2012 Congressional Results

According to results posted by the Clerk of the House of Representatives, the voting results for Congress in 2012 were as follows:

Democratic Party candidates – 59,626,252 votes
Republican Party candidates – 58,212,650 votes
Libertarian Party candidates – 1,365,721 votes
Independent candidates – 486,887 votes
Green Party candidates – 369,221 votes
Others – 2,285,289 votes

Yet, even with the Democratic candidates receiving more votes than Republican candidates on a nationwide basis, the Republicans still held the House of Representatives by a 234 to 201 seat count.  What matters more:  The number of votes on a nationwide basis or the number of seats won by a party?


8 responses to “2012 Congressional Results

  1. The thing that matters more is the number of seats that you win. If you have more seats in the House of Representatives, then you can get your issues passed in the House. It’s more important to hold the highest number of seats because then you can actually make changes on the things you want to.

  2. What matters is the numbers of seats you win. By winning more seats, your party’s issue will be passed because you have more seats. No matter how bad the opposition dislikes the issue, they can’t do anything about the result if they have fewer seats.

  3. Laura Pasciak

    The thing that is more important is the number of seats you win within the House. With more seats there is a greater chance that you can get your platform policies passed and put into law. You need as many people as you can voting for your idea in order to ensure a greater chance of success.

  4. Maria Vilarete

    Ultimately what matters most is the number of seats your party wins. The issues your party takes over have a higher chance of getting on a bill but not necessarily getting ratified. The party that has the most seats has power but doesn’t always use it to the best of their abilities, some just want to keep their seat but not contribute solutions to their states problems.

  5. Peter Wisniewski

    Although winning most of the votes nationwide may show the wishes of most of the voting population, the number of seats won is more important. This election proved that, and since they held the higher number of seats, they have more control of the House of Representatives. As a result even though the nationwide votes leaned toward Democratic rule of the House, the Republicans are more likely to get their agenda through since they won more seats.

  6. The thing that matters the most is the number of seats a party wins. When you have more number of seats in the House, than that party seems to have more control and favor their views. Even though the nation favored the Democrats, there are still a lot of Republicans in the House that get their way.

  7. I would have to say winning seats are more important then votes. Votes don’t always conclude the elections. Seats can often be the factor that brings out the final decision.

  8. Some may believe that the number of seats won by a party are more important; however, I think that the votes are just as important. It is important for people to vote and show their opinions. This can help the party that wins to understand what the voters want.

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