Your Grade for Congress

9 responses to “Your Grade for Congress

  1. Mark Mou Hong

    I will give the congress a grade of B because it did a tremendous job in coming with new bills. Discuss important issues of national affairs. The congress has probed issues such as gun control and medical reform. The current serve its job as a balancer for the three branches. The congress proposes new issue for the president.

  2. Alexander Bacon

    I gave Congress an F because the only thing they have done is talk down the Presidents ideas and then failed to come up with anything logical. They have also failed to come up with any responsible way to bring down our debt. I hope Congress will get their act together for the sake of our country.

  3. I gave Congress an F in grade because although they push bills and discuss important issues, they don’t pursue further action once a bill is passed. All members of Congress care about is getting re-elected, people voting for them and having money. They might appear to care about a certain topic or issue, but they do not care to do anything about it. Congress members are lazy, selfish and do not really care about putting a plan into action and for that, a grade of an F is being generous.

  4. Michael Hernandez

    I give congress an F. As most of politics goes, money is what satisfies even the most powerful. with this said, there are bill that are being passed that are only being passed due to somebody being payed off. I believe it is a very selfish group of people.

  5. Khafra Powell

    I give Congress a D because even though they got very little done,it got done. A lot of things people in Congress have done has been simply to benefit either themselves purposely or just to benefit their party. They were elected on the premise that they would work and push bills and get things done that Americans wanted and for the betterment of the country. This, though has not happened and is very apparent. Simple things like the gun rights bill haven’t been passed even though 90% of Americans supported it. This is something that obviously the people want, but some in Congress have a self-first mindset. Many in Congress have said that when you’re elected that your first job is to work on getting re-elected. This isn’t what the people wanted, Republican or Democrat. With the mindset that those certain people in Congress have, then nothing will get done anytime soon.

  6. I give the Congress a D because they haven’t done all what they’ve promised. I don’t like the fact that they do only beneficial things about themselves. I believe that their job has to be to make things as good as possible from all citizens. Also what I don’t like about them is that they always talk down President’s ideas and suggestions.

  7. I voted “I don’t know” for Congress, because I do not hear enough about them. I do know they failed at passing gun control laws, but I am not sure who’s fault that is in Congress. It sounds like they are not working together to get important issues passed.

  8. I gave Congress and F. You have the Republicans on one end trying to tackle Obama and you have the Democrats who try and blame everything on the Republicans (Meanwhile nothing productive is being done). I mean really government officials? Why don’t you all just grow up.

  9. I give them an F. The reason i do this is because they do nothing but deny the president, and even though i am happy for this nothing gets done. No matter what the president tries to do they shoot things down. For better or for worse they need to try different things instead of shooting everything down.

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