Recall Elections

Recall elections involve the removal of a government official through a petition process and a follow-up vote before that official’s term has ended.  The most famous recall elections in recent history involved the recall of Governor Gray Davis (D-CA) and the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) in 2003 and the failed recall of Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) in 2012.  Nineteen states have a recall process.


53 responses to “Recall Elections

  1. Yes, I would support recall elections. It’s a good way to get a candidate out of power if they was evidence that that candidate was committing fraudulent crimes. It’s a good way to remove them out of power so we won’t have to wait till there term ends.

  2. I do support recall elections. If someone was wrongly elected or does something to prove they don’t meet qualifications they can be taken out of office. This is beneficial because it means that they won’t have to finish the full term and continue to make mistakes.

  3. Michaela Sheeran

    I support recall elections. If they were to be commuting crimes or some sort and we foud this out it could be stopped right away. It would benefit the people and the government. Also would ease people’s minds knowing this could be done.

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