Federalism and Education


8 responses to “Federalism and Education

  1. As someone who wants to become a teacher, I believe that all children in the state should be required to learn all the same core areas in the same grade. Although I don’t believe those who make the rules know what’s best for the children, but at least at the state level there are accommodations for the particular state. Also, each state can decide how much funding will be provided to the public schools.

  2. I would agree that the state levels of government should control public education because there has to be some sort of standard that all students need to learn. That being said, I think they could possibly work with local levels to create the best possible programs for their area or district. Too much power given to one area I believe can be dangerous in any situation but especially in education because the issues in the education system don’t just affects people’s jobs, they affect the future of children.

  3. Peter Wisniewski

    I think a balance of all three levels would be best. The federal can help set standards for education. The states would be in charge of enforcing those standards, and control much of the funding. The local level would also enforce, but to a lesser extent than the states.

  4. Nicole Bodinet

    I think a balance of the three levels would be best. The federal level would be bettter at making the stadards for education and the state and local levels would be better at enforcing it. This way everyone can get the same standard of education.

  5. Daniel Gutierrez

    The federal level should set standards for the state and local levels. But the states and local levels should be allowed to mandate want to want enforced. States should have the core level of education and local levels can have any other level based on their area/children within the district

  6. I don’t know much about government, so I cannot say which one. Usually I would trust an organization with the word “Education” in it. The levels of government mentioned in the options…I don’t know about them.

  7. I believe that the levels of government that can handle the topic of public education the best would be a partnership between two of the levels of government. The levels I believe would work best together are individual state levels of government and individual local levels of government. Every area is different and this is why these two levels should work together to make sure to offer the best opportunities for public education.

  8. Public education should be open to all, but controlled by those that offer it. It should be supported by the families that choose what the educators are offering. Take the government completely out of education and return it to being a free market enterprise. Education should be similar to any other service an individual or family needs. Those that offer the best service (education) at the most reasonable price will succeed.

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