States’ Rights Today

The Anti-Federalists of the pre-Civil War era staked their claim to the idea of “states’ rights“.  This means that the powers expressly reserved to the states are for the states and the states alone.  Anti-Federalists or decentralists base their arguments around the 10th Amendment.  Some have referred to this amendment as the “States’ Rights Amendment”.  The decentralist belief is that the state and local governments are closer to the people.

Name an issue that you see being handled by the federal government.  Then explain why you believe that issue would be served by state and local government.  (You can also look at from this point of view:  name an issue being handled by the federal government, but you believe it would not be handled very well by the states or local governments.)


4 responses to “States’ Rights Today

  1. One issue I believe would be better suited to be handled by the states and local government is the healthcare system and its reform. One issue dealing with the 10th amendment that the government controls instead of our states is our healthcare reform in progress by Obama. Take Texas for example, it would cost the state a total of $21 billion over the next 10 years, a better solution to healthcare challenges should be to allow states greater flexibility to address their own unique needs, and should focus on delivering care as cost-effectively as possible. A free market approach that promotes more competition and innovation will help bring about improvements to access and quality.

  2. I think an issue that the Federal government is handling but it wouldn’t be suited as being handled by the States very well is immigration. The only reason I say this is because there would be too many laws on this issue because each State would in a sense create their own laws pertaining to this and it would be a night-mare to control. On a more broader span of the Federal side I think they would create a more uniform law pertaining to this issue. Arizona is creating or has attempted to create their own laws because they feel the Federal government fails at it (and as we all know it was overturned). I think boarder states (more so) should be apart of a committee to help create laws pertaining to this issue, not that all States shouldn’t be involved, but the boarder States and a bigger impact. They should receive more funding because they are more directly impacted by this.

  3. The federal government is trying to handle our immigration problems and could help fix the problem; however, I think that the states would be better suited at handling their own immigration policies. It is hard for the federal government to handle largely disputed immigration affairs in Texas while keeping in mind Minnesota, a state with less immigration affairs. Allowing the states to have more control over their own immigration system would allow them to develop a system that fits them the best. However, I do believe that the federal government should have some say and boundaries in place that the states must follow when developing their own immigration system. At the same time these boundaries shouldn’t be too specific and should allow the states with enough freedom to develop an immigration system best suited to their individual situation.

  4. There is currently national debate on whether marijuana or not it should be allowed for medicinal or recreational use at the national level. I feel that individual states should be able to let their legislators either draft laws that outline regulations for medicinal use, or allow the citizens of the individual states vote on a referendum or proposition to allow for recreational use.

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