Media Bias

8 responses to “Media Bias

  1. I do not believe that the media is biased. For one thing, being biased is actually not good in media. We cannot say this and that just because we don’t like a person or an idea. If a person were to do that in media, they would probably get into trouble for something like that. In media, if you don’t like someone or something, keep it to yourself, don’t use media to start up something. Media is for the whole world to see and read. You’d just be giving people a wrong idea about you. My point is that the media cannot be biased, in public or on the job. That just leads to trouble.

  2. Peter Wisniewski

    I am unsure whether media is biased because of conflicting reports I hear. For example, during the Lee Atwater film I watched in class, one of the people shown said that media is generally liberal. However, I have also heard that some programs (like CNN) are liberal, while others (FOX) are conservative, causing some sort of balance.

  3. Laura Pasciak

    I don’t think you can categorize the media as one unit in this case. I believe that yes there are certain biases in the media but to say it’s either liberal or conservative is nearly impossible. There are a variety of shows reporting on issues and these many shows can have many different views. I think that some of the media, of course without saying it, leans more toward the liberal side and others toward the opposing. But this bias in the media comes from what I believe to be unintended slips from the people, not the shows themselves.

  4. I don’t think that all media forums are either liberal or conservative. Some might be conservative, while others are libreral. You can’t judge media as a whole when viewing this question.

  5. I’m not sure if the media is biased. With all of the different stories we hear, we could hear many versions. Yes the media can target one aspect of a story and exploit it but not all programs do that.

  6. Maria Vilarete

    I think each cable company has their bias. They are owned by millionaires who invest in political campaigns, so some cable companies are eventually going to portray their bias, but only because of the owners ideologies. As for media being bias, maybe? The media runs with whatever gets more people watching, if that means bad mouthing a politician, then they will be ready to show us.

  7. I believe that every media company has their own views and believes, so they portray a message in that way. I think there are a lot of liberal news companies that always tell one side of the story, especially CNN or Fox. The companies can’t not agree or disagree with issues, but sometimes it is clear what side they favor.

  8. I believe that some media leans more towards liberal while others towards conservative. There are many different versions of media that people are exposed to. With these different versions people are able to understand that media is not bias, but rather informative to both the liberals and conservatives.

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