What Should A Presidential Candidate’s Resume Look Like?

47 responses to “What Should A Presidential Candidate’s Resume Look Like?

  1. The Canidates for presidency should have a great deal of experience on their resume. The few things i think are most important are Congress and or Vice President. These are probably the most important because they are closly related and will give the canidate the most experience. But Military backround is important two but it must be of high ranking positions because the president is the commander and chief of the military and should have that backround because they will know more about the tactics and all of the stuff related to that.

  2. An presidency candidate should look well rounded. It should be well rounded because politics consists of more then just one iota. It contains state and federal laws,gorvenment laws, and the legal system. Also it would be nice if the Presidentail nominee could relate to the military for all the things that they go through they deserve recognition.

    • wisam fakhouri

      For the past thirty two years from president REGAN TO president Obama (1980-2012) three presidents came to office with governors back grounds. PRESIDENR REGAN WAS THEGOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA .President Clinton was the governor of Massachusetts. President Bush was the governor of Texas . Each of the three presidents served two terms (a total of 24 years out of 32).which shows that people are more comfortable with a president of a governors back ground.

  3. Julie Rodriguez

    I think a federal lawmaker, whether congressman or senator would be an appropriate position for leading up to President. I think these jobs have the most similar duties and also the best experience for a presidential candidate. And ideally, I think 5-10 years of federal legislature experience should be required.

  4. As a candidate for presidency the individual shouldnt have to come from one job. If the person is right for the job he/she should be able to win the presidency. But the individual should have alot of experience through out his/her life that would help them succed in being a president. So being a leader of some sort and knowledge in politics would be very helpful. Not always are former generals great presidents look throghout history. It wouldnt hurt to have a well rounded general as a president though.

  5. Antonio Rubino

    I believe that a candidate’s immediate and or previous job if he/she wants to be President should be private sector experience. A successful entrepreneur candidate will bring business growth and a better understanding of real time success and failures. Overall, I think that the best combination for a candidate to run for President would be both private sector experience and political/governmental experience.

  6. I believe that a presidecy candidate immediate previous job should be as a Governor. I claim this because I think that as being a governor he would have gained the need experience which will help him to succeed as a president. Also he will have learned how to be responsible and to make wise decisions.

  7. I think on a presidential candidate’s resume one should have experience as a United States senator. The other options are helpful but being a United States senator proves that these candidates are ready to take leadership at a federal level. Military experience should be factored in as well.

  8. I believe that a presidential candidate’s resume should be either Vice President or Military. Vice President already does some of the jobs and helps the President, so if the person were to become President it would not be much of a transition. Also, a candidate with Military background knows how to lead, and is not afraid for standing up for our rights and making sure we are protected. Lately, with all the attacks, shootings, and other issues a Military background would help a lot.

  9. A president’s resume should have a list of achievements and accomplishments, as well as mistakes made. The position held is not as important as how well one served during the term. Experience in any office is helpful when running for president, but the title of the office should not override the job while in office.

  10. Elizabeth Rumbaugh

    Some may disagree with me but I believe a president who served in the military is best fit to serve our country. The military puts great emphasis on leadership and responsibility. With those two attributes and some common sense, a person can be a successful and promising Commander in Chief.

  11. Theres a few I would have to choose when it comes to this question. I would say governor, senator and/or mayor just to name a few. I feel that any previous position that requires a large amount of responsibility would really help in being president.

  12. I believe it depends on the time and what issues the country has to decide what people arebetter to be president. I believe a president that we have at his time should know how to run a business and know how the economy works. I think this question is hard because no one has all the right qaulities to be president. They will always have a weakness somewhere.

  13. I think a president needs to be well experienced and should be well rounded. I think that military experience is a unique factor, especially if they were generals or leaders in the military. They would have experienced what it is actually like going to war and would have great leadership skills. Some of our greatest presidents were military leaders and now a days I think it would be a plus if we had someone like that in office.

  14. james krezel

    The Presidents resume should be a mixture of military, Senate, and Private sector
    Military, since he’s the commander and chief of the military and should have some experience in the matter to hold some sway in discussions.
    Senate for the ability to know the ropes of a high ranking position in government.
    And private sector to know the current trends and what the future trends will be.

  15. Elizabeth Lenz

    a canidates resume should have a job of powers such as congress or senate. they need to know how to run the country and should not be elected just willy nilly. they need to have some type of experience to ensure that they give their best.

  16. We need someone that is not already way too involved in our politics. Everyone in our government is there for personal interests. We need someone that is not biased for personal reasons but actually wants to help this country get back to its feet. I’m sick and tired of lobbists paying people to make sure their special interests are conserved, while everyday Joe gets screwed out of everything he owns.

  17. Allison Jones

    I think if a single person has more than one ability to attain different positions they would be a good candidate. I especially feel Military and Mayor are high priorities because they represent such a high role of leadership and strength. Also, Vice President wouldn’t be bad either because they get a good idea of what the role of the President is.

  18. A Presidential candidate with a background in not one but of many of the positions listed above is a great candidate. Experience should be one of the most important factors in leading a country and it’s people. Military experience is a great example, if a candidate has been a high ranking officer, then they have had the experience in leading people and strategy-making. Now a position as a US senator or Governor, that would be great for political experience in dealing with paperwork, cooperation, careful planning, and critical thinking. The more jobs/experience/positions that a candidate has gone through, the better the chance for the candidate to grow in character as well. They have a chance to see the ins and outs of each position and to see how people act and react in different situations. We need an honest and true person. We all know the stereotypes of politicians nowadays, that most are scumbags and liars. If a candidate has at least more than one of the positions listed above, that would be ideal.

  19. A presidents immediate previous job should be vice president. When a new candidate takes office they have ties to their previous ’employer’ and therefore sometimes have a bias. If vice president is the immediate previous job then this eliminates this bias to a degree. Although there can be vice presidents with a bias, coming through this job route lessons these chances.

  20. Obviously there needs to be standards for presidential candidates. Although there are the presidential staff wich assist the president in decision making, in updating news, with explanations. I like the idea that anyone with a desire, motivation, and the right idea for being coming president could become president. However, it is crutial for presidential candidates to exercise leadership, decisive, and clearminded qualities. There are plenty of lobiests, and presidential aids to influence the president one way or another. Limiting presidential cadidates by imposing pre requisites such as some sort of political/ governmental/ beurcratical expertise just doesn’t seem right with me. Moreover, it is critical for any presidetial candidates to prove themselves, whether it is via “trackrecord” or what have you.

  21. I dont really follow goverment and how it works, so i dont know what people have to be before they can run for president. All i know is that they have to get votes and nominated to win.

  22. If a person would like to become president there should be some sorts of things that they should do or should have done before even trying to be elected. In my opinion they should know how to lead, which could come from military experience therefore if they had have experience in the military they would be familiar with war as well that i believe is important as well. I also believe that the person should have been in congress/senate or something of what kind of sort to understand bills and things of that sort. Last i believe a person before becoming president should have been at least a mayor or governor because then the person would know and be some what familiar with what decisions they will be making to some level.

  23. Ryan McClafferty

    The resume should be an eye popper and people should know the persons name without even thinking about it. The nominee should have been in the U.S. senate and should have tryed to be vice president before also. The man should have a good idea about government and not just some random perso with money that wants to run. The fat the U.S. senate is very high up in the chain should be a good enough resume start.

  24. vanessa menchaca

    The job that should be before presidency should be a state senate. A state senate would be an ideal job before the person is president becuse then the voters know that they atleast knows what is going on in the states individually and can work on fixing the whole nation one state at a time. The U S senate would be a very good information to know on the presidents resume.

  25. Jose Sanchez

    I think that the resume of our President should be multifaceted. I think that there needs to be military, private sector, and either congress/senate/or legislature experience. In order to be the Commander in Chief of our military, I think that our President should have served in the military to fully understand how it works/how all decisions affect military members and their families/equipment needs. I think that everyone could relate more to the President if he/she had more experience in the private sector. Our President must be a businessman and only having government experience or only military experience will miss out on a whole demographic of our population.

  26. Khader Zahdan

    i believe that a president should be a person who was in the military but also had some experience with politics. the reason i believe that they should be from a military background is because people who are in the military gain some specific traits for example if military men understand the concept of war and understand the stacks of going to war more than a man who has not been in a war. they also learn things like honor and integrity which more presidents and politicians should have so we could lower the risk of corruption. they also need to have a little bit of a history with politics so they know what they are doing and have a good concept of what they are in for and what they are required to do.

  27. briana blassagame

    I think that the job before presidency should be vice president, I believe this because being vice president first let’s get the feeling of how you would totally run things as president. You get to experience being the president up close and understanding how everything is done, so when you have chance to be the president you know exactly what needs to be done and how it should be done and what mistakes to watch out for.

  28. I believe that the president should be a vice president before becoming the actual president. I feel like that is the only way he or she will get the experience and knowledge that he or she will need before becoming president. I also think that before even being vice president he or she should be like a mayor, governor, senator so that they also have experience before becoming vice president.

  29. Charlene-Grace Crisostomo

    Being the president of the country, most especially, of United States of America, is one of the most difficult, if not the most, job one could ever have. They say that experience is the best teacher. Thus, a president should have a political position, like, being a vice president or senator, before entering the presidency because that is a great help in running the country.

  30. Matt Kaczorowski

    I think the president should have experience as a senator or some type of legislator as well as experience in the military. These both factor into the job, and would prove useful during their term. Experience in the military should prove the most useful because military experience means discipline which is something most people in general lack.

  31. Muhammad shukair

    No single job should be the reason a guy can become president. That being said, if there was one previous job that would help a president become president the most it would be Vice President. ONLY IF THE TERM IN WHICH HE WAS VP WAS Actually a verysuccessfull term. Obviously a few of those selections would help a potential presidential candidate but in general he should be very well rounded and have plenty experience.

  32. Military experience would be a good background for a president to have. It shows that he has discipline, and experience making difficult decisions. It not a necessary experience for a president to have but it definitely could help shape them.

  33. Military experience and being in the Senate would be two great things to have. Military experience shows discipline and integrity with a good work ethic. While being in the Senate, it will show people that they know and understand how government works.

  34. A president should come from a position where he was voting and acting on behalf of the people. Doing this would help him understand what the people want and also put him closer to the people. He will show people he knows how to make decision based on what the citizens would like.

  35. I believe that having a high ranking position in the military bodes well as far as presidential resumes go because the American public respects someone who has served for their country. Many war heroes have been elected such as Ulysses S. Grant, Dwight Eisenhower, George Washington, and many more. Another qualification that I believe would be beneficial would be any powerful elected position such as Senate, Congress, or Governor. These are good because it shows that the candidate can successfully campaign and win an election and it also gives voters a track record to look at.

  36. Koraima Nieves

    I think that in a presidents resume being part of the military, or being a governor would be great experiences. They are great examples of being a leader and looking out for the people. It makes it easy for people to know what kind of person and leader they are.

  37. I think more than one of these previous jobs should be on a president resume befor a candidate runs for presidency. Pretty much any combination of these jobs, not including the non elected government positions, would give a candidate expierence. Some such as military or US congressman would be more important of these choices.

  38. Daniel Mateja

    In my opinion I think that the president with more experience is a better president. For sure he should have some military background, because that way he can be a better leader. I think he or she would work better in a stressful condition and be able to make better decision, because he or she is used to working in a harsh environment. I also think that the president should have, must have political background, because he or she needs to know what they are doing. How can one be a president, if they have no clue about the government, or how the government works? In my eyes this two things are most important and each president should have it on their resume.

  39. A presidential candidate should be very much be considered if he/she has been the vice president. Being vice president gives the person first hand experience on the things that a President has to deal with. It is also great experience because it is close to being the actual president.

  40. The resume of a presidential candidate should be detailed, skill-orientated, and lengthy. It is important for an individual running for president to have experienced the government at a number of different points of view before committing themselves to taking on the roll of President. Boasting military experience as well as having already held in-office positions are crucial criteria as to becoming president.

  41. Michael Hernandez

    Experience is absolutely essential in becoming a president. I also believe someone who is going to lead a country should have graduated from an extremely well known school. I believe having fought for your country at some point with knowledge of real aspects of war should be part of the resume.

  42. Maisem Nakhleh

    Being a president takes a lot of experience and being a vice persident before become a president can help with that. The vice president and persident have similar duties and know that responsiblilty they have. Therefore if someone is a vice president before being a president is a great experience.

  43. A presidential candidate’s resume should involve being a vice president or governor or part of the military. To be a president, the candidate should have lots of experience in those fields if they want to run our country. The more government positions they held the better and greater experience they have.

  44. Govenor would be great for a resume for the president. the Govenor has to deal with education in the state and the state economy. Govening a state is very good learning experience that can be applied to Govening the whole United States.

  45. fernando moctezuma

    I would hope a former military president would have more of a backbone then most politicians we have today and would not be easily influenced by outside sources. Also being former military the person would have a bit more pride then the average person especially one who served his country for at least 4 or more years or even one who served during a time or war and would make the ultimate sacrifice for a country he loves.

  46. In my opinion a person of military and/ or congress person/ governor would look awesome. I say military because this person understands what it is like to serve in our military and fight for freedom. Also it would be great if they were some kind of elected official because it shows they know their way around the political world.

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