A Third Term Presidency?

11 responses to “A Third Term Presidency?

  1. I would out of shear connection. i know Calvin Davis which has Arnie Duncan old job in Chicago public public school athletics dept. He got that job once Arnie Duncan took job in white house. I remember i few years ago i was out of luck and everything else i went to see Mr.d Davis he said i can help if you had your degree and i didn’t. which prompted me to go to school that and other things and people. So if i was able to vote for Obama i would in hopes that i could schedule another visit with Mr. Davis and see if help is still available and if their where some volunteer chances he would know of up the latter.

  2. Although I voted for Obama in the 2012 election, I think that I would need to see these next upcoming years to make a decision. Many people view Obama as a horrible president based on what media puts out there instead of true facts about the candidate. So I think that my vote would be who is going to help benefit this country the most for the next 4 years.

  3. I didn’t vote for him in the last 2 elections. If Americans want to continue to give up their constitutional rights, watch the national debt continue to increase while the dollar loses value, and they see scandal after scandal being addressed with I don’t know, I can’t recall, or I found out on tv like everyone else, they will vote for the same guy again if given a chance. No on wants to take responsibility, so this is what the public identifies with. WAKE UP TO WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!

  4. It’s hard to tell what I am going to in future elections because I cannot know the state in which the country will be in. Right now thinking about it though, I don’t think I would vote for him again only because it seems like we need more change. Not much about Obama’s plans are working to make things better so I think there is a possibility that someone else could make a bigger difference.

  5. Peter Wisniewski

    I probably wouldn’t because even before running for more than 2 terms was outlawed, it was still a tradition followed by most presidents. Now, I wouldn’t just deny him the vote because of tradition, but because of the reason behind the tradition, which is to avoid any president from staying in power for too long. If he managed to a stellar job this term, then I would consider it, but I probably still wouldn’t give him a vote for a third term.

  6. Daniel Gutierrez

    I feel that a third term for Obama would be pointless. Obama has promised great changes, but we still have yet to see them. In order for him to be elected for a third term, He has to really turn this country around.

  7. Nicole Bodinet

    I didn’t vote in the past election. I didn’t even pay attention during the debates or the different ads on tv (I usually just changed the channel). I would have to look up what he has done in his past terms to determine whether I think he should be president again.

  8. I cannot say I’m in favor of it, nor against it. More terms mean that the president can stick around longer, or come back to be president again. I don’t follow the Obama stories a lot, so I don’t know about giving him another term. More terms can also be a negative thing. A person who is not a really good president, just a person who loves power and is a bit like the presidents that have been impeached, would be given more time with that power, which is not so great.

  9. Hell no, I would not vote for him. All this nonsense with gun bans, and Obamacare costing us to drive up the debt, we’d be dumb to let him stay in office. I’d rather not see more of my hard-earned money go to lazy people who refuse to work and collect public aide, while I take out student loans and have my personal debt rise. This presidency has turned me from a moderate to a right leaning believer.

  10. If there Obama was allowed to run for a third term I would not vote for him. I don’t think Obama is a bad president, I actually believe he handled things very well given the different situations that have happened while he was in office. The reason I would not vote for him is because there is always room for improvement and change is good.

  11. Maria Vilarete

    Last years presidential election was my first time voting and I voted for Obama. I honestly voted just so I can say that I voted. With that being said, the next presidential election I will be much more informed of both candidates and will make a clear choice.

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