Predicting the 2014 House Elections

8 responses to “Predicting the 2014 House Elections

  1. I think that the Republican Party will win the election, because they control the majority of the house today. I doesn’t seem that if one party has a majority that it over turns in one election. I don’t think the seats in the house will change in favor of the Democrats.

  2. Laura Pasciak

    I believe that the Republican party will have control of the House because they have the majority now. Like I said with the Senate poll, the members are always seeking re-election and so if that continues they will continue to have the majority. The reason these members continue to win their seats is because people in their districts are familiar with the are their work.

  3. My response to this would be the same one I gave when it was asking about the US Senate. “It could go either way. It depends on who gets how many votes, seats, and a lot of other factors. Either the Democrats get enough votes or the Republicans do.”

  4. Peter Wisniewski

    I think the Democrats will win because the Republicans currently control it. This is because many Americans like to switch things up, and not have one party in control of an institution for too long. So since I said the Senate will be Republican, the opposite would be Democrat for the House.

  5. I think this is the same as with the US Senate. People will probably vote for the people who feel the same way about issues as they do. They want someone who agrees with them on issues.

  6. Daniel Gutierrez

    The Republicans control the House now so I think that they would win the election. The Republicans would all vote in their favor so they can continue to control the House.The members are always seeking to get re elected so that is why they would try to continue to control the House

  7. Maria Vilarete

    I think the Democratic party would have control if elections were held now. Recent polls show that the Democratic party is more favored to win than the Republican party. It depends on the voter turn out for off year elections that will specify which party will be in control of the House.

  8. I believe that it can go either way. The Republican party may have a better chance because they already control the house. This can either work in their favor or do the opposite. If most people like the way things are going in the House right now then they will get re-elected. However, if they are not happy they will choose to change who has the majority of control.

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