I uausally listen to talk radio. I have been interested in politics for some time, and I have ran for political office just as recently as this past April.

    I think the average person doesn’t know enough about politics or follows it enough to be informed. There are always changing agendas for both sides and unless you follow whats going on you don’t get a feel for the hisotry of whats going on. Example: When side “A” proposes a bill and side “B” opposes it, side “A” usually says the other party is voting it down for personal reasons, like racism or whatever, however, side “B” may have voted a proposed bill down because there are earmarks injected into a bill and it may consittute wasteful spending in the millions.

  7. Theresa Gergits

    I receive email alerts to a local news website to gain information about the area I live in, it’s a good source for community happenings. I also receive information from my friends on Facebook. Other then the internet I watch ABC news in the morning and NBC at night.

  8. My local news is almost entirely from watching the news after game shows on TV. My current job requires me to have a TV so after “The Price is Right”, “Jeopardy”, or “Wheel of Fortune”, I am able to stay on the channel for a bit of insight into the local happenings. I, honestly, have no interest in politics and do not follow the debating that happens in Washington, but I am curious about how a local suburb is dealing with rising unemployment or a major flood catastrophe. Those stories have a much more personal feel to them than anything that comes out of national politics.

  9. Shannon Feeney

    I primarily use the internet to keep up to date with the news. I’m always on my computer for school anyways, so it just is the easiest way to stay informed. For major news stories I will also watch the story develop on tv. For example, when 9-11 occurred I just remember sitting in front of the tv watching the news. Sometimes I just enjoy hearing about what is going on rather then reading about it.When the President gave his state of the union speech I streamed it online while working on school work. So for me, which ever way is the most accessible to get news is usually what I do.

  10. I would say I get the majority of my news from the internet. I use yahoo as my home page and will normally scroll through the top stories on a day by day basis. Also as strange as it might sound I find stories out from facebook as well. I’ll have a friend post something that’ll interest me and then i’ll look into it. I do get some of my news from the tv too though.

  11. i get my news from the internet really mostly right when i click on the internet my home page is yahoo. so i find out what is going on from there and sometimes i talk about it with family. sometimes i also get it from tv but mostly internet

  12. April Medinger

    My primary source for news these days is typically the internet, but mainly social feeds from friends/family/organizations on sites like Facebook and Twitter. I have become increasingly agitated by the need for the mainstream news (local) channels who put profit before facts, and tell supposed ‘news stories’ about things like celebrities and sensational tales to garner ratings. This is why I have turned to real-time reporting from people that matter most to me on my social feeds to get their opinions that I trust.

  13. Pawel Mikolajczyk

    My primary source for news is internet and radio. I can get on internet with my phone where I can get live news updates at any time of the day. I also listen to the news on the radio during my daily commute to and from work.

  14. I always use the internet as my first source. If I hear something happened, I can go on my phone and find it pretty quickly. But if I want to see something more in depth Ill catch it on the local news that day. The internet is so convenient and quick to use. No matter where I am, I can always catch up on what is going on in the news.

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