How Would You Grade The President?


57 responses to “How Would You Grade The President?

  1. Anthony Maggio

    I would rate the president with a F. He hasn’t made any changes for the good. He has the Obama care but that pretty much screws everybody that has good health insurance. He’s trying to basically cut our 2nd amendment rights in half. He’s just running off of the only thing he did that made our country proud in his last term which was killing Osama Binladin. That didn’t even matter anymore either because by the time they got to him he was an old man with little control over the taliban anymore, staying in a room with a tv from the 70s or 80s.

  2. Scott Rasmussen

    I would give the president a B. He tries his best to get things done. It’s not his fault if congress doesn’t approve.

  3. i would give the president the grade of a B. He has been very smooth in making America forgot totally about how the price hike of the George Bush on things has not change but stable. Thats not good fr America but for skill as a president that’s priceless. He privately goes about his own agenda the public never asks questions just republicans and conservative parties. Im jus a fan of the skill set he has with the public, i love ho is architects things in America to work in his favor to make him not only a historic president by being black but a president that had to deal with more things than any number of presidents.

  4. Sean McDermott

    Barack Obama received a “D” in my books because of his lackluster focus on big issues. Obama was more worried about banning guns and gun violence that he once again failed to worry about our economy and job market. He also ticked me off when he once again failed to call the Boston Bombings a terrorist attack at first. His early reactions to the bombing reminded me of what happened on September 11th 2012 in Benghazi.

  5. Let the Facts speek for them selves. The economy could be better and unemployment could be lower. I watch the news and I find less and less talk about the economy and how other nations are passing the United States economicly and in education.

  6. The reason i give him an F is for many reasons. One im not a democrat.Two, he has done nothing about unemployment or the debt. Three he has done nothing in his presidency to make America a better country.

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