If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

8 responses to “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

  1. I would say the two biggest problems facing the president is the what goes on here in America. The worst of those issues to me is the phone record being seized. that’s classic American politic leaking everyone now on the hunt for the not the leaker but the leakee if you understand me. Thats built tactics that’s okay if you playing that overseas; once you start playing the tricks on your own people that’s when the unthinkable happens. When the public is truly scared of our government and truly don’t trust em; they give us reason why.

  2. Antonio Rubino

    I believe that even though all four topics are equally important, the most serious problem facing President Obama is the economy. The economy has a direct impact on society as a whole. Even though it appears that the economy is slightly improving, the economy seems sluggish.

  3. Samantha Garcia

    I feel that the problem with our economy is the biggest issue for president Obama. Many people are suffering with jobs being lost and homes foreclosing. The economy is also threatening the future of many people. The way the economy is right many of us won’t be able to retire and receive benefits.

  4. Scott Rasmussen

    I believe president obama’s focus should be on the economy. It’s the most important issue to be addressing in my opinion. Not trying to fix the economy will only cause bigger problems to erupt.

  5. Michaela Sheeran

    I would definitely have to say that president Obamas biggest issue would be the economy. So many people are struggling and trying to make ends meet. Also many people now a days depend on pay check to pay check. And how can anyone live that way ? It’s a horrible state that the country is in but no president can just fix it in the snap of their fingers. It has been passed on decades the debt and such. We can’t expect Obama to fix this in 8 years.

  6. fernando moctezuma

    I would have to go how i personally feel and would say the investigation into the 2012 attacks in Benghazi. Obama talks about how much he respects the U.S. military and how he will do anything to protect the American people yet he does little to nothing when the attacks in Bengahazi happened then trys to avoid questions on the situation. Personally it scares me to know how sometimes he DOESN’T care and avoids situations that are not “popular”

  7. The biggest issue for Obama and the nation currently is the disturbing trend of the Justice Department following AP reporters. This is the sort of thing that happened behind the Iron Curtain, and our founding fathers would be absolutely disgusted to see such a thing occurring here. Shame on the DoJ for allowing and encouraging such a thing to happen – a base attack on individual and collective rights such as this, we cannot afford to ignore.

  8. Unfortunately I think the biggest issue that the President faces today is the economy. And I say unfortunately because this is a problem that is not easily fixed and can be handled in many different ways. I believe that in some way most of the other problems we have in the United States at this time stem from the broken economy. I also think this is one of the biggest issues because there is not one right answer. It’s a struggle to find a way out of this mess because there are so many sub issues that have come out of things like job loss, stock crashes, etc.

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