Using Images In A Political Campaign

Political imagery is important in a campaign. Whether it is overt or subtle, candidates and their advisors understand that campaigns are emotional ventures and that voters respond to images even more so than the substance of a campaign. Messages are created to capture a voter’s attention. What images do you see consistently in political campaigns?  What do you believe is the purpose of using those images that you have seen?

8 responses to “Using Images In A Political Campaign

  1. The main image that I believe all candidates use is change. They show the people that if they are elected than the country will move forward and change for the better. This image is used to get the people to believe that the candidate will help people and they will benefit from what they have to offer. Also, the change they bring is what the country needs.

  2. Laura Pasciak

    Thinking about this very literally, pictures I see used in political ads for campaigns I always see the candidate with members of society. I think popularity with the people and good communication is a key concept people look for before voting. Therefore I believe candidates try to show themselves as much as possible out with the public to show that they care about the people and will serve for the people. Now this very well may be a show just for campaigning, nevertheless, people go for it every time.

  3. They use the image to show a good side and a bad of every candidate. They also show good outcomes and bad outcomes of choosing a certain candidate. The images can be up-lifters or destroyers depending on how they are used. These images have the power to bring people to your side or your opponent’s side. They attract viewers or make them stay away which gives candidates an edge in elections.

  4. Peter Wisniewski

    Political imagery for ads endorsing a candidate, shows them smiling, (or at least respectable) appearing to be friendly or knowing what’s good for people. This is to give them a friendly appearance, and the impression that if they are elected they will help the their area or the country. When political imagery is used against a candidate, it tires to discredit them by making them appear incompetent, either through a picture of them, or events which are being linked to them.

  5. I have seen a lot of images for campaigns that involve things like soldiers or sick, dying kids. They use these things to pull on our heartstrings and make us remeber all the bad things in society today. They want to show you all the problems today and make you believe that they are going to fix them.

  6. Daniel Gutierrez

    There are alot of campaign ads that try to portray the candidate as a hardworking, family man. The candidate is often smiling and having a good time with their family to try to show that he/she comes from a good background. There are also ads that show the candidate with both the elderly and the young children. They show that he/she likes to take the time to visit people and pass the time by with them. All in all, the ads try to show the candidate as a person who cares about others.

  7. Maria Vilarete

    There is a number of strategies that come with making a political campaign look good. The candidate is always smiling, wearing an american flag pin on his/her suit, and is always surrounded by people. The purpose is simple, get more people to like you so that they vote for you.

  8. I have not seen many campaign ads. However, the ads that I have seen in the past usually show the candidate very happy and helping others out. These images reflect how the candidate will act towards their people if they get elected.

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