Debate Inclusions

Let’s use a hypothetical situation for this post.

There are four candidates running for Congress in 2014.  One candidate is a Democrat.  One is a Republican.  A third is a member of the Libertarian Party.  A fourth candidate represents the Green Party.  All four candidates have petitioned to be candidates and have received the required number of signatures needed to be candidates on a ballot.
The United States, politically, is considered to be a two-party country where one of two parties usually wins an election.  Those two who usually win are the Democratic and Republican parties.  During the fictional campaign, both the Democrat and Republican campaigns ask that they debate each other without the other two candidates.  Media organizations and other political groups oblige and only invite the Democratic and Republican candidates to their sponsored debates.  Some groups even go as far to say that the other two candidates, the Libertarian and Green, have no shot at winning, and since they little chance of being elected, they won’t be invited.
My question:  Should all candidates who are ballot qualified be invited to debates regardless of their chances of winning an election?

2 responses to “Debate Inclusions

  1. Yes, absolutely. I believe that everyone should be heard when they are running for election. We have had political parties go under in the beginning only to be superseded by another political party. Remember what happened to the Whigs? They were a majority in the very beginning but we don’t have them now. I understand that some parties have no chance but aren’t we an country of equality and opportunity?

  2. Paul Nakielny

    I believe that every party that received the required number of signatures should be invited to debate. I think that a private institution runs a debate they can invite or exclude whoever they want. The restriction to include all the candidates is in force if the debate is televised, then everyone has to have equal time.

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