Political Party Identification

10 responses to “Political Party Identification

  1. I believe that i am a Lean Democratic. The reason why i say lean is because im about big money and big business but im not yet put into position to have to make decisions that could cause lives for my profit. I believe that all Americans should have an opportunity im to old to be talking equal but at least a shot at a successful life. It seems like most of the people that are for helping the public and historically have helped minorities has been the Dem’s. So if i had to choose today im mostly a Dem, but i would like to see less regulations how we can earn money in different industries in America.

  2. Scott Rasmussen

    I really don’t know what political party I prefer. I’m not really an active voter. I’m sure there are many more peple out ther like me.

  3. Koraima Nieves

    I consider my self a lean democrat because I am not a republican or a strong democrat. I feel like I can agree with democrats most of the time. I agree with democrats helping immigrants who are already here but I don’t agree with their support for abortion. Sometimes I feel like I don’t really have a party but since I agree more with democrats i identify myself as a democrat.

  4. I tend to lean toward a political individual with a strong Military back ground regardless of any one party.

  5. Sean McDermott

    I believe I am a lean Republican. Even though we’ve talked in class that these parties are just labels, I feel that more Republicans tend to be conservative. I am an individual that believes in less government and the Bill of Rights.

  6. I dont know what political party i am associated with. I dont know what significants being associated with a political party has. The only thing i wish to be assosiated with is the constitution and bill of rights.

  7. I believe myself to be a republican for a couple of reasons. I do not believe in abortion or in gay marriage. Both are very influential in today’ world, and me being a catholic i am bound to vote on the republican side.

  8. Kevin Toussaint

    I wish I could vote for more third-party candidates in elections. I know that throwing a third-party into our two-party system would cause more harm than good, I believe it is a good thing to have the choice available. As it stands right now, I am leaning democratic.

  9. Nadia Tronick

    I have always lean republican. My family is very republican with always seeing the problem of the “left” with taxes. I disagree strongly with what President Obama is doing with taxing the 2% of Americans (rich). Though when it comes to certain topics for example: Gay Marriage (I believe you can love and have a contract that binds who ever) I do not stay strong with republicans in that way. Though with abortion and illegal iimmigration I stand very “right.”

  10. This is a hard question for me to answer due to the fact that I have not paid much attention to politics other than the information the media shoves in your face which in reality is not all that helpful. I think I would have a better understanding if I have ever had a conversation with my parents about their exact views when it comes to political issues, however that has never come up. I hope that after this class I will have a better understanding of the direction I will choose to follow.

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