Which Party Best Understands America?

31 responses to “Which Party Best Understands America?

  1. I would say that the party that understands the american people best is the Democratic party. I mean for one they traditionally have been for the people the massses in particular those who can not do for them selves. Also most of the historically great presidents have from the Democratic party to name a few Roosvelt, Kennedy, Truman, and in my day and age Clinton only president in like like 4 president to have surplus with a encouraging economy.

  2. Ania Tomaszewski

    The party that best understands America, in my opinion would be the Democratic Party. They can probably relate to most people with the way they present what they believe in. They do the best job to help America. Looking at past history, that is when America flourished. They have the right idea.

  3. The party that would best understands America is a tough one to pick. In reality it is what people believe they want their America to become. In that case it could be any party that a person picks to believe that their party would best understand America. Everyone has their own oppionion on how America should be so there is not one specific party that would understand America.

  4. No political party understands the people of the United States best because it can’t be done. No one party can simply understand the hundreds of millions of unique individuals’ cultures, wants, and ideologies. However, it’s wrong to say that the parties don’t understand and have a following among certain types of people. For example, the Libertarian Party is more like to understand people who believe that gun control is bad, while he Communist Party would be more understanding of representing people who believe in heavy government control of companies.

  5. Rachel Miglieri

    I think that the Democratic party understands America the most. They’re all for middle-lower class which is what makes up most of our country. Unlike the republican party, democrats don’t think upper class should be a top priority. Obama is all for teachers and the future of our country, which I think reflects our country in a positive way.

  6. Alexander Bacon

    I think the Democratic Party best understands America and that was proven in 2012 with the re-election of Obama. With everything the way it is, it’s nice to see a political party sticking their necks out for ordinary people. It’s the middle class that makes up America and not the richest 1%.

  7. I would have to say the Democratic Party understands us as U.S. citizens more than any other party. The Democratic Party focuses on the middle-class which is the majority of U.S. citizens. Even if you aren’t middle class, you can still relate whether you are lower or upper class because it is in the “middle”. I feel the Democratic Party keeps everyone in consideration rather than one small group of people.

  8. It’s difficult to state exactly which party understands America best. Each party has people with different political ideas and views too. For example, there could be a Democrat who is conservative and a Republican who is liberal. It’s hard to say for sure because of the fact that political idealogies and political parties intersect. There’s no way of telling for sure. If we were to go up to each party and ask them the same question that this post is asking us, I’m sure they would all nominate themselves.

    • I think that the democratic party best understands the people of America. I believe this because the democratic party are usually for the working people and those are the people who make up the majority of the people of the United States. The republican party is usually about helping the rich stay rich.

  9. I believe that the Democratic party understands the best America. Not only because it gives the freedome to everybody to participate in all actvivies, but also because people have privacy. Also it is the one that best helps people in their needs.

  10. Michaela Sheeran

    I personally dont think any group would understand America the best but the of the parties I would choose the Democrats. They have goals similar to those of the people and they work for the people. They understand the middle class which other groups dont. A majority of America is middle class. The Democatic Party trys to please everyones needs and considers the best plans for benefiting them.

  11. Jennifer Hendel

    Which party best understands the billions of Americans? There is no one party that can relate to all Americans. The United States is so diverse that it is impossible to truly understand us as Americans. All of the political parties listed to vote for are all trying to understand us but it is to complex their are too many people whith different views and ideas on how the country should be run and what policies/laws should be approved or changed.

  12. I believe the Democratic Party is more for the average American citizen. The Democratic Party views America more as a whole. For example, over 90% of the American people wanted the latest legislation that was proposed for background checks on internet gun purchases, but mainly because of republicans it was turned down. The NRA lobby has a lot of influence on the votes of our republican representatives (and a few democrats) in Congress. That is more important to republicans than the opinion of the vast majority of the American people.

  13. The Democratic party stares into the camera knowing full well the blatent lies they are telling to the American people. The Republican party, when asked a question, constantly changes footing because they do not know where they stand. The Libertarian party relates most to the American people because most Americans want as little to do with government as possible. Most Americans don’t want government running into their house without a warrant, which was seen in Liberal California when a baby was snatched from his mother’s arms. Most want taxes to be easy. Most believe government is great at wasting money. Unfortunately, living within your means has become difficult for many, making things like “free” healthcare, “lower” college tuition rates, and other topics that are irrelevant to the purpose of government a point of discussion – these things are nothing more than bribery.

  14. Jeanan Abunada

    I do not think that there is just one certain party that understands America. In fact, both parties understand America. They both have an interest in America, and their goals are to better America as a strong united country. The only difference is that they tend to have different views on how to fix the problems citizens face everyday. Typically, people who disagree with candidates will think that they are unknowledgeable about American.

  15. I don’t think any party has a corner on understanding as it relates to the people of America, but I’ll bet I can point out an amazing coincidence as it relates to the respondants answer to this question. I’ll bet the farm that the party people say best understands America, is the party they belong to. What a coincidence!

  16. Overall, I would have to say that no party completely understand the country and its people. Of course, The Republican Party understands many people as do the Democrats and all of those other less known parties. However, there are still many people who do not identify with any party and have their own ideologies. I know my family and I are this way. We agree with a little bit of each party. Overall, we do not associate with any one party.

  17. khadeeja jabri

    I don’t believe that there is only one party understands America, each party stands on something that is beneficial for the US and it’s people. For example, the Republican party thinks that taxes should’t be raised while on the other hand the Democratic party believe in higher taxes. Also, the Democratic party decreased spending on military issues which i think that is good to put the money on more important issues like education, on the other hand the Republican party wants to increase spending on military issues. Furthermore, the Democratic party believe that it’s the government’s responsibility to care for the citizens, however, the republican party believe that it’s the responsibility of citizens to run the government which I think that is should be somewhere in between where the responsibility fall between the government and citizens.

  18. I don’t believe any party understands America completely. Each party does different things that are great for America. It is tough to choose between either the Republican or Democratic Party because everyone believes differently. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, I think we can all agree that both parties understand America to a certain point, but neither of them completely understand our country.

  19. Khafra Powell

    No one party completely understands America completely because each party has different agendas. People always get stuck in the middle of each party trying to prove their own ideals and have themselves come out on top. Both parties understand Americans but on different sides. The problem is that most of our representatives have come from the same affluent backgrounds and less have come from humble backgrounds like most Americans.

    • Patricia Vargas

      I do believe that it doesn’t matter. Democrats think that they are the best to lead the country and Republicans think that they are the ones. This is the reason why there is no way that you can pick who’s best. In my opinion as long as the president knows the priorities of the country nothing matters, but the well being of our country.

  20. I think each party has its own perks, beliefs and biases. With that being said, no one party completely understands this country. Due to their beliefs and systems, they understand their wants and needs, but there are other issues they know nothing about or are completely against, that others might be for.

  21. It is rather impossible for any one Party alone to understand its country. Currently, it is a battle between Democrats and Libertarians. When speaking of what America actually is and was founded on, it is the Libertarians. Let people live their lives and take responisibilty for themselves. On the otherhand, it is totally different regarding what America is becoming. The attitude of taking from those that have and giving to those that want, has become very prevalent recently. I also do not believe that this is what America wants when compared to how it is being sold to them. Getting something for what ignorance believes is for nothing, will kill any incentive for those who “have”. It is unsustainable. Eventually, the “want” will become necessity, and if anyone cares to know what that is like, move to Russia, China, or North Korea. It is only logical that Socialism be countered with Libertarianism and vice-versa.

  22. I believe that no party is the best party for America. Parties are just ideas and beliefs that relate to certain people who are in similar situations. America wants people to believe that there are only certain parties that relate to certain people and can only relate to them under certain subjects they dispute about. There is no party that is specifically only for “we the people,” that is what the government wants us to think and letting them take our constitutional rights gradually.

  23. Miguel Benitez

    I would have to go with the Democratic Party because they understand the people’s needs more than anyone else. It’s always about the people and not themselves like other parties. They also know how to deal with the country better than anyone else.

  24. Kimberly Rodgers

    I don’t think any political party best understands people. They both are different views and if I were to pick one I would say the Democrats understand the people more. No party will ever really be for the people like they claim they are.

  25. I know that the US has a two-party system. I know how it works: both parties have people of many political persuasions. However, Americans need only go over the borders both North and South to find a multi party system.
    Jeffrey Archer’s book First Among Equals tells the story of four British Politicians. In the US edition, the character that joined a third party was omitted from the book because the publishers thought Americans cannot understand coalition governments.

  26. ryan mcclafferty

    This is the reason why there is no way that you can pick who’s best. In my opinion as long as the president knows the priorities of the country nothing matters, but the well being of our country. . Everyone has their own oppionion on how America should be so there is not one specific party that would understand America. The Libertarian party relates most to the American people because most Americans want as little to do with government as possible. Most Americans don’t want government running into their house without a warrant, which was seen in Liberal California when a baby was snatched from his mother’s arms. Most want taxes to be easy.

  27. I believe that the Democratic Party better understands the people of America. The Democratic party has ideals that suit what the people want and what they want to hear. They relate to minorities and understand the voter.

  28. Sean McDermott

    No one party will ever understand the people of the United States. We are a nation that continues to grow in both diversity and knowledge. There will never be a day were any party will be able to understand everybody’s needs in America.

  29. Of course their is no correct party to choose . All have had their ups and downs and none has dominated the presidency for too long. I voted for the republican party in this pole because most believe in our constitutional rights( most of the time). For example gun control everyone has the right to bear arms, it is in our constitution. If we get rid of that what else will they take away from us?

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