Party Activism

Stanley Verba, et al. (1995), came up with three criteria as to why people get involved in party politics.  Whether or not someone has the financial resources to participate is one factor.  The second factor deals with whether or not someone is interested in a particular issue or candidate.  If a person has financial resources and is interested in an issue/a candidate, then they are more likely to participate in party politics.  The third factor deals with whether or not someone has asked an individual to participate.   Whether it is via phone or online, the ways that a party to a connect with a potential participant are vast.  It is that personal connection that can make individuals want to contribute their time and energy for a candidate or party.  If you fall into any of these three categories, then you are more likely to be identified as a “party activist“.

What has your involvement been in party politics?  Have you ever participated by working for a candidate or a political party?  What made you want to participate in that political campaign?


45 responses to “Party Activism

  1. Elizabeth Rumbaugh

    I have never participated by working for a candidate in a specific political party but around election time, I get a lot of mail/e-mails from them! I try to stay independent about politics because I truly believe that there are way too many opinions and differences between Democrats and Republicans. Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two views to every issue. Who’s to say what is good and what is bad? I do not think that I am a party activist. It would be wrong of me to support one side fully because, often, I agree with the other side in one way or another.

  2. I have never been involved in party politics. I have never been invited to participate. Even if I was invited, I would not get involved. I am not too savvy when it comes to politics so I prefer to educate myself on politics when I need to make decisions or make a choice for elections. I don’t focus too much on politics unless I feel that something will directly effect my day to day life.

  3. Julie Rodriguez

    I have never participated in a political campaign nor have I ever been asked to. I think it would be interesting if I had the spare time to do it. I would have loved to take part in Obama’s campaign. Not only was it a milestone for America, but even just watching it on t.v. was contagious.

  4. james krezel

    I worked with my families friend who was running for local office. I didn’t do mucch heavy lifting, just handing out reports and reminding people where to vote and when. I would love to expand that experience into something more global.

  5. Jeanan Abunada

    I have never once been involved with any sort of politics. Nor have I worked for a candidate or any political party. I cannot see myself involved in politics because everyone tends to be so bias. Sure the candidates may seem to be open-minded in the media, but who am I to say that is how they really are behind closed doors. You won’t know what you are getting yourself into, until you actually participate in a political campaign.

  6. I myself have never participated in a political campaign, as far as being apart of the campaign trail. However, I have contributed a bit of money to the Presidental campaign in 2012. If you believe in someone, support that person. At the end of the day, it was a good feeling to support someone you know will make a difference.

  7. Allison Jones

    I have not participated in a political campaign. I am not involved with political parties or campaigns because it’s all about debate which I try to stay away from. I wish I was more involved with that, but politics are not a factor to me.

  8. Elizabeth Lenz

    I have never been involved in a political party. i do however remember in grade school having to vote for class presidents and how hard the people had worked to prepare for the day. I could never see myself participating in a political party because i have never really been interested and i dont know alot about politics.

  9. Katherine Didier

    I think it is interesting that in order for people to give money to their party they have to be asked. I feel that if you think that your money is giong to make a difference and that it is going to a good cause you wouldn’t need to be asked. In regards to participating with the political parties, I have not participated in any political event other than in Crestwood. I was very interested in politics in high school when I gave poliitical speeches for my speech team but since then I find it all hard to follow and difficult to believe which leads to my lack of activism.

  10. Camille Hart

    I have never participated in a political campaign, and to be honest I was never really interested in it. This class has somewhat opened my eyes to certain issues and how politics really works, and I plan on involving myself in the future. I do not plan on doing anything drastic, but I will most likely begin to vote and pay attention to the individuals that are running the government. People don’t realize the power they have to make a difference by getting involved, and I used to be that person but now I want to be a part of it.

  11. I have never participated in a political campaign that’s why I don’t feel really quolified to give some kind of opinion. That class helped me to gain knowledges about the political system and parties. Exactly that fact will make me wise and confident enought to vote and participate in different elections.

  12. I have never been involved in a political party. Even if I was asked I would not become involved. I don’t feel you should always tie yourself to a political party, which is something this would require. Each issue deserves it’s own attention and solutions and being restricted to a party at times forces you to side on the side of an issue you do not support.

  13. I have never really participated in a political camapign. Participating in a campaign was never really something I wanted to do. I am not that into politics it doesnt seem that interesting to me. I also have never been invited to participate in a campaign. I never had a care for political parties nor had any knowledge on them till this class. This class made me change my views on political parties and campaigns.

  14. I have never been involved in a political party, or in a campaign. Even if I were asked to participate I would still say no. I would say no because sometimes I do not agree with one part’s opinions or issues so I go to the other party. If I was an activist I would have to side with that party for every issue even if I did not like it. I do not want to do that with politics, I would rather just go with what I believe.

  15. I have never been a part of a political cammpaign. Although politics is a topic that spikes my interest, I side with way too many different beliefs different beliefs of different parties to be able to only choose one. I think each political party has both good and bad aspects about it so I can never really choose only one.

  16. I have never participated party politics although I have wanted to. I really wanted to work the Obama campaign but due to my fiances
    (broke college student) it didn’t allow me to contribute like I wanted to. I have never been invited to participate by indivdiual but I believe if I were I would have participated. What made me want to get involved with Obama was his views on certain issues.

  17. As of yet, I have not found a candidate, in the years I’ve been eligible to vote, that has motivated me to actively push for their campaign on a personal level. I hope one day to be fortunate enough to have a candidate that truly embodies the things I want from a candidate; first and foremost would be logical consistency. Who knows, maybe in 2016, if things go the way they are I’ll be able to voulunteer some of my time on a Paul campaign.

  18. Cristian Gomez

    I have never been involved in party politics. I also have never worked for a candidate. I do not have the crudentials to be in a political party. Also politics don’t really interest me.

  19. Never once have I participated in part politics. I have, however, signed petitions before. This class has opened my eyes and illuminated the undeniable flaws in our system on local, state, and federal levels. As a middle class, college student with little to no money to spend other than the essentials of life, it is hard to even contemplate spending it on political parties. My interest is not in poliical parties, which is suppose is why I know little about our local political parties/agendas.

  20. Although I do not participate in politics by assisting the candidates or by working for a political interest group, I participated by spreading the word about the ideas of both candidates in the 2012 election. I was afraid of Romney being elected to office so I told my friends about his ideas compared to Obama’s, biased of course. I did not care enough to donate money or to participate in some event, but I did think that if Romney was elected that it would be like another Bush.

  21. Alejandro Medina

    I have never participated in any party politics. i also have never worked for a canidate. The reason why i have’nt and i would’nt work for anyone in politics is because plenty of the things they say are lies. They promise to get many things done but in the long run they never complete with their promises.

  22. I have never been interested in participating in the political politics. I will go vote for Presidency elections but other things I do not truly care about. I feel that politics are corrupt and it seems like all that matters is money not people’s “true intentions. Since these are my feelings, I do not partake in political matters.

  23. briana blassagame

    I have never participated in any politicial campaign and i’ve never been asked too. I’m not really that interested in politics, but i pay attention when needed so that when election time comes around i know who to vote for. If i had ever participated i would’ve loved to work on Obama’s or Bill Clinton’s campaign, to me these are the best two president’s and it would’ve been a great experience to witness Obama change history and to just work along the side of Clinton because he was really for the people.

  24. Personally I never was involved with party politics or participated by working for a candidate/political party. As much as I think I would want to inform myself about politics and join stuff I will never have time or want to give time for it. I’m the person that likes to be informed about what they are doing but probably not be part of it.

  25. I haven’t really been involved with party politics nor have I worked for any political party or candidate. Honestly, politics isn’t my thing when it comes to hands-on participation. I can’t say my involvement won’t grow because as a future teacher I know politics can play an important role on education. I can also say that my lack of contribution has been effected by the people around me who don’t really participate either.

  26. I have no type of involvement history with any political party or candidate. It is not something that I am looking forward to do either, I’m not interested in politics, I tend to stay away from that as much as possible. There hasn’t been a candidate to really grab my attention, in the future if there’s a candidate I like I’ll vote for them but never work for him/her or the political party he/she represents.

  27. Stanley Verba has the criteria right, but not in the proper order. Interest in an issue or candidate should come before financial resources. Financial resources do not guarantee sufficient interest in a party or issue to use those financial resources.

  28. i have never been involed in any political parties or campaigns. i think it would be cool to be involved in the obama campaign it would be interesting to be in politics.

  29. Kimberly Rodgers

    Ive somewhat been involved in political parties or campaigns. I do and always have found them interesting. In high school we always had debates in government class that I always participated in.

  30. I have never been actively involved in politics. I have a big family and some in my family are into politics, one of my brothers especially. He has volunteered for campaigns. He has helped in Obama’s campaigns both times. We often have discussions about politics when we get together. I think the discussions are interesting.

  31. Ashley Walsh

    I have never participated in any political events. I usually do not know too much about either candidate so I do not feel I can make an educated decision. Even if I had the time or financial means to be involved with politics I would not participate simply because I am not interested in politics.

  32. Stephanie Bialka

    I have never participated in a political campaign. I feel that I am not knowledgeable enough about politics to participate in any political event. If I were to be expand my political knowledge and educate myself I think participating in a political event would be very beneficial to me.

  33. I have never participated in a political campaign or ever will. My understanding in politics is not very high so their wont be anything i can really argue or stand for. Their really has not been a president i really care about or that has really grabbed my attention for me to really care for beacuse i think at the end they say they are going to do a lot and don’t end up doing much, they talk about so many topics they’re going to change and dont. Maybe electing a third party president would do more, but im not one to say beacuse my knowledge on politics is not much.

  34. I honestly I haven’t had any involvement in a political party. I have never been intrigued by politics or politicians and what they had to offer. Another reason I have not been Involved is because politics seem boring to me

  35. Mark Mou Hong

    I honestly haven’t had any involvement in a political party. I will be intrigued in politics for mainly three factors first I need to have a stable financial statues, second i need a good motivation to get involve in the politics and las but least i need to have a strong family belief in the community i represent.

  36. Patricia Vargas

    I haven’t had any involvement in political campaigns or any other political matters. I think that it is a lot going on, and I dont feel that it is the field that I am interested. However, is good to know about politics even if I’m not participating in any campaigns or other events related to politics.

  37. James Savaiano

    I have never been involved in any political campaigns. I have never really been appealed to politics mainly because it has to do with so much debate. I’m sure it is very interesting but to stay up to date with everything that goes on in politics is quite impossible for me to do as well.

  38. Samantha Garcia

    I have never been involved in political campaigns and I’m not too interested in doing so. I dislike the overall competitveness of it. My interest in politics involves the issues going on world wide. I like to learn the reason in way certain countries have certain laws and also learn about their political structure.

  39. I have never been a party activist. I haven’t been able to vote for very long and in the short time that I have there hasn’t really been anyone running that really excited me enough to even consider being involved in their campaign. Maybe there will be in the future.

  40. I have never been involved in any politcial campaign, I also never been asked. If i really agreed with a person running in any election, I would try and participate. I have never really agreed with any candidate 100% in any election (mostly presidential elections). If someone comes out and I agree with their beliefs, I would try to participate.

  41. Maisem Nakhleh

    i have never been involved in any campaign and never had been asked i think its interesting maybe someday as of now nothing in politcal campaigns though

  42. I have never participated in a political campaign, simply because ive never been asked to. I would like to because complaining isnt going to make an impact, and even though participation doesnt guarantee change, at least its an attempt.

  43. I havent been ask to participate in a political campaign. I would participate if i agreed with the issues. It would be cool to participate in a political campaign, and i might do so in the future

  44. I have never participated in a political campaign. I might like to some day if it was for a good campaign. Meaning, one who’s ideas I support, or topics I am passionate about.

  45. I have never done anything with a political party except to vot e for them. I find that it would be a waste of time because he or she probably will lie to you to get your money and honestly is anyone ever really happy with their canidate in the end?

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