Predicting the 2014 US Senate

8 responses to “Predicting the 2014 US Senate

  1. I think that even though the Democrats have the majority of the seats right now, the number of seats that separates them from the Republicans is not a lot. It can go either way I think, or it can be split down the middle depending on how people feel about certain issues at this point of time. People may vote the same people in because that is a familiar name, but I think it is too close to say it what way it will go.

  2. Laura Pasciak

    I think the party that would hold the majority of the Senate would be the Democrats. I would say Democrats because we’ve learned that the main goal of members in Congress is to get re-elected. If this is the case then the majority of the members will seek re-election and will most likely win due to the fact that people in their states already know their names and records.

  3. It could go either way. It depends on who gets how many votes, seats, and a lot of other factors. Either the Democrats get enough votes or the Republicans do.

  4. Peter Wisniewski

    I think the Republican Party will win the majority of the Senate seats. The reason why is because there is a trend that during the middle of the President’s term, the opposite party (Democrat if Republican president and vice-versa) tends to win. While this election may be different, I think the trend will continue.

  5. Daniel Gutierrez

    i think that it would have to depend on the current issues. People will vote for a certain party depending on their stances on some issues. Or they would vote for someone because they have heard of their names and not heard of the other candidates

  6. I think it depends on how each party is siding with poeple on current problems. People usually vote for like-minded people who feel the same way on current issues as them. They would feel like that party or person would do the most like what they would want to do on that issue.

  7. Maria Vilarete

    Considering that 6 Democratic senators and only 2 Republican senators are retiring that leaves more seats for the Republicans to fill. If the Republican party does fill those 6 seats then Republicans will be the majority. There is a good chance of that happening but it will come down to the states where those 6 retiring senators are from.

  8. I believe that the Democrats would have majority of control. For the Democrats, it is of great importance to them to be re-elected. I also believe they would win this election because people already know about them.

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